~Today’s arrivals…..♥!~!

Cdjapan order

..it’s always towards the end of the year when record labels and artists seem to release~* sooooooo many releases!!!! And gosh* this isn’t even my last order of the year from Cdjapan which is sort of scary :P! There’s was so much anticipation here as some really amazing new releases are in this order and I’ll try to post up as much of them as I have the time in the coming days~.

A~h and have you noticed that H!P has included cute mini~photos with Momusu’s new single “Onna to otoko no lullaby game” and I guess you’ll receive one each with each of their singles so with types A, B & C here I lol got three of the same xD…..and I’m really really most curious about this mini release by “Oha Girl maple w/ Smileage “My School March” as I wasn’t even too sure of what this release was when I pre~ordered it….and then there’s Manoeri’s new album “More Friends”~♥~~♥…..Berryz Koubou’s new single “Shining Power” which I’ve held back on listening to as I was waiting for their single V to arrive (their single arrived about a week ago…)…..and I may just be most excited about Ayaya’s new album “Click You Link Me”…..no okay a lot lot excited!!!!! It’s been far too long since we last heard anything new from Ayaya~♥~~♥!!!!

SPEED’s new single “Let’s Heat Up!” I can’t to listen too and I totally loved their last single so much!!…..and SCANDAL omg!!!!!!! I’m just looking at their track listing for their new album “R~Girls’s rock!” and w~aaaaaah!!! SCANDAL’s so awesome!!!! plus they sent a cute sticker!…and of course you probably already have a hint of how much I’m in love with Mr.Children lol…..obsessed?…..what’s a term for going beyond obsession?? lol and that’d be me :P~♥! This is actually a documentary release titled “Split the difference” and I’m thinking there’ll be live performances too along the way and maybe we’ll learn just a bit more of what makes Sakurai~san tick~♥! and write such amazing songs!!!

A~h and last but certainly not least is the return….yes!!! the return of Tackey & Tsubasa~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve only looked at both covers so far of the editions I chose and I’m already in love~♥! Their new single is titled “Ai wa takaramono” and the singles you see below are types A & C…I’ll share more of why I chose those editions soon too =).

Well, ima…..I’m watching Yuko’s new DVD “Kimi wa, boku no mono” and will post a diary entry soon and I don’t know about you but I’m all turke~eeeeeeeyd out lol so that means that um…..well I may not want to eat turkey anytime soon again which in my case may turn out to be an entire span of 3~5 days :P! I know that doesn’t sound very long at all but when you love turkey that’s a looooooong time in my world..bye~bye (*´∀`)♥

Cdjapan order2

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~Today’s arrivals…..♥!~!

  1. Aww~* can’t wait to hear Mano Erina’s new album ^.^ and I lvoe the cover , so red~♥!!


  2. zush says:

    I still miss Judy And Mary & Zone. They were those quite few groups from Japan (if talking about groups and artist outside H!P Dynasty) which I LOVED so very much. I still listen their CDs and watch DVDs quite often. Ah those were the days when I waited new stuff from them (and from Whiteberry) to be released. Yeah I’m almost getting into nostalgic mood once again.

    Anyways… SCANDAL is sort of answer for my nostalgic and longing Zone memories. I hear many Zone’esque things in SCANDAL and as SCANDAL even recorded one of Zone’s great classics those nice feelings just keep getting stronger. SCANDAL is not new for me because I love guitar driven rock played by girls. And what’s even greater, SCANDAL recorded also JAM’s Daydream, one of my most favorite JAM songs. ♥ ♥ Is SCANDAL reincarnation of Zone? ;D


    • The Judy & Mary track was sooooo much the most identifiable song in so many ways!!! I mean Yuki is beyond unique♥! SCANDAL is so awesome and I can’t get enough of them….still they have my most favorite♥ album of the year so far and their musicianship is just Wow~! You’re much more familiar with Zone than I am as I only know some of their singles but I know what you mean with their style being so reminiscent……and I just love how SCANDAL utilizes each member’s unique voices in songs regularly giving so much more variety and personality to their songs verses having a single “lead” vocalists all the time. They’re sexy*~ly cutting edge love~love♥!


  3. strawberrie says:



    • あたしも、そう思っています(´⌒`。)...悲しい感情を沢山があるとこの日が来ると信じていたことがないです。
      まだ全部聞いてないですけど、ITUNESすごいですねっ^ ^。


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