~Joining the rest of the human race, it’s a new addition to the family~♥….

..and please don’t laugh too hard as well this is my very first iPod (*´艸`) !、。。and I know you’re probably thinking what cave did I just crawl out of xD?! I’m getting online a bit late for this post so I’ll try not to babble for too long…also means that I did no editing so please excuse any of my inevitably typos which always occur when I’m writing with open thoughts on the fly :P.

I’ve always considered getting one and today~* was the day to finally join the rest of the human race \(^o^)/☆。As you can see its the old classic model but when I saw the available memory for the much more pretty models I think they only went up to 32 or 36 Gigs?……so I began thinking I’m intending to use this iPod for music ♪♪~♥ exclusively so I wasn’t interested in a touch screen or a screen for viewing video and that led me to the 160 GB classic as primitive as it looks next to the much more advanced models :P. Even the salesperson asked me if I perhaps didn’t want one of the newer iPod models?…..but I said that I needed lots and lots of memory above all else =).

So after installing iTunes (and what an amazing program!!..) I was so impressed with the user friendly and ease of every step~by~step instruction from Apple along the way and I realized why iPods/iPhones are so popular….lol I mean not even I needed to call for tech~support for help at any time =D. I wasn’t paying attention to the time really but it seemed that in a mere 15 minutes or so iTunes had created complete play lists for over 1100 songs that I selected from my pc’s memory to start with and thank goodness! for 160 GBs and no less as a half or so of an hour later I’ve already used up 23 GBs of my iPod’s memory :O. Had I purchased one of the touch screen iPods I would be nearly out of memory and very sad =(! Still 160 GBs doesn’t seem like a lot, I mean with the size of hard drives today going into the TBs realm and I do create from my CDs every song at 320 and while it may seem like a over~usage of space I still stand by my thinking that this max rate does contribute to much superior sound and that brings me to the sound system which is pictured above.

Again being one still stuck with using discs with mp3s on them for all of these years I so needed to find something that would play an iPod!

I’ve heard iHome units in the past while browsing stores and yet wasn’t too moved by their quality of sound……not till today that is.

The “iHome Studio Series featuring Bongiovi Acoustics DPS” (Bongiovi makes me think of Bon Jovi~♥…. a bit too old for my fantasies perhaps but nonetheless he’s sexy* x’s a million!).. is what I fell completely in love with today hearing it for the first time as you could hear little excerpts of music in the display model. I don’t even know if I can do justice to just how amazing~* this system is (*´艸`)!、so I’ll quote the developer first…..

“…the iHome studio series featuring Bongiovi Acoustics DPS (digital power station) represents a genuine breakthrough in audio processing. This unique and powerful processor, years in the making, was developed by a team of audio engineers that have over 40 years of experience in the music and motion picture recording industries. Audio is digitally restored in real time, adding missing harmonics, improving clarity, presence, and bass resonance. Your music comes alive in ways never before possible. Bring studio quality sound to your home.”

I can’t stress enough of how it’s like hearing every song…every note for the very first time and this in songs which I’m so familiar with and have played so many times prior, but with this system I’ve just never heard such clear mid range sounds and the highs so crisp and precise…the bass response awesome too and for such a small sized system! I’ve spent the better part of today playing songs by Mr. Children, Princess Princess, SCANDAL, AKB48, Momusu, aiko, John Coltrane, David Benoit, The Beatles (remastered omg!!!)…it’s like these artists/groups are right there in your home as the sound is so precise….no distortion even when at the highest volume and thank goodness for the iHome’s remote which can control you iPod in full operations as I’m a bit clumsy still with that iPod wheel thingy lol as I tend to either scroll to far or not far enough and then I inevitably push too hard and it goes click~* on me xD sending me back to the previous  menu…..in hindsight a touch screen does have its great advantages but still I so needed the 160 GBs of memory much more. The nuances of every instrument resonates so clearly with this system…from the textured sound of an acoustic to the ambiance of a each piano note and the vocals so up front and crisp…..Mr.Children’s Sakurai~san is as clear as if he were right here in my living room (*´∀`)♥。And you’ll hear nuances..notes..instruments in songs that you’ve just never heard before……it happened numerous times today for me and with such familiar songs and you just know when you’re hearing more instrumentation in a song you thought you knew so well note~for~note….there’s no mistake of that…just wow~*! Next to a Bose system this much less expensive iHome I so so recommend!!! I notice that by leaving your iPod without any equalizer setting (none/flat) the iHome performs much better on its own and even with only additional control of more or less bass or treble which are on the remote’s keypad the sound is much better by allowing the iHome to do all of the equalization work by itself versus using your iPod’s preset equalization settings in addition.

