~AKB48 psp game giveaway week three standings, an important update…and entry post for week 4!

AKB1 48 Idol to koishitara LE first press edition psp game

While Halloween may have passed last weekend you could have imagined that this past weekend was actually Halloween Sunday as there were some most scary things taking place @ the track (゜Д゜;)!!

Gordon is not happy Gordon is not happy2


First there was the incident involving two most unlikely drivers as Jeff Burton appeared to run Jeff Gordon straight into the wall and all of that under caution when the cars were slowed down due to an unrelated issue elsewhere on the track :O. And while Mr. Burton said that it was an accident and that he didn’t intentionally drive Mr. Gordon into the wall, Mr. Gordon saw it much different as he approached Mr. Burton and proceeded to push and take him into what looked like a brief headlock :O. Luckily officials were there to stop this although it must’ve been most awkward for them to ride in the same ambulance to the care center immediately afterwards…..I don’t think they had a very pleasant ride or conversation in there.

It all started a bit earlier when Mr. Burton drove his car down low into turn 4 not giving Mr. Gordon very much room (which would be racing etiquette) and then Mr. Gordon drives up to the side of Mr. Burton’s car and expressed his displeasure…..and just after Mr. Gordon drives up in front of Mr. Burton which leads to him being driven straight into the wall :O. I’d like to believe that it wasn’t done on purpose but you can decide for yourselves as the video is just below…..



And if that wasn’t scary enough!, then there’s this um……really really bad gesture* which one Mr. Kyle Busch shows an official (゜Д゜;)!!

Sadly it was shown during the live broadcast and it was in really poor taste and judgment =(. So one Mr. Busch was expressing his anger after being held a lap on pit row after being penalized for speeding and trying to outrun the pace car in order to try to stay on the lead lap…..and the result of his poor action? He was then penalized further by being held for two more laps putting him then down three laps. The moral of this cautionary tale? Don’t do this!!!!! It was really immature and she showed no class =(.

#24 crew takes over at Texas going over the wall for the #48...

But wait there was more :O. As in Jimmie Johnson’s entire over the wall pit crew being benched during the race as the team opted to ask Mr. Gordon’s pit crew to service J.J.’s car for the rest of the race as they were performing so poorly and costing J.J. many spots. I hope it doesn’t hurt team relations although I can’t imagine it being a good thing to have to watch someone else do your job because you were having a not so good day yourself =(. Mr. Gordon’s pit crew was much better though so making the switch during the race really did help J.J. get a much needed better finish than he would have had the switch had not been made I think.

~Okay so after week 3 here are the current standings….

Mina is in 1st place with a combined average score of 34.

Mousoufest is in 2nd place with a combined average score of 53.

Johpan in in 3rd place with a combined average score of 53.25.

Hydeo is in 4th place with a combined average score of 53.75.

CK is in 5th place with a combined average score of 62.


Nothing has changed in the rules till now and for the upcoming race weekend which will be @ Phoenix International Speedway this coming Sunday. Everyone now has just four drivers remaining to choose from however please post them here anyway just as an acknowledgment that you’ve read this update =). Please post by Friday midnight (HST).

After the race @ Phoenix which is on Sunday the 14th please keep a watch for the seeding post which will follow shortly afterwards and from then the game format will change to an idol~♥ related game (TBA). Where you finished during the four week race portion will determine your seeding for the idol~♥ finale game which will determine the winner of AKB48’s psp game. This will also take us much closer to the release date of the game and I hope it’ll be much more involved and enjoyable~* for everyone =).

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to ~AKB48 psp game giveaway week three standings, an important update…and entry post for week 4!

  1. CK says:

    1. Tony Stewart
    2. Carl Edwards
    3. Greg Biffle
    4. Mark Martin

    MB, did you read my PM? Also, went to see Momoclo last night for their release. I got my CDs handed to me by Momoka, Shiori and Akari…YATTA! I want to go back Friday to do it again!


  2. CK that’s so awesome!!!! (I may have fainted* lol xD)…..oh I e~mailed you earlier today, I hope you received my message ^ ^。


  3. Mina says:

    1: Jimmie
    4: Jeff
    7: Carl
    10: Greg


  4. mousoufest says:

    LOL at the closeness of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place! XD
    Here are my remaining for chioces:

    Denny Hamlin
    Kurt Busch
    Matt Kenseth
    Jimmie Johnson

    This might be mean but I actually find the quarrel between the drivers to be very amusing (when no one is hurt, that is) because they just seem so much more lively! They must have a lot of passion in order to be so hyped and angered!


  5. @Mina, J.J. is awesome at Phoenix!! I hope he wins and he may need to in order to overtake Hamlin by Homestead =). I believe he also has the best average finishes amongst all active drivers @ Phoenix.


  6. @mousoufest, I know it’s soooooo close :O!!! I was adding each week’s scores together and I was like gosh* there’s not much between the scores there! Mmm…good time to have still have J.J. and Hamlin left to choose as they both do so well at Phoenix, but of course those are just stats as bad things can still always happen.

    A~h did you watch Jeff attack the other Jeff and then he sort of had him in a headlock for a second…..it’s so not like them to behave that way but if NASCAR wants more personality and fiery things happening on race day then they surely got what they wanted this past weekend! I agree that there’s a lot more drama this way…and u~n as long as no one is hurt.


  7. Pingback: ~~Eat Fresh~~! 「Site News」 | モーニングBerryz48…the morning after….. "Always wear protection before reading…(^q^)."

  8. johpan says:

    1. Jimmie Johnson
    2. Denny Hamlin
    3. Kevin Harvick
    4. Jeff Gordon

    Here’s hoping my reverse logic works 😀


    • Three of you are within one point of one another and this is pretty amazing as I have to like your chances~* here as you have the very top drivers left for the race portion……J.J.♥ is the best @ Phoenix and Hamlin isn’t too far behind either in that regard. Should be exciting on Sunday =D!


  9. hydeo says:

    eee sorry my late MB, i dont get time until now to look the remaining racers, hope i can post yet ^^”

    Kevin Harvick
    Jeff Gordon
    Kurt Busch
    Matt Kenseth

    well hope i dont get the same as before aheahea, i try look in the trhee later posts ^^


    • I kept thinking that you’d post here sooner as I’ve been hearing from you on multiple other posts prior to the deadline here =/……and I apologize so much but I need to keep with the deadline as I’ve stated its importance in the past. I’m really sorry but I have to keep with the 11/12 entry deadline =(.


      • hydeo says:

        sorry, the other posts is more easy to answer, and normaly i answer when i stay in the job ^^, so i cant stay looking the racers there, i need make things fast ^^ so only answer is easy ^^

        but is ok

        i can enter in the idol race yet ?? and try put the dead line in the weekends if u can ^^

        again sorry ^^


        • Oh no don’t apologize, I feel badly because you’ve stuck with the races every week…..it’s just that when entries were late after the first week I had to state that deadlines would be upheld from then forth…..so I’m really sorry but you cannot continue in this giveaway now =(. I hope you can understand that these rules had been set, I feel badly but I can’t change that now =(.


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