「Featured Post」~AKB48’s 「Beginner」、record breaking, innovative…thought provoking and there’s even a bit of chicken♥ from Heaven~*.

AKB48 in "Beginner"...AKB48 Beginner LE types A & B Firstly, I wasn’t ever sure if I would see the day in which SPEED’s all time record sales for an all girl group would be broken and not by a slim margin by any means as AKB48 has eclipsed this record (reaching in excess of 826,000 copies sold) which has stood for I think…over a decade now?..and if there were any single which was worthy of such an achievement surely “Beginner” is deservingly so~. At the top of the Oricon this past week, AKB48 has also eclipsed omg!!! even Arashi’s~♥ used to be leading single’s sales plateau for the year for a single release :O and from the outside one may wonder why this single in particular?..and why now?

AKB48’s “Beginner” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

AKB48’s “Beginner” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

AKB48’s “Beginner” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

~Jacket scans LE type A & B~







AKB48 Beginner Neowing photo extras

Just a quick pause to say lol I guess Neowing has only one available photo?, either that or I just have the worst luck~* ever as I seem to always receive duplicate first press photos xD! Love it though, both of them (*≧▽≦)!

Hmm….but before anything I must gush~* about the “center” versions which are on both LE’s and if you purchase both you’ll receive “center” pv versions for Yukorin, Mariko, Jurina, Acchan, Tomochin & Takamina~♥.

Please don’t throw tomatoes at me (*>ω<) !、but um….my most favorite~♥ version is my oshimen Yukorin’s o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。。and Yukorin looks sooooo sexy* here!!! I mean well everyone does but I’m um focusing staring at Yukorin and just love~love the dark eye shadow too….she’s so aggressive awesome! Acchan may edge her by a hair in dancing but Yukorin I can’t take my eyes off of ^ ^!

AKB48 “Beginner” Oshima Yuko center version

vlcsnap-23294 vlcsnap-23147 vlcsnap-23242

AKB48 “Beginner” ( pv DVD version)

No doubt “Beginner” is a head turner with what may be their fiercest dance choreography to date (surely arguable but I’m thinking in a raw sense and not in a technical one~) and even the song is as aggressive as one may expect and in particular when AkiP’s forte has been much more set in the golden age of 80’s styling, still we’ve heard this style of power from AKB before and yet “Beginner” still surely sets itself apart from its predecessors~.—————>

When my singles first arrived I was puzzled to the wording of “DVD ver.” next to the “Beginner” pv track and it took the clueless me a bit of searching to figure out that there was a digital download for the “original version” and add to that the reason behind this is that this pv was deemed too violent to be included with the single releases :O. Being banned in music land isn’t really a common thing these days it seems as society as it is may have been much too numbed by now by the level of violence in lyrics and on t.v. and yes! especially in video games (sorry gamers but there’s some really questionable stuff out there :O!). But how desensitized are we really? Searching and looking back it seems that album covers are as much of a nuisance to what is deemed appropriate for viewing…..like with Bon Jovi’s “Slipper When Wet”‘s original cover which was well….sexual* to say the least and suggestive and instead we ended up with…….a dark trash bag sprayed with water for this multi~million album seller’s cover? xD and most likely the most famous banned pop~culture music image must be The Beatles “butcher cover”…and going way back then the solution as the singles had already been pressed and published with jackets was to simply paste the new safer cover over the older banned one :O. However, surely with an idol group there’s a much younger audience as well so I’m thinking this was perhaps the main reason for banning the original version but as you watch it AKB’s (original) “Beginner” music video isn’t there merrily for shock value or just to stir a buzz (albeit having a banned pv will do this to a “T”) as you can draw parallels just by hearing the song’s lyrics and how “beginning” anew and breaking the same old chains of life or really any aspect of your life can mean so much in moving forward and not becoming a part of a system (game system)…or what is maybe just “expected” of one? The message of “Beginner” is both positive and powerful x’s a lot while the video game violence appears to be for yes~! initial shock value but more so for drawing this analogy as you see the girls break away from the “system” freeing themselves from unconscious minds~. The middle with Acchan taking her own arm is perhaps the most disturbing and especially when coupled with her screams which resonate away from the music and yet in that single instance the message is profound.

For me this also sparked~* a memorable moment as I was taking my very first baby steps towards loving everything AKB when introduced to the early sub~group “Chocolove” with the recommendation from denadel, and right when everything started as you see my very very first visual of anything AKB was with their pv for “Ashita wa ashita no kimi ga umareru” and this pv in itself holds some very shocking visuals of its own….girls being shot by a gunman and spewing from them it’s ….well you guessed it chocolate :O. In dark contrast the song is as sweet~♥ and catchy as they come in J~Pop so coupled here with those visuals it’s quite a pv!…..well let’s just say that in the end it was all just a bad chocolate~y dream =).

vlcsnap-23749 vlcsnap-23766 vlcsnap-24119 vlcsnap-24624 vlcsnap-25010 vlcsnap-25090

Now for the worthy part and terms of sales like we haven’t seen in years, you see we haven’t even reached that just yet.

