~AKB48 psp game giveaway week two results…and entry post for week 3!

AKB1 48 Idol to koishitara LE first press edition psp game

vlcsnap-41830 vlcsnap-41932

If you watched yesterday it always looks like a moving parking lot in the sense that the cars are just so close to each other and when 43 cars are just inches apart and within 3.5 seconds of one another for three hours+ all at 190~205 mph something’s bound to give at some point :O!

And it did!

~The premonition~

~The results~

Okay so here are the standings after week two:

Kitsy is now in 1st place with her drivers over weeks one & two combining for an average finish of 19.

Kitsy’s drivers Denny Hamlin, Juan Pablo Montoya, Clint Bowyer & Carl Edwards finished in 9th, 3rd, 30 & 17th respectfully this past Sunday.

Mina is now in 2nd place with her drivers over weeks one & two combining for an average finish of 21.

Mina’s drivers Clint Bowyer, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin & Juan Pablo Montoya finished in 1st, 25th, 9th, & 3rd respectfully this past Sunday.

Hydeo is now in 3rd place with his drivers over weeks one & two combining for an average finish of 30.5.

Hydeo’s drivers Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Mark Martin & Tony Stewart finished in 7th, 17th, 11th & 31st respectfully this past Sunday.

Johpan is now in 4th place with his drivers over weeks one & two combining for an average finish of 30.75.

Johpan’s drivers Kyle Busch, Greg Biffle, Matt Kenseth & Clint Bowyer finished in 25th, 19th, 16th & 1st respectfully this past Sunday.

Mousoufest is now in 5th place with her drivers over weeks one & two combining for an average finish of 33.5.

Mousoufest’s drivers Jeff Burton, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin & Juan Pablo Montoya finished in 41st, 8th, 11th & 3rd respectfully this past Sunday.

CK is now in 6th place with his drivers over weeks one & two combining for an average finish of 49.75.

CK’s drivers Kurt Busch, Jeff Burton, Jamie McMurray & Juan Pablo Montoya finished in 30th, 41st, 36th & 3rd respectfully this past Sunday.

No entry received last week from Muse who was in 2nd at the time.

So next it’s off to Texas Motor Speedway, a 1.5 mile quad oval with quite high banking in its corners @ 24 degrees so what it all equates to is………very fast!!!! And Texas has a really wide surface so with so much room there isn’t a tendency for too many cautions =). I thought it was so awesome how so many of your picks for last week included race winner Clint Bowyer and 3rd place finisher Juan Pablo Montoya…..gosh* great job!!!

~Please post your week three driver choices here in this post by Thursday November 4th midnight (HST)~

(Note for each entry: please remember that drivers you’ve chosen previously in weeks one and two are no longer available for you to choose for the remainder of the races until we reach the final race @ Homestead when the average points are reset. Also by clicking~* on the driver names below up to date stats can be seen for each driver regarding their season stats and more importantly their performance at the upcoming track which this week is Texas Motor Speedway which can be most helpful for your choices =). )

~Your driver’s list~

(ranked 1st to 16th, rankings here are as of Oct. 10th)

1. Jimmie Johnson

2.  Denny Hamlin

3. Kevin Harvick

4. Jeff Gordon

5. Tony Stewart

6. Kurt Busch

7. Carl Edwards

8. Jeff Burton

9. Kyle Busch

10. Greg Biffle

11. Matt Kenseth

12. Clint Bowyer

13. Ryan Newman

14. Jamie McMurray

15. Mark Martin

16. Juan Montoya

Good luck~* and happy racing っo(*´∀`)o!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to ~AKB48 psp game giveaway week two results…and entry post for week 3!

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  2. johpan says:

    aww yeah 1st.

    5. Tony Stewart
    6. Kurt Busch
    7. Carl Edwards
    8. Jeff Burton



  3. hydeo says:

    hey MB, let me give u an idea, when pas a week we need post the next entries, so we need search the other topics to dont post the same racers
    so can u post in the end of the recents results, the other links for the past entries ??
    to us look who we have chose later ??

