~AKB48 Team♥Dragon autographs complete~

Sometimes being a total gush~ ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!、as I know I can be when something excites* me can come to fruition in unexpected ways and Mmm..depending on who’s reading♥,…and this was really really really really really really!!! something I never imagined being given!

He♥ won’t tell me how he got them but I know I can be a nag enough to find out eventually so let’s say it’s just a matter of time (。ーωー。)♪


OMG! this shikishi was signed by the entire Team Dragon…Yukorin, Acchan, Mayuyu, Yukirin, Kojiharu, Tomochin & Takamina~♥~~♥~~~♥!!! I may have just had a tiny orgasm*………(゜∀゜)………。

I’ll so need to get this framed soon! I’m trying to decide if whether I should include photos of each girl in the frame or the shikishi alone?..and which would look better? Then again I don’t have any Team Dragon photo sets….actually I wonder if they released any but I’m thinking surely they must have?

Mmm…my original gushing* about Team♥Dragon…

Team Dragon in "Kokoro no hane" pv♥
Team Dragon in "Kokoro no hane" pv♥ 

Team Dragon in "Kokoro no hane" pv♥

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to ~AKB48 Team♥Dragon autographs complete~

  1. hydeo says:

    have to sell this autography frame ??

    and u go get one ?? or this one in the pic is urs ??

    amazing have one of that hehe


    • Hmm…not sure what you mean? I will definitely be having this framed….just not sure of whether to include photos of the girls with this shikishi or not and just frame the shikishi alone? I have a Momusu signed shikishi framed alone and it turned out really well and the frame would be quite large if I included photos too so I’m still undecided.

      U~n this shikishi is mine =)♥.


      • hydeo says:

        oh @.@

        and u have one from MM too

        so much lycky u have :~~

        dont want give me one of the 2 ?? aehahehaea
        the MM u have is recent ? with the recent members ?

        i think go stay cool with the correct pics 😛


  2. Mike Avila says:

    That’s so cool! mB getting Super Powers now!! I have idea! Take a good picture, frame wo photos, Photoshop picture and place their photos in it!!

    Mini orgasm!! Kawaii – thank bf for liberating your public persona a bit dear. We all enjoy it immensely you feel more free! And makes for a happier you…

    What we get you for birthday?! Bombs away! Lol


    • A~h that would be way beyond my know~how xD! I don’t even have Photoshop sadly =/……I see there are different versions available. Is the Photoshop elements a good program?….it seems to be one of the lower priced versions =).

      I know I owe a lot to you~♥…..very much happier~* now ^ ^。


      • Mike Avila says:

        Thanks so much MB! ❤

        All i ever wanted was your happiness! You be sure to tell others that don't believe that it IS possible to stay true to yourself and find someone that loves you for who you are! 🙂

        Photoshop Elements is very good! It is good in it's own right, and good training if you go to Photoshop. Can even put another head on body like if one person blinks! Hehe Always good to take more than one picture of a group photo ^^

        Photo skills will serve you in many ways! Wonder if you got nieces or others with PS skills?

        Take care!


  3. zush says:

    as I’m absolutely Beginner, hah ha, could you enlighten which one is Tomochin’s ♥ auto-g .. . then would you enlighten what’s the difference between “tiny org” and “semi org”

    by da way, havn’t yet got me Tomochin’s wall calendar because there is so much items on my “most wanted list” at the moment.

    oh, and local news : we got first snow yesterday and some of this white stuff still remains on ground . . waitin for X-mas??


    • A~h! they’re all so pretty ne =)….Tomochin’s signing is in orange, Yukirin’s is in pink, Mayuyu’s is in sky blue (center), Yuko’s is in the lighter blue…..sort of turquoise (top, center), Acchan’s is in red, Takamina’s is in purple (top left) and Kojiharu’s is in green.

      Mmmm…lol well tiny* is when you keep things* mostly to yourself and anything more and you’ll need to change the sheets (*´艸`)….

      I’m thinking maybe you’re looking at the 24th as it’s like H!P is releasing everything on that single day~*!! I’m not sure how long they keep calendars in print but it’s still really early so I’m thinking you’ll still have lots of time to order….just don’t wait too long =).

      Still haven’t experienced snow…..but one day for sure I’ll make a snow~angel, must be soooo cold there!! ^ ^。


      • zush says:

        thanks for clearing things ;D so you need a washing machine if event goes beyond “tiny”

        ah, Tomochin has quite artistic signature ♥♥ with airy arches.
        do I see ♥ shape tacked there to her sign?!


        • Um…..I always take precautions (。ーωー。)♪…but from what I know of my girl friends we’re not all like this…….Mmm… I guess I express excitement* for lack of a better term more than others (/∇\*)!

          A~h it is a heart~♥…love~love!!


  4. MikeNeko says:

    *offers a mini-cushion to モーベちゃん*
    (for a tiny orgasm you need a tiny cushion to bite ♥)

    As for myself, I would double-frame. Frame-in-frame with photos around the framed shikishi.

    And no photoshop, but made with love by hand, scisors and drool drops… (涎)


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