~Kaiten zushi ♪♪~♥


Morning Musume Appare kaitenzushi! LE single “Kaiten~zushi” (conveyor belt style sushi restaurants) are seemingly everywhere these days and there’s probably a restaurant nearby to where you live as this popular style of eatery which provides lower priced meals can provide so much yummy~ness♥ for less pain to your purse/wallet =). It’s really awesome that Momusu going under the name “Muten~Musume” for their joint collaboration with the Japanese chain muten Kura~Zushi has their likeness as the cutest of mascots along with their music being used to promote the restaurants as I imagine you’d hear “Appare kaiten zushi!” being played during your dining experience~. And this chain even offers free toys which can be won after consuming 5 plates worth……hmm I do wonder if there will be special LE Momusu mascot toys available? =)

kaiten zushi

Here in Hawaii we have the popular kaiten~zushi chain “Genki Sushi” where there’s a wide variety of not only sushi being served up but also other Japanese favorites. Sushi menu includes ika, ikageso, tamago, kanikama, california roll, nishiki maki, tuna salad, natto (> <);!!!, ocean salad, spam (only in Hawaii perhaps xD!), avocado maki (> <);!, oshinko maki, kappa maki, kanpyo maki, ume maki, inari, ahi, onion salmon ♥!, fresh salmon ♥!, yaki salmon ♥!, garlic ebi, garlic salmon ♥!, garlic ahi ♥!, unagi ♥!, salmon skin roll (reminds me of an episode of “Friends” ♥♥♥, unagi roll ♥!, spicy tuna roll (Yum~♥!), spicy salmon ♥!, abalone salad, ahi poke (♥!), scallop mayo, crab mayo, tobiko, ebi, tako, negitoro, seafood salad, tekka maki, spring bean tempura, eggplant fry (> <);!, vegetarian roll, ebi tempura roll, salmon cream cheese roll, soft shell crab roll, ikura…..with other menu items including: edamame ♥!, cold tofu, somen salad, miso soup ♥!, udon, poke bowl, spicy tuna bowl, teriyaki chicken bowl, chawan mushi, baked mussel, salmon sashimi ♥!, stuffed mushrooms ♥!, ahi sashimi ♥!, vegetable croquette, gyoza ♥!, kabocha tempura, agedashi tofu, chicken karaage, ebi fry, oyster fry, garlic chicken and even um…..french fries..lol that’s a bit strange for a sushi chain o_O!

Genki uses different colored plates which indicate their cost and their entire regular menu varies in price from only $1.50 up to $4.80~ which is most reasonable =).


Muten Musume “Appare kaitenzushi!” mp3

Muten Musume “Kurazushi bikkurapon!” mp3

I really love both of these songs and there’s even a salsa~flavor in their arrangements and in some ways the coupling with song seems sort of jingle~like as it’s even quite short and I can imagine it being used in an actual commercial promoting of course sushi~♥ =).

The LE first pressing  also includes a 24 page photo booklet which is always a nice touch~* for an extra♥…….













And now I’m feeling hungry (*≧▽≦)!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to ~Kaiten zushi ♪♪~♥

  1. solo-kun says:

    Ah, the outfits and poses in the photo booklet are cute. Muten Musume, an interesting tie-in.


  2. hydeo says:

    aheahe u get :3~~

    i like the song :3

    in special the end :3~~ reina solo <3~~

    aehaeha ;x


  3. strawberrie says:

    Ah, I miss limited editions containing photobooks. I prefer that over the extra DVD.


  4. MikeNeko says:

    Yep you can be proud of yourself, i’m hungry as well … zurui …(≧.≦)

    I’ll listen to all that at work, during lunch of course~

    Why o- why on the photo book did they chose to dress half the crew in that green thing not even on proper measures …
    The other half however is veeeeery nice ^^ short enough… just drop the hat ladies


  5. @ Solo~kun, the extra photo book was a really nice touch from H!P as these days we mostly see DVDs as extras nearly exclusively =). Would be fun to have sushi at one of these restaurants and hear Momusu playing~* while you eat….love their outfits too so cute~ ^ ^♥。


  6. @ Hydeo, ah it seemed like this single was out longer as this promotion has been going on for awhile now but really it was released just last week…..me still listening most late though xD! You know I didn’t recognize Reinachan’s voice for some reason right away and I was just reminded of the “Shabondama” solo opening…..so long ago ne~. I’m going to see if they made a pv♥ for this song, sadly no pv included with the single but love the photo book =).


    • hydeo says:

      hehhe i love the song too is happy and a little funny :3
      how u cant recognize the reina-chan voice in the end of the song is a big solo enought to recognize haehahea

      yah but i dont know if go have a pv, how go it be?? they eating things haehae ??

      i like the anime caracters they make and the new names ahahehae
      humm u pretend to scan the PB?


      • I didn’t realize it was her at first, not sure why xD. I guess they would have released it by now so maybe there won’t be one, would be cute though if they were dressed up like their sushi~animations =).

        Hmm..I’m not sure of what you mean by ‘pretend?’….I did scan the LE photo booklet above.


  7. @ Strawberrie, I so so agree!! At times the DVD extras become to predictable with the usual jacket photo sessions and making of and I do like watching these but if I had the choice I’d also choose an extra photo booklet instead every time =).


  8. @MikeNeko, lol I’m usually called things like…’clumsy’, ‘weird’, ‘fun’..hmm so ‘zurui’ is new to me =)!

    I just thought of this awesome SharanQ song~♥….

    The auburn is much cuter and sexier* too….lol well the green outfits don’t qualify as sexy actually xD….oh but I thought their hats were cute~ ^ ^♥。


    • MikeNeko says:

      Uaaaaaaaaaa !! you know SHARAM Q !!!!
      *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs* mo-bechan

      I understand people know Tube or L’arc’ but Sharam Q, that was unexpected… ha… natsukashii na …


      • It’s funny when you said ‘zurui’ it’s the first thing that came to mind =)! I have just a couple of their albums and one of their early best of collections. This is such a great song!!


  9. I thought the video ↑↑↑ would embed directly here with the url code? I don’t know how Mikey did it earlier but he placed a couple of YouTube clips directly into his comments….does anyone know how you can do this?


  10. MikeNeko says:

    WP just tells to paste the URL … perhaps if it is on the first line of maybe alone in the reply…


    • lol those comments with the video clip are amusing =)! I don’t know how he did it but he put a video directly into the comments twice now….I sort of thought it would maybe appear a bit later but they’re still links only =/. I tried looking up a tutorial also and it said the very same thing…..hmm I must be pasting it here wrong.


  11. hydeo says:

    really ? i easily recognize her voice everywhere aheahea (the prove i love her maybe ?) aehahea

    ah sorry i thinked have another thing like mini-pb ^^


    • I do think so~* =). I do know her voice though….was just saying that initially I didn’t readily recognize her there……oh well with most singles you only receive a single sided jacket so the jacket being a photo book is the extra~* ^ ^。


      • hydeo says:

        u liked the new single of MM (i dont see ur 2 new posts yet so i dont know if is some related to this hehe)

        i liked the song aheahea is a little funny, but the pv is a lot weird the dance aheahea

        ah about the PB(of tempataion box) of scandal, i found to downlaod :3 im so happy and look so good :3 (dont looked it yet ;x) bur tomomi and rina <3~~~


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