~AKB48 psp game giveaway seeding results, and now we go idoling~♥ to find our winner…!

We now move to idol♥fight games ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!
It’s been now four weeks of racing and although this format wasn’t an elimination format we seemed to have lost half of the entries :O along the way which means each remaining entry now has a great 25% chance of winning?….hmm perhaps better depending on your final seeding but in any case your odds are greatly improved……=).
From here forth with each idol♥game it will be an elimination format as with each game, one remaining entry will be eliminated each week until one is left standing for the win =). Your seeding results from the previous four weeks of racing games will definitely play into your chances and your final seedings are just below….
#1 seed: Mina (with a 39.25 point final racing score)
#2 seed: Mousoufest (with a 61.25 point final racing score)
#3 seed: Johpan (with a 61.75 point final racing score)
#4 seed: CK (with a 69.5 point final racing score)
Idol♥game #1 will be posted soon…..tanoshimi kudasai ^ ^。

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to ~AKB48 psp game giveaway seeding results, and now we go idoling~♥ to find our winner…!

  1. johpan says:

    Oh the suspense! I can’t wait to hear who won! Thanks again, MB, for holding this competition 😀


  2. Well if anyone is reading this can anyone @ WP access their blogs dashboard right now? “My blog” drop down menu atop is completely gone =(. I’ve tried logging out and re~logging in but it hasn’t helped.

    I can only comment.


  3. I don’t have any control over this blog now…..!!! I can’t access anything right now…edit, post, add media…..my menu options above are all gone….I don’t know what’s happening.


  4. I’m able to log in but I have no access to my blog…….


    • johpan says:

      😦 That is really bad. It’s good you contacted support already. I don’t really know what to do 😦 Sorry.


      • I just received a message from WP saying:

        “Thanks for reporting this. We are making some updates to the site. Can you please try clearing your browser cache and cookies, log in again, and let me know if that fixes the problem for you?”

        I followed their instructional video on how to clear my cache and cookies and I still cannot access my dashboard =(. I guess I can only comment now……really strange maybe I don’t have a blog anymore =(.


  5. I’ve even tried to access my blog’s dashboard by phone and I received a message saying “error there were too many redirects” appeared…….if I don’t post her anymore you know why…….WP =(.


  6. This all began while I was posting the above text and even your entry names aren’t right as I had them in “bold” text…..and when I tried to add another photo WP said something like…..”you have no right to add a photo here”……

    …funny I can still edit my comment so I’m adding here that if I can no longer access my blog to post here at WP anymore then Mina will win the AKB48 psp game as she’s the top seed although this wasn’t supposed to end just yet. It’s odd, it’s like I sort of have a blog and yet I can’t write new posts here anymore it seems. I sent a reply to WP saying that I tried their suggestion of clearing my browser’s cache and cookies in hopes of it fixing things but that it still hasn’t changed anything as I still cannot access my dashboard. Makes me miss Vox…….it’s really odd seeing that I’m “logged~in” right now and yet I can’t access my blog. Hmmm…waiting a bit longer but WP hasn’t responded yet and at first I was thinking that perhaps many WP users were having this very same issue but Johpan says above that he can access his dashboard okay so maybe it’s just me?? nande?? I think I neeeeed a bubble~bath now =(…

    ..now going to sleep this is bad, maybe a sign that I shouldn’t blog anymore I don’t know but maybe I’m just frustrated =(.


    • kitsy says:

      Don’t get too frustrated~ WordPress can be a little more sensitive than other blogging platforms because it is “open-source” — which means there are a lot of plug-ins, extras, spiffy add-ons, but is also very vulnerable to hacks and other problems because of the many loopholes. They could be under maintenance or something similar?

      Just be patient with the tech help — because we’re in Hawaii, we seem to be hours behind most of the world and they can be slow to respond. ^^


      • johpan says:

        Just because a project is open source, it doesn’t make it any less stable than commercially available software.

        I don’t know what version of WordPress you’ve used but as long as you know how to secure your blog, it shouldn’t be easy to “hack” into.

        Anyhow, MB’s blog is on wordpress.com and they take care of the security. The only way that it could get compromised is if someone knew the blog password or if the wordpress.com servers / databases themselves got hacked, which is highly unlikely.

