~UTB Vol.200 December 2010…AKB48 ♥’s Hello! Project~


UTB Vol.200 December 2010 …and vice~versa~*….Mmm…and for anyone still thinking that “Hello! Project and AKB48 are rivals”….or “….I cannot like AKB48 because I’m a H!P fan”, this UTB cover feature I think can be most eye opening =). Firstly you may be thinking, maybe they were photo~shopped onto the cover to appear together but such is not the case as H!P’s beloved~♥ Airiin & AKB’s beloved~♥ Mayuyu have in fact done a joint collaborated feature as perhaps one of unprecedented means in terms of the prominence and the media presented here~. And don’t be fooled by the “angel versus theme” as when you read Airiin & Mayuyu’s “Two♥Top♥Talk” article you’ll realize just how mutual their respect and love for one another is….their fave~music which inspired~* them, how Mayuyu sees Airiin/H!P, and you have to see what Airiin says about Mayuyu~ =)♥.

As you see their photos below aren’t they like such a perfect pairing~*….love!~love~! the old style mic between them as well as the coziness of the photo shoot’s sleepover~feel (*´∀`)♥!、。。and maybe just maybe we’ll see somewhere down the road a musical collaboration between AKB & H!P as that would be I think so historic and amazing~*. I’m thinking it’ll be just like Reese’s where someone gets their H!P into another’s AKB and after the initial shock we all discover that they taste go great together っo(*´∀`)o♥~♥~~♥!


UTB Vol.200 December 2010 trading card set A As always when the new UTB arrives I’m gravitated towards seeing the trading card sets available for the issue and then depending on the separate set~lineups I wish~* for a particular set or at other times it simply doesn’t matter as the idol♥ love is spread so evenly throughout them~. Hmm…here I can’t lie as I did softly wish~* for set B as it includes Momoclo’s Momoka & Kanako who are at their absolutely cutest all dressed for sports and gosh* if Kanako isn’t wearing the sexiest* baseball themed outfit ever!!…and set B also includes Berryz Koubou’s Momo~♥ and C~ute’s ever beautiful Maimichan~♥….and then you add in Mayuyu~♥ and yes~! I so wanted set B!


Okay, I’m okay….set B is cute~♥ too ^ ^*。

This issue is so full of scan~worthy articles that I spent nearly 4 hours scanning these and just below are the features of Airiin & Mayuyu!!!, Tomochin (note: the photos due have that sort of hazy look to them….I’m thinking in order to make her even more yummy~looking? Not sure but she’s gorgeous~angelic in white!), Kawaguchi Haruna (not sure who she is but I just thought she took such adorable photos and I love her cut~outs…especially that orange face thingy with clover~♥), Momoclo’s sport fashion!! (and  you can really see the girls growing up so quickly by these photos?..still between Kanako & Momoka), Ayarin & Harugon…..and I so adore Ayarin’s top!, Sasshi & Mikapon…and these two are inseparable and so great together!!…and Sasshi just reminded me about a Halloween costume xD, Acchan in a little feature promoting her drama “Q10” (“Cute”) where she turns on some robotic~charm~* (that photo where she’s perhaps shouting or reacting in exasperation?….it’s a bit tiny but the guy’s reaction so funny (^q^)!), a two page ad for Erepyon’s upcoming shashinshuu release (November 3rd) where it’ll celebrate her 4 years in AKB to graduation), S/mileage in a bit of a retro~wardrobe and there’s just something about Yuukarin’s expressions that get me!, a few off~shots from Momo’s latest shashinshuu (sorry I’m running late with posting her pb but will soon!), Maimichan in one of her more dynamic photo shoots! (I’ve kept one photo out here as it’ll appear after this post….just wow :O!) and to close things Manoeri~♥ with “Mano~aquarium”….”Mano~nature” to “Mano~metro”….=).

Also after Momoclo’s feature this issue features something really awesome!…as a complete timeline is given of the history of UTB which been around since 1986!!! My very first issue that I have is volume 47 featuring Uchida Yuki on its cover although this one issue was given to me by a friend as I didn’t subscribe to UTB until late 1995 my very first issue from their being volume 57 featuring Hinagata Akiko on its cover and from then I have every issue of UTB to present with the one exception of volume 58 which sold out  on me =(….my subscription began with volume 59 as I didn’t want to miss any issues since!) It’s amazing seeing all of their covers lined up together going through the years and if I tried to do this with the physical magazines I wouldn’t have the floor space to lay them all out :P. Also take note of the Hello! Project dominance where they had every cover girl feature beginning from January 2004 up until April 2006. UTB was also a monthly publication way back then and didn’t change to a bi~monthly publication until the summer of 2004~.


This issue is all about the harmony~♪~♥

And if Hello! Project and AKB48 have such deep and real respect and adoration for one another.

Why can’t their fans see this?

Here you have Airiin, one of H!P’s most loved members saying so much in this article about AKB and likewise with Mayuyu saying so much about H!P~. And I recently followed an article @ IW where it ended in saying that “this is not great music” (referring to AKB, albeit the author is very much a fan~♥ =) ), but what we must always remember is that music is most personal in that very much like beauty it’s in the “eye~of~the~beholder.” To say that a particular music/song is great is personal perspective. And likewise to say that a particular music/song is not great is a personal perspective. Everyone is an individual with their own sense of tastes~♥, that’s the beauty of your most unique self =). AkiP has successfully tapped into the 80’s with his songwriting and production, an era in Japan’s pop music where it’s often referred to as their “golden~age.” Now while “golden” may not appeal to everyone, you can so see how fans in Japan and across the globe have embraced this resurgence of the 80’s in J~Pop just by witnessing AKB’s increasing release~* sales as AkiP has genuinely produced a group(s) which represent very much of what can be considered (..by the “eye~of~the~beholder” sentiment) great music ♪♪。

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~A complete history of UTB ↑↑↑~


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2 Responses to ~UTB Vol.200 December 2010…AKB48 ♥’s Hello! Project~

  1. CK says:

    ahhh, I delayed renewing my subscription since I figured I could pick up this issue in Japan (and not pay shipping, hehehe).

    I have just briefly scanned it, and I love the Momoclo feature, as well as the AKB48 girls paired off toward the back (Komorin and Moeno ❤ ❤ <3)

    Oh yeah, and Takayanagi Akane from SKE!!! I loved seeing her in this issue. Checking the card selections, I was really hoping to get Set B. And what did I get???

    Set B, YATTA!!!


    • Hello from Japan….are you in Tokyo now? Would be great to be able to purchase magazines and yes! everything else in Japan to save on shipping…lucky~* =).

      UTB is really loving AKB and it’s reminiscent of when they featured H!P most prominently in every issue and still H!P does have the longest streak of exclusive cover girl(s) features all time for one group! Not sure if UTB will feature them exclusively but they so deserve it! So so many AKB related pictorials ne~…ah didn’t scan that one bad bad me (> <);!!

      They're growing so quickly and now with even a new group set to begin in Osaka?? :O…..as far as purchasing releases I may just stick with AKB but even as I type that I just know I'll be tempted at least to hear the new Osaka group when they officially debut a single~* :P. I do like SKE too, it's really so much to do with the production of AkiP and the songwriting as just everything's s catchy~♥………….!

      Oh!!! you're so lucky!! you got set~B!! Okay now I will go cry (;´□`) 。。。

      Will you attend the AKB handshake event? Have fun at the concerts!!!


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