「Featured Post」~S/mileage♥ features a very special~* guest!!

vlcsnap-98763Smileage Onaji jikyu de hataraku tomodachi no bijin mama LE types A, B, pv DVD single & first press poster While C~ute may have the name title in H!P I think it’s S/mileage who’s out~cute~ing♥ (not an actual word :P) everyone else in H!P =)! And you gotta love this song title!! Not only is “Onaji jikyuu de hataraku tomodachi no bijin mama” such a long title to say but it’s meaning is every syllable as interesting XD! However the most special~* surprise about this entire single is the most most special guest♥ who appears in their pv~!!

S/mileage’s “Onaji jikyuu de hataraku tomodachi no bijin mama” can be ordered here @ CDjapan.

S/mileage’s “Onaji jikyuu de hataraku tomodachi no bijin mama” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

S/mileage’s releases~* can be ordered here @ YesAsia.


And when the music video first began playing I was like who’s ‘Bjinmama??’….will there be a beautiful mom in this video challenging S/mileage??……….Yes!!!

vlcsnap-112769vlcsnap-113348 vlcsnap-112963 vlcsnap-113327

Ex~H!P member Nono (Tsuji Nozomi) makes a surprise cameo appearance and I think you could’ve asked me to guess over and over whom I thought it would be and I would have been so way off :P!!!…..I just haven’t imagined seeing Nono back in a H!P production this way and it’s such a sweet~* surprise certainly!


I’m so so happy~* that Tsunku hasn’t R&B’d S/mileage just yet as inevitably most idol groups tend to head into that direction at some point or another and just with the girls here still being in that junior~idol age it’s just more fitting to see/hear them perform J~pop~py♥ tunes and not grow up musically too quickly =).

vlcsnap-95611 vlcsnap-95739 vlcsnap-95924 vlcsnap-96399 vlcsnap-96709 vlcsnap-96976 vlcsnap-97171 vlcsnap-97381 vlcsnap-97625 vlcsnap-97784 vlcsnap-98058

S/mileage “Chokotto Love” mp3

And immediately after the title track has gotten you all giddy~* there’s another special~* surprise on this single coming in the form of its coupling with song ♪♪~、it’s an all new version of “Chokotto Love!!!” And with an updated and completely new musical track which is in its own right just as awesome as the original!!!….here’s a song that I would have so loved if they had included a pv♥ for it! “Chokotto Love” is simply one of the most genius~ly wacky songs ever written by Tsunku and from the very first time I heard it when Pucchimoni released it till now it still gives me this giddy~* feeling inside (*≧▽≦)♪!Well with the extra pvs included….a close up ver., dance shot ver. pink and arubaito version it’s still the original version which has the most fun and charm~* and you just know that during the making of where S/mileage is involved there’s going to be something wacky going on at some point…(^q^)!

vlcsnap-109752 vlcsnap-109786 vlcsnap-109803 vlcsnap-109885 vlcsnap-110354

Yup, that really sums it up lol…(^q^)!

…….and meanwhile somewhere in an alternate parallel universe…..

1 2345678910111213141516 171819202122232425 2627

……we now return to our regularly scheduled scans and cap~spamming =).

~Jacket scans~







And from the “making of….” always lots of sweets~* and eating っo(*´∀`)o!!。。。

vlcsnap-104156vlcsnap-107286 vlcsnap-104282 vlcsnap-105214 vlcsnap-105653 vlcsnap-106450 vlcsnap-106544 vlcsnap-106654 vlcsnap-106740


The girls seem to have a lot of stories about Yuukarin in particular as a lot has come back to haunt her in a fun way of course =)!….and I still say that she gives the most adorably candid interviews and she has the best demeanor~ and sense of humor to take it all (*´∀`)♥。

vlcsnap-112634 vlcsnap-111357 vlcsnap-111424 vlcsnap-111611



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9 Responses to 「Featured Post」~S/mileage♥ features a very special~* guest!!

  1. mikeymikez says:

    They do seem uber-cute! Great for Princesses!! ^^


    • Hi Mikey~* I hope the Princesses adore them too (*´∀`)♥

      S/mileage has been on the cutting~edge of cute~♥ and such a surprise with their new single!!!..I think I must have looked shocked when Nono appeared as I would have never imagined her making an appearance this way…so awesome I’m giddy =)!


  2. Mike Avila says:

    Tell me exactly what to buy for Princesses from them… uber-cuteness tickles them! 🙂


  3. MikeNeko says:

    Ahaha the cover of chokotto love, nicely done ^^
    That brings back good memories of Pucchi Moni, same as “Waltz! Ahiru Ga Sanba” (very very very nice song btw, too bad so few people know it)

    How could we not love bijinmama, unya- ❤ギュ~~~~~~ッ❤


    • I can’t even put into words how shocked I was!!!…..Nono~* being such a part of a H!P release can’t help but smile ( ̄▽ ̄)!、。。and Chokotto Love! Tsunku~genius and all of those ‘W~ah~ha~ha~ha~ha’s’….~♥~! Only sad memory of Chokotto Love was seeing Gomaki~♥ then going from her recent “Love Machine”~kinpatsu~* which was sooo cute~awesome!!!….to a much shorter darker shade (;_;)! Still at least we’ll always have Momusu’s legendary appearance on Utaban~♥ honoring “Love Machine” and the great Japanese pastime of batsu (XXX)…..Kimutaku’s♥ attention to Gomaki~* on that day was priceless~ ^ ^*。


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