~Still 2011 calendar shopping?…Mano Erina complete preview~


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Here’s my seventh and last calendar preview for today =). And while H!P has dominated my walls for the past decade + this year I was most drawn to Manoeri’s calendar as throughout the past year she’s given me so much genki~ness* and joy from not only her music but also from her most nurturing senpai status with H!P Eggs and her down~to~earth warmth which I think truly defines her endearing personality~♥. Well her cover photo (+ her last page extra photo) are so so cute girl~next~door~like with an innocent sexiness* I think!,….and Manoeri has all of your seasons for next year covered too from the fresh~brightness of spring to a summer bikini to a summer yukata albeit a bit late here in months and I so love that her November/December page features her piano prowess which so much makes her that much of a step above other idols♥ in musicianship and I hope~* that today’s calendar previews have helped with your calendar shopping for 2011……cover your wall with cute~ ^ ^♥!

CIMG0856 CIMG0857 CIMG0858 CIMG0859 CIMG0860 CIMG0861 CIMG0862 CIMG0863

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11 Responses to ~Still 2011 calendar shopping?…Mano Erina complete preview~

  1. hydeo says:

    and for erina cant let this pass heheh

    but her stay beaauty a lot like all the pics and videos i see from her ❤

    i have this pics in big size but dont know if has get from the callendars

    maybe have normal pics of the calendars ;3


    • This will be my only H!P calendar this year….and it was difficult in deciding and I know I’ll miss getting Momusu’s calendar as I haven’t missed a single calendar of theirs since their second release.

      I’ve always wondered how such large images are scanned….I’ve seen a portable scanner bar but it’s not as wide as a calendar’s width so maybe you can put separate images together seamlessly I wonder? Or maybe the calendar’s producer has released the images?


      • hydeo says:

        but why u dont go get MM callendar ? stay really good 😛
        ah erina never can be missed :3

        i think is 2 version, well they get the pics and put in the callendar, so the pic stay in they PC yet so they make a normal version of the pic probably ^^


        • I’ve thought about it a lot but I’ve already spent so much on other calendars and Manoeri is really such a favorite~♥ H!P member of mine so I couldn’t resist. Oh you’ve seen the Momusu calendar photos? I’ve only seen covers of most calendars so I’m always curious to see what the other shots look like as a lot of times their covers aren’t necessarily representative of the rest of the calendar.

          I wonder who releases the calendar photos though?…the calendar’s producers?


          • hydeo says:

            have something like 2 years her is my second fav ^^, yah second because i think no one can take reina place aheahea

            have one of the entire group where stay really good the shoot

            take a look in the forum jph!p in the picroda place, have lot of pics there to akb and h!p girls and other idols ^^

            dont know o.o


            • U~n Reinachan will always be your favorite ne~* =). After Kamei graduates Aichan will reclaim my heart @ #1 for H!P.

              Oh I love Momusu’s group shots the most as with BK and C~ute too with their calendars but most of the other months are usually just with a pairing or maybe three or four members at a time. Do you mean that all of the calendar releases have complete photos published somewhere?

              Still I wouldn’t think that the producing companies would authorize such a release as it would only lead to the possibility of someone trying to print their own calendar from scans and lead to loss in sales =/.


  2. hydeo says:

    yah her go be my ichiban ever :3~~

    i like taka too ;3~

    humm so u like the solo calendars :P… well the H!P callendar is oer group (getting out mano who is solo) but akb they make per girl ^^

    i dont know if have all the pics… probably can be scans or shoots froms someone and put online, but i really see some in a forum with the comment “MM calendar”

    i dont remember if have the data and this things, maybe is only a pic and this things, or some second shoot of the calendar shoots


  3. Aichan~♥! The pairings are okay but I do prefer solo calendars but it’s understandable with Momusu as they’ve just never done solo calendars before. I’ve been making space on my bedroom walls for next year although I won’t take down this year’s calendars just yet =). I wish they had made a desktop for Acchan too and I’m curious to see what the official AKB48 calendar box set being released later this year will look like as it has an array of extras included:



  4. hydeo says:

    hehe, i think if i put calendars in my room my parent go think im staying crazy aheahehaea

    but i dont care, sometime i go buy or make mine calendars if somepics from mm or akb and place in my room aheahehae

    box @.@ everything box is good from every group aheahea normaly come a lot of good things inside :3


    • A~h so you have purchase calendars too =). AKB’s looks amazing~*!!! After the initial pre~sale of their solo calendars I wasn’t expecting a “group” calendar box set…..can’t wait to see it!


      • hydeo says:

        ah no no, i dont purchase calendars haehae, but sometime ago i have some big poster of 6gen in my room 😛

        humm u think go have group calendar for the teams maybe ??


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