And with talk of sales numbers being perhaps “misleading” in some ways perhaps due to the inclusion of handshake event tickets/voting tickets for AKB’s next year fan request top 100 concerts and the such being included with the LE releases (note: other idol groups including H!P have been including event tickets in their singles for years so it’s not like a new ploy to push sales but you have to take your hats off to the ingenuity in which AKB does this versus other idol groups….accessibility and empowering fans with a vote which will see direct results in an upcoming concert……wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to vote in Momusu’s next concert song~list?…and then see it then unfold live in a multiple day concert event =D. How can anyone fault that? really =) ) also what cannot be overlooked is that AKB produces and presents to fans single releases which go way beyond the standard product. With just two single versions (and no pv DVD single) AKB features separate pvs for each song including now both coupling with track extras (for a total of 4 pvs) and I must emphasize that they’re full~blown productions of their A~sides, b~sides and extra coupling with~s. Storyboards brought to life with no chains on time as for example with this single the “extra” pvs for “Boku dake no value” and “Kimi ni tsuite” have running times of 8:37 and 7:02 respectfully as they’re not just music videos and in some cases much more like mini~movies or features~. So with the sales numbers here you can attribute it to not only the excitement and draw of those event/song voting tickets but also I think very much to the quality of just how AKB is being lead and produced and it’s no doubt in a progressive state if you view their sales from single to single leading to now their record breaking numbers.

Plus how can anyone fault an entertainment group for pushing the envelope and making available to fans something more….something touchable….something golden~ly retro……something that gets you excited? And, their songs rock (*´∀`*) ♪!!


AKB48 (Undergirls) “Boku dake no value”

Yay~! for the Undergirls~♥!! And don’t let the sweet melody fool you as this song is tied into something most ugly……the bullying that has plagued Japan (and other schools everywhere =( ) for so long. I’ll admit after watching this that girls I think can be much more mean~hearted towards one another and it can come along for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s just a product of the many cliques that form inevitably when so many are brought together, other times it’s from jealousy or from relationships, race and gender or sexual preferences….sadly bullying is often kept to oneself =(. It’s really one of the worst things that you can subject anyone to. Wear the “shoes”….reflect first. Bullying should never occur anywhere or to anyone.

vlcsnap-28823 vlcsnap-28875 vlcsnap-29012 vlcsnap-29226

Yep~* you probably knew I couldn’t resist at least one shot of A~min~♥ in there っo(*´∀`)o!、。。and then there’s this….




…Myao~* says that all of those mysterious falling colored spheres/bubblegum drops/painted alien~grapes/miniature balloons….taste just fine! Nice!



AKB48 Mint “Kimi ni tsuite”

Continuing with the single sales~worthy thingy, Mint is the ingenious creation of asking AKB fans to vote for their favorite members to be included in this fantasy~group online while immersed in the interactive fantasy world of Ameba Pigg where the actual members and fans alike can mingle in real time online with one another while embodying the cutest of cutest caricatures =)! Here Acchan takes the center as Mint is set to release their final single but there’s a lot of hidden emotions unknown to Acchan until she peruses the archives of Mint’s blog heading back through time as her fellow members share~* and reminisce the groups’ time together~♥….


..and Kasai~♥ soooooo so cute!!!! Her voice so much like that of a professional seiyuu, here she shines~* =)!

vlcsnap-31586 vlcsnap-32240 vlcsnap-32279 vlcsnap-34538 vlcsnap-34689 vlcsnap-34859 vlcsnap-34916 vlcsnap-34941 vlcsnap-35018vlcsnap-34969



AKB48 DIVA “Nakeru basho”

DIVA I just can’t take my eyes off of Sayaka’s presence here and Mmm…Natsuki~♥ she’s so cute (*´∀`)!!This pv was shot with road~movie/fan experience aura as the sometimes mundane travelling side of artists which isn’t often seen is expressed all the while on the other side of the fan~base is shown and in particular I was so connected to the very end of this pv as you can see the interaction amongst fans which I imagine is universal in the sense of connecting with others whom just experienced the same and just the euphoria~♥ of it all…….your treasures (goods) to take back home or to the hotel with you….the comraderie the memories for a lifetime ^ ^*。



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16 Responses to 「Featured Post」~AKB48’s 「Beginner」、record breaking, innovative…thought provoking and there’s even a bit of chicken♥ from Heaven~*.

  1. hydeo says:

    i trying to download the singles -.- the 2 version, but the files comming with problem -.-”

    anyway tehre is DIVA, the pv and song is cool 😛

    i dont liked much the song begginer :\

    now u think DIVA and MINT go be active sub-units ?


