~Still 2011 calendar shopping?…Sashihara Rino complete preview~


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Okay second in my calendar shopping series is Sasshi~♥!!!! I love how they styled everything from seifuku♥ to her wota~tastic personality as in nyan~*~nyan~*~♥~~♥! Bunny~Sasshi♥?..she’s the absolute best and also those collage of photos included with the final extra page which each calendar includes is most awesome and well……I think Sasshi~♥ is most kissable and saying that even despite all of the well……thingies going on between Yukorin and Acchan :P!….still I think I’d kiss~♥ Sasshi first…..of course this is said in hypothetical~fantasy as any girl~girl contact is not in my DNA…still though an innocent kiss* is very much in my DNA (人∀`*)

CIMG0806CIMG0807 CIMG0808 CIMG0809CIMG0810CIMG0811 CIMG0812 CIMG0813

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to ~Still 2011 calendar shopping?…Sashihara Rino complete preview~

  1. hydeo says:


    usagi sasshi <33

    i want this one :~~

    u buyed all this callendars mb ??


    • That so reminds me of Sasshi~♥ in the maid cafe and bar~! Nyan~nyan~♥ so cute!

      I was trying to not order so many this year but with all of the AKB solo calendars and then Yuko’s desk calendar I couldn’t help myself ー(*≧∀≦)ノ~♥!Without enough wall space I’ll need to rotate them….I sort of see them as posters even more than calendars =).


      • hydeo says:

        cute ? she look a little crazy there and out of control aehaheahea
        but yeh kawaii a lot haheahea

        only yuko have desk calendar ??

        yah look mmore like posters ahehahea

        o send ones to me i have some free space in my room wall ahehaeha


        • Nope~* definitely that was cute~♥! Sasshi was so into the entire cosplay thing and her singing along the AKB fan’s chant was the best!

          U~n only Yuko♥ released a desk calendar for 2011. I’ve always thought that about the style of Japanese calendars as they’re not so much functional as calendars with their dates being so tiny on them for the most part and yet they’re wonderfully poster sized =).


          • hydeo says:

            i laught a lot with our “discussions” in the topics aheahea

            ok tha scene of sasshi has cute but i laught a lot yet only remember make me laught ahehaea

            humm i liked all the posters, make some giveway for they aheaheahea

            the sasshi is the bests :3


            • I do too~*, =). Always fun to see idols being so candidly open and the wonderful part of that AKB series is that you really got to see some of the girl’s personal interests and what their social lives are like outside of work….like a rare glimpse.

              Oh no I just meant that Japanese calendars are like posters much more than calendars function~wise =).


  2. hydeo says:

    but well sometimes look a little fake, like the hiden cam, i dont belive much of that get without they know aheaheha

    but there they maybe stay making the day things ^^ with the cam follow they ^^


  3. Oh the cameras I learned weren’t actually hidden as the girls all knew about them beforehand, still I thought there was a most candid feel to the clips I watched and especially when you watch Yuko’s♥ episode she doesn’t hold back on anything =).


  4. hydeo says:

    yah for a little her dont kiss michan aheaheah, and probably after the cam get off who knows whats over 😡 ?? aehahehaea

    joking ^^, anyway who knwos aehaehaea

    i dont watched all the 5400 yet

    but im little disapointed, i think go have more action but have mroe talk and inside the 600 sec :\


    • Oh dear Hydeo is having in~pure Yukorin♥ thoughts lol :P!!!….well I was reading someone saying that they thought for sure that she was sort of lesbian~like in a way but I don’t think so! Kisses~♥ are affection….and that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is interested* in that way. Girls kiss girls all the time and well lol if we were all lesbians wouldn’t the human race vanish in time eventually? xD?!

      Oh but you can see so much more of how they’re personalities are during the talk segments.


      • hydeo says:

        aheahea only a litte 😡
        who know hehe, we only go know when the 2 get out of akb aehaheha

        humm depend the context of the kiss ^^, but anyway who cares to my opnion ahe i never have luck with all this things haehahea

        heheh ^^

        yeh, but idont undestand nothing -.-” so i stay like “why im watching this ?” hehe


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