Okay I’ve gushed so much already ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!

One thing that I’ve noticed is that some songs which were transferred directly from their CDs are recognized by iTunes and they do display in kanji/hiragana/katakana….while some other songs and album titles end up displaying in that dreaded symbol/unknown way. I’m not sure why some appear okay in Japanese while others don’t…..maybe there is a fix for this as I know Apple is most attentive to detail? This iHome system also charges you iPod/iPhone while docked and I was surprised at how it charged to full despite me playing it all afternoon today =). I do wonder though if it’s okay to leave your iPod sitting on this type of recharging dock over long periods of time without it draining any power? For the battery I wonder if it’s okay or should I make sure to remove it at times to allow the battery to drain fully for a better prolonged battery life (recharging~wise)?

The iHome was $200 which I thought was so so reasonable as it sounds like perfection~*!!..and yet while I was shopping~♥ today with a friend he did “offer” to buy it for me if I’d sleep* with him (・д・`*)!!、。。but we’ve like known each other for like forever so it’s sort of an ongoing gag/joke between us as we both know that’s never going to happen xD!!! Funny how particular things can spring up past memories and I immediately thought of how the radical ambitions of some school girls and just the culture in which they lived in at that time in the latter 90’s were depicted where acquiring designer products or just perhaps the monetary status had the extreme proposition of girls so young allowing themselves to be with men mostly I imagine much older than they were for solely money =/. It’s a dark side of Japan’s youth and it was notably brought to the drama~screen in the summer of 98′ in the drama “Kamisama mou sukoshi dake” which stars the most most handsome~♥ Kaneshiro Takeshi and cute~cute~cute~♥ Fukakyon. Fukakyon’s character does however have much different aspirations and reasons for sleeping for money with older men and this drama brought to light this not so often spoken about side to the culture and pressures which are at times sometimes self imposed upon Japan’s female youth behind closed doors~. She contracts aids in this one instance and as you can imagine this drama is quite heart wrenching but with its underlying message which is really two~fold here I would highly recommend seeing it.

This drama was really landmark back then and it puts into perspective so many feelings~* and just how the spirit if strong and nurtured and loved enough can persevere even in the most dire of situations….but at the same time warning of dark consequences where you as an individual has choices to make for yourself.

Mmm…remember J~Pop’s 3″ CD singles? I wish this most unique format had continued on and here with Luna Sea’s single “I for You” (the theme song for “Kamisama mou sukoshi dake”) it even came cased in a jewel case from the record distributor as with most 3″ singles back then you needed to purchase their casing separately~. Luna Sea’s song here is now so iconic in a sense and very moving and poignant…..kiite kudasai ^ ^。。。

Luna Sea “I for You” mp3

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to ~Joining the rest of the human race, it’s a new addition to the family~♥….

  1. xmangerm says:

    Wow! An amazing write up. I hope you enjoy your purchase for at least a year or two before the newer models entice you to consume even more.


    • Thank you~*! I know what you mean as technology never sleeps and just when you think you have the latest innovation something new is just on the horizon =). I’ve just never had a portable system that sounds so clear like this iHome but surely they’re inventing something even better as I type this.


      • xmangerm says:

        I am not a big Apple fan but almost whatever they undertake they at least do a good job at it. Moreover, “I do create from my CDs every song at 320 and while it may seem like a over~usage of space I still stand by my thinking that this max rate does contribute to much superior sound and that brings me to the sound system which is pictured above” I don’t know if ripping a song at 320 really makes that much of a sound difference.


        • I’m so happy~* you said that as I’m exactly the same! I don’t download any music and only use my CDs and I make all of mp3s @ 320 too =). I’ve heard that it may be overkill to your memory but when played on a higher end player I think there is definitely a difference…and I’ve tried playing the same song at a lower bit rate on the same system and call me crazy 😛 but I can hear the difference. You’re the first person that’s mentioned this to me and I’ve always tried to keep quiet about it as I think most others would say that it is a waste of memory to create such large mp3 files….listening now @ 320 + iHome ↑↑↑ =’s ~♥~.

          (“)_(“) ♥


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