~An early Christmas present for Arashi♥ fans….

Matsujun♥ in "Hatenai sora"...

Arashi Hatenai sora LE & RE singles As Arashi releases~* their final CD of the year the fight for the year’s top spot for single sales lies in the balance and while it may be unlikely that not even Arashi~♥ can top the sales feat accomplished by AKB48~♥ with “Beginner” , only time will tell as “Hatenai sora” was just released on November 10th~. Arriving today along with Ito Yuna’s “Mamotte agetai”, Arashi’s new single maximizes sales potential by including their pv♥ and making of footage along with a 16 page photo booklet with their LE while their RE is also essential as it includes not one but two songs which aren’t included on the LE…..call it beyond temptation or perhaps mad~genius by the marketing gurus @ Johnny’s but either way I think most if not all fans will opt for both versions just to be in possession of the complete Arashi offering for the rest of 2010~.

Arashi’s “Hatenai sora” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan (note: LE is out of print)

Arashi’s “Hatenai sora” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan (note: LE is out of print)

Arashi’s “Hatenai sora” can be ordered here @ YesAsia (note: Japanese LE version is out of print, however YesAsia offers a Korean LE version of this single)

Arashi♥ in "Hatenai sora"...

Click~*, watch, drool as necessary (borrows tissue from MikeNeko…) Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!。。。。

This pv♥ is most dreamy~* with a depth of surreal to it and coupled with the visuals of our favorite guys, Arashi has once again taken the art of the ballad to new lovely~heights. And for the Christmas present part? The fourth track on the RE (track two on the LE) is a Christmas song! I’d say it’s just a tad bit early but I don’t care this song’s going straight into iPod song rotation heaven =).

vlcsnap-179373 vlcsnap-179390 vlcsnap-179404 vlcsnap-179418 vlcsnap-179601 vlcsnap-179695 vlcsnap-179740 vlcsnap-179793 vlcsnap-179835 vlcsnap-180201 vlcsnap-180217 vlcsnap-180264 vlcsnap-180311




vlcsnap-181582 vlcsnap-180561 vlcsnap-180998 vlcsnap-180712 vlcsnap-181218 vlcsnap-181281 vlcsnap-181352 vlcsnap-181527 vlcsnap-181564

vlcsnap-181683 vlcsnap-181736 vlcsnap-181758 vlcsnap-181809 vlcsnap-181846

Arashi “STORY” mp3

Arashi “maboroshi” mp3

Arashi “Ano hi no merry christmas” mp3

I found even with my initial listening of track 3 “maboroshi” that it was reminding me of a classic American pop song…….hmm can you guess it? The hint of similarity occurs only in the beginning of each chorus and my hint would be Earth Wind and Fire ^ ^。This song is really catchy~♥ and I find it rivals “Hatenai sora” which can only mean one thing!

Yes! Both “Hatenai sora” and “maboroshi” will receive….

Maochan's♥ music seal of approval..the coveted Maochan seal of music excellence award, well maybe not coveted ( 😛 ) but you get the idea (*´∀`*) ♪♪

~Jacket scans & LE booklet scans~

While scanning these earlier today I noticed that there’s a thin strip of a lighter shade visible horizontally in some images (about 2/3rds the way down)…like a strip of faded colors and it worries me as I wonder if my scanner is in need of replacement? It’s noticeable in some images more than others and I haven’t had this scanner for very long so would be most sad if it’s failing somehow (;´□`)。

Arashi "Hatenai sora" LE booklet scan1

Arashi "Hatenai sora" LE booklet scan2

Arashi "Hatenai sora" LE booklet scan3

Arashi "Hatenai sora" LE booklet scan4

Arashi "Hatenai sora" LE booklet scan5

Arashi "Hatenai sora" LE booklet scan6

Arashi "Hatenai sora" LE booklet scan7

Arashi "Hatenai sora" RE jacket scan

Arashi "Hatenai sora" LE (inner back cover scan)

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