「Featured Post」~Matsu Takako Concert Tour 2010 "Time for music"….

Matsu♥Takako in "Concert Tour 2010 Time for music"...

Matsu Takako concert Tour 2010 Time for music first press LE …Matsu Takako recently released~* a special edition concert DVD set for her “Time for music” 2010 tour and this two disc set includes 19 awesome performances with some very familiar faces as her tour band accompanies her onstage with Shibata Toshibumi on keyboard, Sahashi Yoshiyuki on guitar, Yamamoto Takuo on sax, Kawauchi Keishi on bass, Ogasawara Takumi on drums & the lovely~♥ Matsu Takako performing on keyboards and of course as the lead vocalist~! Wonderfully jazzy arrangements are heard throughout the concert which mainly features the touring~album “Time for music” however there are also quite a few nostalgic j~pop gems too from Matsu Takako’s past release catalog even going back to her very debut single “Ashita, haru ga kitara” which is performed in an amazing new light with a much jazzed up arrangement~.

Matsu Takako’s “Concert Tour 2010 Time for music” DVD and other releases can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Matsu Takako’s “Concert Tour 2010 Time for music” DVD and other releases can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

Matsu Takako’s “Concert Tour 2010 Time for music” DVD and other releases can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Matsu Takako Concert Tour 2010 Time for music first press LE Matsutakeko ear phones... You so must get the first press edition~*!!!! She’s been like her mascot of sorts for her concert tour and now with this DVD release the oh~so~cute~♥ “Matsutake~ko” has been made into an original ear phone!! Kawaii~♥ deshou~* ^ ^♥ Have you had matsutake before?….they’re yummy in soups but be sure to cook properly so as to not have too much of a rubbery feel to them xD. Hmm they may be more of an acquired tastes perhaps as either you really love them or…..not so much =)! Still, matsutake ear phones……who would’ve thought such a design they’re so cute♥! I can use them with my new iPod too now which worked out great as I actually didn’t have any new earphones to listen with =).

Matsu Takako in "Time for music" Matsu Takako in "Time for music" Matsu Takako in

I chose some of my favorites~♥ from the concert including the very very catchy and melodic “Akari no tomoru ho e”, “Koishii hito” and “Kimi to nara” and with her live band these songs are brought to life in such a new dynamic way……love~love improvisation!!

vlcsnap-18756 vlcsnap-18825 vlcsnap-19933 vlcsnap-20320 vlcsnap-41168

Matsu Takako in "Concert Tour 2010 Time for music" The second disc included with the LE includes additional live excerpts and acts as a digest of sorts for the tour and it also includes an intimate interview for a running time of approximately 29 minutes~.

vlcsnap-46241 vlcsnap-41763 vlcsnap-42055 vlcsnap-44402 vlcsnap-45195 vlcsnap-45253 vlcsnap-45290 vlcsnap-45595 vlcsnap-45713 vlcsnap-40313 vlcsnap-45732 vlcsnap-41331

“Akari no tomoru hoe e” also has the most adorable of pvs~♥!!!!!!

This is really one of my most most favorite! Matsu Takako songs….such an uplifting melody♪♪~ and this pv is so so so *adorable*!!..okay already said that :P! A bus ride has never been so *cuddly*~! o(*´∀`)o゛ and I really love the way it was filmed….so sweetly candid and “home town” like~ (*´∀`*)!

Matsu♥Takako in "Akari no tomoru ho e"...

Matsu♥Takako in “Akari no tomoru ho e”….


And since this live clip was lost during my move from Vox and it being one of my most cherished live performances from Matsu Takako I’ve re~upped it here…..