    • I’m thinking that there would be lots of options though with AKB? And while I don’t support downloading instead of purchasing music I’m understanding your situation as Brazil’s 60% tax is unimaginable and much too high =(.

      DIVA’s song is awesome!..and isn’t it amazing~* how much production and writing the producers always put into AKB music videos?..I mean they’re almost like separate mini~movies in a way.

      I’m not thinking that DIVA and MINT will become featured regulars but you just never know and if the fan response is good enough perhaps they’ll push for more songs and releases. Still though I’m doubtful as these groups are more like fictional creations so maybe their one~shots?

      Ehhh? really?…loving “Beginner” (*´∀`*) ♪♪!!!!!It’s so aggressive and visually coupled with the pv versions (the dance ones though!, not the original) like with the “center” member featured versions they’re so dynamic and in many ways alluring too and I’m just like wow~!


      • hydeo says:

        yah now u get why i dont buy the things of idols i like hehe, i dont like it either, have lot of things i wanted to buy, like the temptation box from SCANDAL :\

        yah the production of akb PVs has getting every time better and better, i like see this too, but they need take care with the sub-units and this things, the fragments stay getting to big, with a lot of sub-units and other 48 series, they need take care to dont start stay without get attention to other unit or groups, if that occours they go to H!P way and start to drop quality

        humm maybe, but i liked sayaka there too (and normaly i dont like her aheahea, because her style has dont make to cute things) but when they put her in a more serious or little dark things like DIVA, her stay really cool

        the beggin of the song remember me river aheahea.. now i found a good version of the songs to download and listening right now… yah the song stay good, but have much noise in the back of the song


  2. hydeo says:

    i has listened to the mint song… and is so cute… the pv is kawaii a lot too :3


  3. strawberrie says:

    I got mine in itunes Japan but I’m running out of yen. I wish US iTunes would update their jpop artists. I don’t want to use all the money in my account. Maybe I will have to go through Ohta 😦 I wanted to avoid using a 3rd party source since I don’t want to pay so much just for service.


  4. @ Hydeo, I do understand much better why it’s so difficult with the taxes being so high in Brazil for imported items, however with that being said I still see downloading (without purchase) as stealing from artists/idols. I guess an analogy I could give you is that if there were an item like a pack of gum, an iPod, a car as it doesn’t really make a difference and I wasn’t able to afford it on my budget I would go without it. I wouldn’t take it/ steal it because I can’t afford it and still wanted it. So likewise with music and idol releases and everything for that matter I don’t download as it’s still stealing as the artists/idols/manufacturers don’t receive any payment/compensation for their product when you download anything without paying =/. It’s not a judgment on you or anyone else but these are my feelings and beliefs which is why I always try to support my favorite artists/idols by always purchasing their releases and also I try to promote their releases here so that other potential fans may find something new or not…but just something to have an interest in and love too. Again I understand your situation with the taxes your country imposes on imports which I think is much too high =(, and honestly if I were living there I wouldn’t have very much to listen to or watch outside of Brazil as I would only own those releases in which I could afford on such high taxes which I know would be very little.

    That thought did cross my mind recently too as H!P began really focused and tiny at first and then grew and grew until even in some ways Tsunku’s song writing was stretched a bit too much I think and it’s something that may have affected some of his creativity leading up to the point when they decided to graduate all of the Elder’s Club. It’s like they grew too much and in time it became unprofitable =/. It’s true that AKB is growing so quickly and now even with a youth~group and a new group beginning in Osaka as well as all of their sub groups but I have hope~* and maybe it’s blind~hope ?…but it looks like AkiP has surrounded himself with the right talent and a lot of it in terms of his 80’s style of song writing and just the way they produce their pvs♥ and shows and all of the innovative ideas that they incorporate into their idol product for fans so let’s hope that they don’t grow too much for what they’re able to dedicate themselves entirely to =).

    Sayaka seems to be much more of a power performer versus cute and she’s really engaging and funny as I’ve watched some t.v. programs where she was a guest with the other girls….she really commands attention in DIVA for sure.

    ‘River?’….I’ll see if I get that feeling as I hadn’t noticed any similarities in melody or feel. lol ‘noise?’….you’re so funny…(^q^)!


    • hydeo says:

      yes, if the tax is no so right probably i has buyed a lot of things from my artists ^^… but u see if i never downloaded this things i never know mm, akb and other artists and never have know u :\
      and brazilian music is so bad and stupid :\, i never listened more have long time

      i think MM have some hope too grow again too but tsunku need open his eyes -.-, like put out linlin, bah, her voice when her sing in serious mod is so goooood, take the radio show of 28/10 from takahashi her sing there a little
      some of the akb girls has make audition to H!P too u know ??

      yah her in the serious mod stay cool for sing 😛 and yes sometimes her is funny hehe, but sux when her try be cute aheaheha

      i mean in the begin of the song when they say “position” in river “river river” with that efecct in the voices in the 2 songs aheahea


      • It’s just not something I could do….but I do understand what you mean =). U~n we would have never spoken otherwise ne.

