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~Watarirouka Hashiritai’s 1st album release~*!!!

This is really where it began for me with falling in love with AKB (*´∀`*) ♪♪、。。  Watarirouka♥Hashiritai!, so I was so anticipating their very first album release~* and is sooo soooo delivers! Well if you collect single releases you’ll of … Continue reading

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~AKB48 psp game giveaway week one results…and entry post for week 2!

I do wonder if Kyle Busch had driven his pink bunny~kitty~pony I love you~♥ car would have there been more love and understanding on the track yesterday??…..likely not XD! Short track, short tempers…. ..and @ lap 384 ↑↑↑ dontcha think … Continue reading

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~Now scanning…

A~~h Momochi~♥!! Is this her cutest pb yet?…..I think soooo ^ ^。。。

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As I was scanning these issues earlier today one thought kept occupying my mind, as how some girls are so lucky to be so perfect~(*´∀`) ♥!Acchan and Tomochin have such distinctly different features in terms of natural beauty~*…..with Acchan’s perfectly … Continue reading

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~AKB48’s 19th single senbatsu janken tournament produces an array of emotions, sights & reactions, the psyche~job theory + a girl’s first mizugi gravure…and which member most likely owns a pet♥rock? =)

A picture can speak a thousand words… ..pretty awesome image of the media frenzy which ensued at AKB’s very first Janken senbatsu tournament which on September 21st brought vast emotions and heavy tension for all of the girls!!..(find Acchan ↑↑↑~♥!) … Continue reading

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~Just a friendly reminder….AKB48♥ giveaway first week driver entry deadline is tonight midnight (HST)

With the previous one week postponement the track venue and drivers available (now reduced to 16) have changed so even if you’ve entered drivers previously please take note of the change in the available drivers list and please post here … Continue reading

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~It’s not easy being green.

A~h this just reminds me of the beginning, when blogging was new and I had no idea of what I was doing….wait!..that was also just today =)… It’s one of those things where you find yourself wondering for a long … Continue reading

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Tadaima =)…..

..just got home~♥ now. So busy today (_´Д`)ノ~~!、。。but o~my~gosh* when I drove into town and was quite early for my dentist appointment it gave me some time to browse at the shopping center and while visiting our local Book~Off location … Continue reading

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….so you’re a guy with no particular romantic~♥ aspirations until……

..well for Sato Takeru the equations aren’t so simple as your most comfortable~although ordinary life is all but changed in an instant~*!, that being  a result from the arrival of a new transfer student played by none other than the … Continue reading

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~Ahhhhh! have you seen Ueto♥Aya recently???!

With the Fall drama season in full~swing I’m just like wow~*! Aya~chan♥ for the most part opts for shorter adorable hairstyles but here as well in the past with her music career and particularly  in “Azumi” (extentions~okay =) ) she … Continue reading

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