Matsu Takako "second wave" on film DVD w/ "Minna hitori CD single

Matsu Takako “second wave” on film DVD w/ “Minna hitori CD single

..it’s from her DVD “Second wave” on film~ was released on March 24th, 2004 and includes 22 *wonderful* and lively~ performances but I most love her performance of “Yume de aetara” which occurs right at the start of her encore performances which also is the reason for her adorable casual attire~. o(*´∀`)o゛ This song is such an ultra *cute* golden J-pop classic~….I hope you enjoy it too! ^ ^


And just a couple of more favorites♥ in audio and then two more beautiful pvs♥ to follow…….please enjoy =)

Matsu Takako “Akubi” mp3

Matsu Takako “Shiawase no jumon”

 Matsu Takako "Minna Hitori" maxi single (inner jacket scan)

Matsu Takako “Minna Hitori” maxi single (inner jacket scan)

“幸せの呪文” (“Shiawase no jumon”) was released as a b-side on Matsu Takako’s “Minna hitori” maxi single, released on November 29th, 2006. I’d say that this is one of my top 3 most favorite Matsu Takako songs all time. Matsu Takako wrote both the lyrics and music for this upbeat and uplifting melodic gem which just has the most beautifully flowing verses and chorus.

"Yume no shizuku"...

“Yume no shizuku”…

Surely one Matsu♥Takako isn’t enough…(。ーωー。) so here we have multiple images all elegantly captured in a single pv~ for this intricate melody♪♪~….and the black & white contrast really suits this vision so well~! Really makes me *wish* that I had learned to play the piano! =)

Matsu♥Takako in "Yume no shizuku"...

Matsu♥Takako in “Yume no shizuku”…


An "animated" Matsu♥Takako in "Hana no you ni"...

An “animated” Matsu♥Takako in “Hana no you ni”…

The animation here reminds me somehow of Jun♥Kazama in the earlier Tekken series final mini movies~ and I just love this style of animation! (*´∀`*)….and I love sunflowers so….hmm…..ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!

An "animated" Matsu♥Takako in "Hana no you ni"...

An “animated” Matsu♥Takako in “Hana no you ni”…


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9 Responses to 「Featured Post」~Matsu Takako Concert Tour 2010 "Time for music"….

  1. MikeNeko says:

    A- I like takako a lot, she s faaaar far far from the idols world (^^ and we nearly have the same age)… i didn t know she sings like that. I mainly remember her for her doramas ^^ ラブ ジェネレーション!

    Her songs are really relaxing, quite nice, really. And another day i know something new thanks to モーベちゃん♥


  2. wolfychan2 says:

    Ahh, I’m so happy! Finally I know who’s the singer of Hana You Ni, which appears in Dance!Online (a DDR like online game). I didn’t know about her, but I really fell in love with her beautiful singing and her bright smile… *-* Thank you so much!


    • Wow I had no idea that Matsu Takako had a video game song affiliation =)!! That’s so awesome……I don’t know too much about DDR but I have friends who play it, so so great to know that “Hana no youni” is heard in such a broad audience thank you~♥ ^ ^。If you get a chance please check out some of her earlier songs as she has so many gems in both singles and albums~♥.

      A few song other song recommendations would be….”Kisses”, “Akubi”, “Ashita ni kuchizuke wo”, “days”, “Shiawase no jumon”, “Stay with me”, “Natsu no kioku”, “your birthday”, “Minna hitori”, “a bird”….and I could go on and on =)!


      • Wolfy-chan says:

        Dance!Online has some other Japanese songs like w-inds and T.M Revolution. The bad thing is that if the title is Japanese (like “Hana no You ni”), it changes to an English translation, so I’ve thought until yesterday that the song was called “As bloom”, lol. But I really do thing that the game pays copyright to the artists for using their songs. :3 If you would like to check how the game looks like…

        And thank you for the song recommendations! I’ll definitively check out them. ^_^


        • Oh I know a little of w-inds and T.M. Revolution from his earlier songs….a~h they translate the songs. Wow that person playing is like amazing!!…everything is perfect! I was watching someone at the store playing a similar game but it had English language songs….the graphics of the dancer are pretty~* too and so fluid. A~h this is sort of surreal seeing this game now and hearing Matsu Takako sing…..as so funny it does say ‘As Bloom’…..the translation is a bit too literal :P. I love that they chose this song too, the dance is so elegant to watch ^ ^。

          I had a lot more of Matsu Takako’s songs uploaded here but most of them were lost when Vox closed…my main Matsu Takako post is here…



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