        Oh are you speaking of some current AKB member having auditioned for H!P awhile ago? Or something more recent? I know of the earlier auditions but nothing recent….

        A~h well Sayaka may not be the overly~cutesy idol type for sure…I agree it’s not her natural personality.

        lol still not hearing it…..I’m only teasing now (。ーωー。)♪…


        • hydeo says:


          a lot of MM audition have girl who dont get in and later enter in AKB hehe, in the koha audition and the 8gen audition have some girl (who now stay in akb) who tryed get in MM hehe
          so the conclusion is… MM lost a lot of good talents
          and now stay drop one of the best who enter in 8gen… they drop linlin -.-” so stupid
          linlin is the only one who beat takahashi voice (i mena when her sing serious ahehaea, because in the funny/happy songs her voice is funny)

          i like when her get the serious mode and look like “i go do this and go sucess” but when her try do cute things i think i want go hit her aheahea



  5. @strawberrie, I’ve never searched in iTunes before well lol I’m probably the very last person on earth to own a iPod to begin with :P! It’s surprising though that the American iTunes doesn’t sell downloads for AKB48….?? Oh I’m guessing that you have to go through a proxy in order to purchase more yen in Japan’s iTunes store? I know how expensive using a proxy can be and I’m reminded each time I bid on anything on Yahoo Japan Auctions (。p_q)。。。


  6. Pingback: ~An early Christmas present for Arashi♥ fans…. | モーニングBerryz48…the morning after….. "Always wear protection before reading…(^q^)."

  7. shar says:

    Well, if you thought the bullying in Boku Dake no Value was bad, I guess you haven’t seen the PV for Keibetsu Shiteta Aijou. In short, Acchan gets pushed around, and Yuko commits suicide. Boku Dake no Value is comparatively tamer, though the adding of a coherent storyline is always a nice touch.

    I really liked the PV for MINT. Reading into it, it feels like a portent of the future (of AKB), with the girls coming to terms with the reality of their (eventual) decline. Nakeru Basho is awesome just because it has Sayaka at center. It’s about time she was recognized for her contributions to the group (along with other long time members).


    • Oh no it’s not that….I was just writing about the pv♥ included here but I didn’t elaborate into comparing or mentioning other bullying examples brought out by the media or artists/groups/movies. It’s a sad aspect which I wish didn’t exist. It occurs in many different cultures…everywhere I imagine but it’s just that Japan has made light of it in the media. Our local t.v. station here used to show a lot of Kinpachi Sensei’s drama series and while the underlying storylines are surely meant to bring attention to this dark side of youth’s society it makes me cry seeing how this fiction is surely based on the real….Kinpachi Sensei always has so much to deal with with bullying surely being just one issue he needs to face head on and address.

      U~n truly as Mr. Harrison once said….”all things must pass” and even with the height of idols in the past like with Otomejuku….CoCo, Ribbon, Qlair..I imagine seeing things end were not expected by fans or those groups alike but inevitable~. So true, MINT’s pv is really symbolic this way and with AKB reaching their all~time highs right now surely I know all fans will cherish this time…..fleeting as success and popularity are =). Sayaka really can own the stage and spotlight so happy~* for her too! I was shocked by her non scandal/”scandal” and subsequent stepping down as captain…..sometimes I wish the media wouldn’t scrutinize so much =(…it’s their job but still. Idols being able to date or not…..what may be contracted?..we dont’ know but I have very strong feelings about this subject and how the wota in particular view idols to be and how them being not “involved” is pure and the “only” way to be =/. I see and understand that viewpoint but I think guys put too much into it and shouldn’t they want their favorite idols to be happy~*? I see where it comes from though…..both sides of the argument, a~h but that’s an entirely other realm of idols and I’ve already spoken tirelessly about it in the past so I’ll refrain from being overly redundant xD. Idols and dating.


  8. Himitsu says:

    Amazing MorningBerryz-San so you really buy the original CD+DVD, you know what now finally my collection from AKB48 is complete without even by their original CD+DVD. I just download ISO file from internet and surprisingly the Quality is Realy HD & HQ……………


    • I’ve just always loved having all of the packaging and with Japan releases the record companies are so smart to include wonderful extras like with trading cards, photos, posters, books and other little goodies~* =). U~n I know so much is available out there……but also it’s to support our favorite♥ artists too ^ ^。


  9. Anonymous says:

    does yuki kashiwagi has her version of beginner??

    i’ve been looking for ages but couldn’t find one, tsk..

    pls help!


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