    Jeff Burton
    Ryan Newman
    Greg Biffle
    Kyle Busch


    • I was thinking that you could click on the “giveaway” category on the side bar?…the most recent giveaway posts will show first so you can see your previous week’s choices that way….or maybe you could paste the complete list in notepad and save it there and each week you could start the driver’s which you’ve already chosen to keep track? I hope this helps =).


      • hydeo says:

        yah, its ok, i go do this

        anyway only more week to go hehe

        and well i think i go get second or third place hehehe


        • Oh no there’s still two more races…..this weekend it’s Texas and then next Sunday it’s at Phoenix =). And after that the seeding will be set for the final battle…..but instead of racing I’m thinking about revamping things for the final and make them idol related. Of course all of the rules up till then will remain the same as these races now are just to set up the seeding and from there I’ll post the changes to an idol game in an upcoming post =). I think it’ll be much more involved and fun that way for the few that are still entered……well if less people enter each week for those who are still entered your odds go way up.


  4. Mina says:

    3. Kevin
    6. Kurt
    11. Matt
    13. Ryan


  5. CK says:

    1. Jimmie Johnson
    2. Kevin Harvick
    3. Kyle Busch
    4. Matt Kenseth

    BTW, I will be in Japan in a couple days. So my fourth week entries are obviously the four I haven’t run yet…

    1. Tony Stewart
    2. Carl Edwards
    3. Greg Biffle
    4. Mark Martin


    • Lucky~* ^ ^!!。。how long will you be there? I’m thinking for sure you have many concerts planned ne~*. Will you get into the AKB theater?…..plus meet & greet events too..hm the ticket from “Beginner?” wait I didn’t even check the date yet xD.

      Hmm….I was thinking that you’d save J.J.~♥ for Phoenix?…not to sway you as bad things can happen to anyone anywhere.


      • CK says:

        12 days. Yes, I have a few things planned already. I have won two shows at the theater so far. Team A and Team SDN. There is a national handshake event for Beginner on Sunday, which a might or might not attend. Haven’t decided yet. The chara-ani hs event for Beginner is on the 14th, and I have many hs tickets for that one. Berryz is a possibility. And Momoiro Clover has CD release events almost every day!!! Their single comes out next week. I can’t wait!


        • Wow 12 days!!! I was reading that winning tickets to their theater is actually quite a process as it’s not as easy as walking up and asking for a ticket xD. Like you have to request tickets far in advance?….and then you may still not get in. Amazing you got two shows to see and in the span of 12 days too =). A~h Team A….you’ll get to see Wasamin your fave~!! Hmm…plus Sasshi, Takamina, Akicha, Harugon and jealous!! jealous!! Acchan and A~min too (*´∀`)♥!Oh you should gooooo! You received your LE “Beginner” singles in time =). The girls in Momoclo are growing up so quick!!…did you see them in the latest UTB?…so cute with the athletic themes~*. Have an awesome time!


  6. mousoufest says:

    Mannnn I suck at this lol…

    For week 3 I choose
    Carl Edwards
    Kyle Busch
    Clint Bowyer
    Ryan Newman

    And congrats on your new iPod!! XD


  7. hydeo says:

    but who go to the final race ?? the first 3 ppl ? or everyone ?

    idol related maybe go be more cool :3, lets see what go be ur idea for this hehe :3


  8. Thank you~* mousoufest =), it’s like I’m having the revelation of….where have you been all of my life iPod? xD!


  9. @ Hydeo, oh no it’s everyone as said in the original rules that’s why even if you finish in last in these preliminary races everyone still has a legitimate chance to win =). And I’m seeing that competition is narrowing as there are 5 of you now entered and Kitsy was in 1st place but I think as she said earlier that she would be busy at this time. I did reply to her that she could have entered her later entries earlier and that it was okay but I don’t think she saw my reply or maybe I was too late =/.

    I think it’ll be fun when we switch to an idol competition after next week’s race @ Phoenix and everyone’s odds of winning is really good too ^ ^。


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