「Featured post」~Scary thingies*…..the Halloween edition (゜Д゜;)!!!

Happy Halloween~♥

~Does Halloween know any age?~

You know the feeling~*…..

..you so want more candy~♥ (I actually don’t like much candy but please play~along :P).

And then that one day out of the year arrives when we can dress as we please not caring what others will think….bad make~up, body paint, extra revealing*, just whatever your heart desires~♥=). But actually when you “grow~up” the candy isn’t even so much of an allure or even part of the equation any longer as we’re willing and actually looking forward to dressing~up or dressing~down and even @ times wearing lingerie~like costumes as it’s again the only day in which we probably won’t be flagged for indecent exposure as it’s all about the candy….or rather the wild festivities and imagination of it all =).

So when did you first find that you’re much too old to go trick~or~treating? You can sometimes hang on into your latter twenties (like me :P!) acting as the chaperone of sorts for your nieces, nephews, cousins…their friends and their nieces, nephews and cousins and for many it’s most likely with your very own children~♥ too.

And then there’s all of the candy, the handing out of candy I mean where you’re just hoping that you’ll see some costume that either freaks you out or sweeps you off of your feet!! I once saw someone dressed as a gigantic pile of manure in Waikiki….it was legendary….completely gross!!!!..and the guy even had these fake flies on wires coming out of that large thing he was walking around in…(^q^)! Mostly though to see such creative….I mean disturbing costumes one must venture out into the night life of Halloween as you’re not likely to encounter something so……um interesting while waiting by your porch~!

~Scary movie picks~

So likely some of us will skip the wild parties and outdoor~life on Halloween but what does that leave us with on this most festive occasion? A fright~night of movies of course!!

I admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the horror genre but here goes with my recommended picks!

“When a stranger calls” (Camille Belle) Girl is left to babysit while a psycho killer is somewhere outside/inside stalking her for no real good reason besides he’s crazy?……and Camille is “fittingly” dressed for horror in a bit tight top showing her petite curves* all the while asking the one thing you should never ask during a horror encounter…..”what do you want from me?” You should obviously never ask a psycho killer that question ever!!!…I mean you’ll make him think up more gruesome things that he wants to do to you and we do not want that!!!!!

“Sleep Hollow” Johnny Depp~♥~~♥! Need I say more?….okay wonderfully dark humor paired with Mr. Burton’s amazing imagination and visuals……must see for sure!

“Scream” (the first movie) I mean that costume alone became a part of pop~culture all from this movie and in the first one there’s suspense galore!! Well the next two movies were really good too I thought….so make it a trilogy~♥. The main guy is cute but too bad he turned out to be the psycho killer but at least this time he had motive…..still craaaaazy though xD!

“I know what you did last summer” (Jennifer Love Hewitt~♥) Anyone with ~♥~ in their name deserves your undivided attention and Jennifer here is gorgeous I think!…..and this psycho killer has a long memory and revenge on his mind. Hm, don’t kids these days know that drinking..having sex* and then driving along a deserted road can lead them to no good? Wait…I’m not sure if there was sex* before the accident…..why was I thinking about sex*? 😛

“Wrong Turn”….omg! this was so frightening that I had to leave the room so I actually don’t know how it ends but still recommended because it was disturbing!!!

“Texas chainsaw massacre” (the~remake with Jessica Biel)….also couldn’t make it through the entire film because I knew it would then later give me nightmares!!! So I guess it would be recommended right?…lol although again I have no idea of how it ends.

“The Shining”…..it’s Jack! And while this is a really old film it’s still really creepy and frightening!!! I got to watch this after reading the novel and I must say that they recreated the novel pretty well.

“The Thing”…again this is really old school horror and at first I was thinking it wouldn’t be very good when a friend suggested I watch it and yay~! I didn’t run out of the room this time :P!!…and I was so thinking it would look dated due to how old it is and yet instead of the effects looking outdated and fake looking, to my surprise it’s stood up to time quite well! And frightening? YES!!!!!! It’s safe to say that I’ll never ever agree to going on any excursion involving the south..north poles where you’re out there all alone!

and lastly

“Scary Movie” (any part really :P)…..lol I don’t think I need to elaborate any further as this series is just sooo sooooo funny and just in case you’re like me and a scaredy~cat who fears some horror movies (゜Д゜;)!

Do you have any of your scary movie favorites~♥ to share? I’d love to hear your picks please!!

~Scariest thing eaten~

Body sushi

Well, ahhh in some ways this could be scarier like if there weren’t a well placed leaf above you know where*..still though body sushi? Are you serious?? And how does she lie so still knowing that she’s being eaten…I meant eaten off of and I hope it isn’t too hot or cold there as that could…will affect well maybe just the position* of the sushi xD.


Let’s see for me this would include…..natto….fermented gooey icky stinky (ノロ≦。)!!!

Fresh avocados on any salad….they have no flavor and that texture where you just keep chewing (ノロ≦。)!!!

And this could go on for awhile so I’ll end with something Halloween related as in that orange peanut thingy candy thing which somehow still exists?? (ノロ≦。)!!!

So what’s the scariest thing you’ve eaten?

Happy Halloween

~Scariest bf♥ requests…~

Well I’m thinking that other girls have gotten odd or downright scary requests from your bfs♥ at some time or another?….