        This was probably just a maintenance hiccup.


        • kitsy says:

          I’m not saying that her blog was hacked. I’m just stating that for friends of mine who do use WP both via site and on their own servers, they have issues if they are not up-to-date with security measures/updates or have problems if they use faulty plugins.

          I figured it was more of a maintenance issue than something seriously wrong, which is why I suggested patience instead.


  7. I received a new reply from WP:

    I think we’ve got it fixed now. Can you please try clearing your browser cache and cookies and try logging in again?”

    Somehow it’s still not working =(.

    I even reset my browser to remove cookies when it restarts each time…….”cookies” you know I never knew what they were really until reading about them. ‘Cookies’, sounds like a treat…although I I’m not much into baked sweets xD.

    Seriously though I can only comment now…..I have no dashboard and what really worried me as a red flag yesterday was a spam “comment” which I received two days ago and while most spam seems completely harmless this spam was very different as it was saying that it was written by “me” as they were using my login name which is creepy and while the usual mix of incoherent letters jumbled together looked like a sort of address what bothered me was that in the middle of the “comment” there was an address which was using my WP address here in combination with the text which said something to the effect of…..”the heist is on…” my blog here =(. I don’t know the benefits of taking someones blog and why someone would do such a thing..but it struck a chord and I didn’t click on the link thinking it was maybe phishing….?? You see I googled the “address” first and Google said it didn’t exist…….ayashii =(. So I deleted the spam and coincidentally or not yesterday I wasn’t able to access my dashboard which then freaked me out…..that spam was still in my mind so I’m thinking it’s related? I didn’t click on the link so I don’t think I did any harm and yet when you see the word “heist” attached next to your blog I became a nervous wreck…but with anything that looks like phishing I surely won’t click on any of it and I’ll not follow it.

    I do wonder why anyone would want to “heist” steal my blog?? nande? It’s not like there is anything of monetary value here….it’s just me…my thoughts….and interests♥. Well being that I still have no dashboard…..and the only available option to me is to “register a new blog” in my tab above I’m thinking that someone/something wants me to open a new blog and leave here? It doesn’t make any sense and yet when combined with that creepy recent spam “comment” does it make perfect sense? I have too much of myself invested here and I just moved not too long ago and lost so much of my audio/video….(all of it =( ) so moving again or even opening a new blog at this point is meaningless…..and really what would be the point of that as if someone can take over my blog here and block me out then why would I open a new blog just to have the same thing happen again?? I’ve been called stupid but I’m not that stupid (*>ω<)…

    I've asked a friend who's tech~savvy to look over my laptop……maybe tomorrow. This is creepy….I can't post add anything here and I'm wondering if WP actually uses the language of….."you don't have the right to (add a photo here)…." as I was told the very last time I tried to add a photo here when I last had a dashboard.

    I'm thinking that I shoudn't even bother WP anymore as I think this is clearly something occurring with me only?…..I mean when I visited the WP freshly pressed page there were hundreds of thousands new posts made in the past two days so it's something to do with me…this blog….why?


    • HarimaKenji says:

      No no, you should definitely “bother” WP about this, it doesn’t matter if it’s happening only to you. You have a problem, they have to solve it, especially considering that you’re actually paying for your blog. Anyway, by what you said about the spam comment, your account was definitely compromised. Change your password and do get your tech-savvy friend to look at your laptop. Since you only have the option to “Register a new blog”, I’m guessing your blog was transferred to someone else. You should send your whole comment to WP, they should know all this.


  8. My friend just finished looking over my laptop and my programs and things….it took several hours and he at one point called it “..an exorcism”…I don’t know how this happened. I do have access to everything again here as my dashboard has reappeared and I can write again =). Still really bothered by this as I don’t understand why anyone would do such a thing and really don’t they have better things to do with their time?? My friend said that I owe him something special* (joking of course!!) for all of his hard work lol but that’s not going to happen!!!!!! I’ll treat him to a lunch instead =D….they say food is the way to a man’s heart so shouldn’t that be worth far more?? Anyway I’m sooooo relieved!!!..and now I’m back to my goofy self…lol is that a good thing though :P?


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