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~MB is four years old today~ =)

It’s amazing how time flies so quickly!! I’ve gotten busier recently and it’s not just the Christmas♥ rush of shopping and things but also in other ways my time has been a bit more filled now personally…..thank you~* for keeping … Continue reading

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~Never say never…. I just wonder where’s the Captain’s shashinshuu…? NEOBK-894595 Okai Chisato/C-ute Chisato Okai First photobook  BOOK 2857 yen US$34/85.14  Release Date:2010/12/24 URL –

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~SCANDAL pays tribute~♪♪ to “G”irl’s rock of yesteryear~

They’re just the coolest~* and most dynamic girl♥rock band!!!! And I do mean in the now~ as no doubt there have been many awesome bands that have come before from Judy and Mary to Whiteberry to Zone to Princess Princess … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Oshima♥Yuko Tokyo ~> L.A.

This set is a must have!! as with Yuko’s lastest shahshinshuu & DVD (“Kimi wa, dare no mono?” & “”Kimi wa, boku no mono”) comes with photo extras~♥ and actually one from Neowing while the other two are included with … Continue reading

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~Today’s arrivals…..♥!~!’s always towards the end of the year when record labels and artists seem to release~* sooooooo many releases!!!! And gosh* this isn’t even my last order of the year from Cdjapan which is sort of scary :P! There’s was … Continue reading

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~AKB48 Flashbacks #5/ Erepyon, Sae, Mariko, Kojiharu, Sayaka, Kayo….Mmm but you know who’s cutest~? Yuko~♥! UTB vol.177 Dec. 2006~

Happy Thanksgiving everyone~*~~* o(*´∀`)o゛♥!!! I’ve had this series sort of on hiatus recently and I’m finding just a few minutes tonight to update with my next AKB48 flashback entry….sorry it’s been so long since the last one xD! The enlightening … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Matsu Takako Concert Tour 2010 "Time for music"….

…Matsu Takako recently released~* a special edition concert DVD set for her “Time for music” 2010 tour and this two disc set includes 19 awesome performances with some very familiar faces as her tour band accompanies her onstage with Shibata … Continue reading

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~AKB48 psp game giveaway….a quick update!

I apologize so much for the delay….but things will be back on~track very soon as our idol♥games will begin to determine the winner =). Thank you for you patience and please look forward to the upcoming fun!

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~Why is this person stealing my post…..???

With all that’s been happening recently here this is just really worrisome as I just don’t get why anyone would do such a thing?? This occurred early this morning when I got a “ping~back” due to the “SPEED” link in … Continue reading

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While so much nervousness engulfed me for much of this morning watching lap~by~lap and just with the thought of J.J.♥ coming to win his fifth….yes~!!!! fifth Sprint Cup Series title in a row, unprecedented once again as his fourth in … Continue reading

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