..well maybe it’s just me but it’s Halloween and I’m not mentioning names so hmm….I think it’s okay…(^q^)え~へ!

“could you dress up as a slutty* nurse?”….well this actually had nothing to do with Halloween and I need to ask why is a nurse so sexy* to guys??….I mean just the fact that a nurse is present means that you mustn’t be in very good shape as you’re in the hospital so um……I just think it’s strange xD. And yet an ex of mine asked for this……but when you add in the request of ‘slutty*’ to the mixture how can I can be extra slutty* dressed as a nurse?? I mean unless our skirt is extra short~short and there are like garter belts and the like also being worn I just don’t get the nurse fantasy of guys and why would a nurse be wearing garter belts to begin with (・c_・;)?

can I watch you apply your feminine protection?”…actually those weren’t his actual words as I don’t think I could repeat his actual words here (*´艸`)、。。but omg! And in hindsight I was swayed sort of into thinking it was a good “idea” but in hindsight I think he just wanted to see me naked down there* is all ( ┰_┰)。。。!


~J~Pop tales from the crypt~

These were posted a bit earlier but I thought I’d share them here again as it’s Halloween and as I also added back the main video clips to these two posts one on which is on YouTube and the other newly uploaded here to WP.

Please note though that the SMAP J~Pop tales from the crypt post is still missing all of its audio and video links (besides the main clip which I’ve re~uploaded) which sadly were lost in my move from Vox to WordPress =(…but as with any older audio/video files which were lost with my move from Vox if you’d like to watch/listen to them please leave a message in my “requests” tab which is atop the blog’s page and I’ll try to add them back as soon as possible and I’ll leave you reply comment when they’re ready ^ ^。

JPop Tales from the Crypt ~The night Shingo~kun♥ left Nakai~san out flapping in the wind~(・o・)

Jpop Tales from the Crypt Part II ~The night of Tsunku, The Mummy & the paint orgasm~(・o・)

Well that’s all I have for this year’s Halloween and I hope it was scary for some of you reading…..but even if not in any case..

..please remember…

Halloween safety tip #4 Don't drink and fly!

~Happy Halloween!~

Please be safe~♥!


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to 「Featured post」~Scary thingies*…..the Halloween edition (゜Д゜;)!!!

  1. Mike Avila says:

    Tampon inspection! -^^ Trick or Treat!


  2. MikeNeko says:

    Oooookay in order,
    my only movie i d want to watch about anything Halloween related would be BeetleJuice, in fact i ll watch that tonight.

    The body sushi thing… i am all for fantasy and all… but in couple… not commercially >.< the scariest thing i ate was snake… not bad but too many small bones

    the crazy requests…
    Well, tampons are just a common thing, no shame to have if you are accustomed to see each other naked, B.A.U. ne.
    I wouldn't specially ask to watch, i ve known the thing for a long time.
    I don t hate periods, specially when hormones strike in the *positive* way (the metalic odour / taste don t disgust me either, but that s another thing (o´・艸・`o)), and since i am patient and usually nice i seldom had to be the target of angers.
    However i am sympathetic of the hurting part… the tummy-aches and sensible bodyparts (wish they wouldn t exist) but that s what a BF is here for, make the pain easier to bear in the bad moments.

    The craziest thing i ever asked was if i could err… eat… my gf in a theater ^^
    that was really really neat (people are captivated by the movies, nobody actually look around).

    I agree about hospital nurses, plus my sister is studying to be a nurse so no nurses for me, not a turn on.
    I think the fantasy comes from the fact that a nurse is both authoritative (she orders your around) and care-giver.
    And yep she wouldn't wear a garter belt but pansuto (and thick white ones).

    Anyway, hope you had a nice halloween ! take care


    • I love that movie too!!!, I haven’t watched in years. ‘Snake?’ that sounds much too scary for me (・д・`*)!!

      Thinking back though I was still in high school so it was embarrassing to show and awkward….I sort of wish that sex~ed could have shown him a video of someone else instead =/. Gosh* you um….while um?? I don’t think many guys would do that and for me I don’t feel* attractive or comfortable at those times but I’d say your gf/wife was lucky~* to have you so understanding =). Sometimes they’re bad for me and I have to admit later that I had been moody…..I feel badly for that =(. E~hhhh?!!! I have to have privacy, but wow~! that is some request (・o・)!

      So true~….and thank you~* for explaining =). I hope your Halloween was fun too ^ ^。


  3. hydeo says:

    the girl with bunny ears remember me konkon hehehe 😛


  4. hydeo says:

    i think her stay only in the gatas football team O.o

    dont see much new around from her :\


  5. I had no idea that the Gatas team was still active….I’m so disconnected.


  6. hydeo says:

    yah the team is alive yet hehe, but i only see little news about


    • It’s good to know they’re still playing…I was listening to Ongaku Gatas earlier today =). “Narihajimeta koi no bell”….still my most favorite♥!….Mmm…it may have something* to do with all of those Manoeri (sighs*….)!


      • hydeo says:

        hahah i like a lot this song too

        the first time i has seen erina has there with a lot of solos :P, and the song are good, later in the next releases the group start to have bad songs


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