~The race for AKB48♥’s giveaway starts here っo(*´∀`)o!!

Hirano Aya♥AKB1 48 Idol to koishitara LE first press edition psp game Hello~*! Okay I originally had in mind to hold a sort of  Idol♥quiz tournament for this giveaway to have something a bit out there :P! and new…..however it would have required 10 entries to play and it missed by one as there are 9 eligible entries for this giveaway making the October 9th deadline. Original entry post can be found here. So when in doubt, I always turn to racing♥ and this is really perfect actually as it’s the final 6 races of the season upcoming which will crown a champion at Homestead Miami!

~Eligible entries are….

Johpan, CK, Mina, Cat, Kitsy, Hydeo, Mousoufest, & Muse!


Firstly you may be thinking…..Hmm….racing that may be difficult for me to play along with as I’m not familiar with any of the drivers or tracks or racing in general =/. But here there are so many variables to this sport which will make the playing~field I think most even for everyone =D!

Hirano Aya♥♥

Like no matter how knowledgeable or unfamiliar you    are with racing so much of the results are in the winds of luck and chance as in unforeseeable things like tires suddenly exploding due to over~wear or faults in them or like engines going bad or like speeding penalties on pit road or a slow pit stop or even David Reutimann sliding into your driver and destroying his car into the outside wall =O!…..so so many things can occur both good and bad during so many miles of racing~ =O!! So everyone has a good chance =)!!

Hirano Aya♥♥♥

So how do you make it to victory lane? Here’s how…

~Game rules~

On the next five race~weekends which are: (Oct. 16th, Oct. 24th, Oct. 31th, Nov. 7th & Nov. 14th) each entry will choose 4 drivers to represent their team by each preceding Thursday. You may choose any drivers out of the current top 20 which will be listed at the ending of this post and the same list will be used for each upcoming week. And here’s the fun catch will will also serve as an equalizer =)……you may use each driver out of the 20 listed below only once. So for example if you chose Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, Juan Montoya and Kasey Kahne for Oct. 16th’s race you wouldn’t be able to use any of them for any of the remaining races and so on. So in summary by choosing 4 drivers per race and with 5 races upcoming you’ll eventually be choosing all 20 drivers once from the list below by Nov. 7th’s race. So you may want to mix them up ranking wise amongst every race or not as it’s totally up to you and just keep in mind that even though drivers are ranked really high in this list it doesn’t necessarily equate to great results come race~day as again….anything can happen!..and you may need to watch out for David Reutimann :P! I’m just kidding….although he did crash Kyle Busch into the wall recently =O.

After each race is finished your four drivers you chose for that day will then have their finishing spots added together to equal their average finish. So for example if your drivers finished in 5th, 19th, 3rd and 10th…..your average finishing score would be 9.25.

Your average finishing score which will be added together each week from Oct. 16th to Nov. 14th will determine your seeding for the finale on Nov. 21st. So think golf, as in the lower your score the better!

On the week of Nov. 21st (the finale to decide the winner~*) everyone’s average finishing score will all be set back to zero! And here’s where your seeding comes into most important play. The entry who’s seated 1st (has the lowest combined average finishing score over the previous five weeks) gets to choose their drivers first with the second seed choosing second and so on. For the finale only 2 drivers will be chosen by each entry and the team which has the best (lowest) combined average finish by their 2 drivers will win AKB48’s “AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara” \(^o^)/☆!!!

Okay, so for race #1 which will occur on Oct. 16th at Charlotte Motor Speedway (psst…there’s lots of resources online to check to see which drivers have faired much better at each race track and by clicking~* on the driver name links below you’ll get to see an average stat for the upcoming race track =) ) please choose your 4 drivers for this event by posting your 4 driver choices here by Thursday the 14th midnight (HST) =). Sorry for the late posting and I’ll do my best to have the upcoming week’s giveaway postings up much earlier along with everyone’s up to date seed rankings.

If you have any questions or uncertainties please don’t hesitate to ask =).

~Your driver’s list~

(ranked 1st to 20th, rankings here are as of Oct. 10th)

1. Jimmie Johnson

2.  Denny Hamlin

3. Kevin Harvick

4. Jeff Gordon

5. Tony Stewart

6. Kurt Busch

7. Carl Edwards

8. Jeff Burton

9. Kyle Busch

10. Greg Biffle

11. Matt Kenseth

12. Clint Bowyer

13. Ryan Newman

14. Jamie McMurray

15. Mark Martin

16. Juan Montoya

17. David Reutimann

18. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

19. Kasey Kahne

20. Joey Logano

Good luck~* and happy racing っo(*´∀`)o!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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20 Responses to ~The race for AKB48♥’s giveaway starts here っo(*´∀`)o!!

  1. CK says:

    Charlotte entries…
    1. Kyle Busch
    2. Ryan Newman
    3. Kasey Kahne
    4. Joey Logano


  2. hydeo says:

    eeeeeeeee how much work for a giveaway MB hehe, i liked ur idea 😛

    so the giveaway is the akb48 psp game box ??

    or its other things ? i dont get because i thinked the box are about to tell something about ur fav akb48 😛

    so i go think my entrie and post one minute :3


    • Ehhhh lol…I wanted to try something fun that would last for awhile and since the psp game isn’t being released until late December just before Christmas♥ I was thinking the closer the giveaway ended to that date the better so there wouldn’t be so much of a delay in sending it out ^ ^。A~h oh no this is for the same box set and naming your favorite member in the earlier post was to determine eligible entries and to see how many people were interested as I at first had a very much different game format if there were 10 or more entries =).


      • hydeo says:

        ahah this one go be really fun :3, i dont have much luck to win things but ok i go try again ^^
        well in the xmas is my birthday too hehe ^^ 25/12 ^^

        hehe i dont get too why have so “low” ppl in the game

        so lets see how this go


  3. hydeo says:

    Charlotte Entries:

    Denny Hamlin
    Joey Logano
    Clint Bowyer
    Jamie MacMurray

    so the less teh points in their avr the better they are ?


    • U~n you want to try to choose the drivers for each race~day that you think will have the best combined average finish and those scores will carry over from race~day to race~day each week until the finale at Homestead Miami on November 21st…..and remember you can only choose each driver once through the first five weeks ^ ^。


  4. Mike Avila says:



  5. kitsy says:

    #1 Jimmie Johnson
    #15 Mark Martin
    #19 Kasey Kahne

    and #18 Dale E. Jr.

    Darn. I was trying to get all with matching first and last name same letters. D:


  6. Mina says:

    Mina’s entries:
    4. Jeff Gordon
    9. Kyle Busch
    17. David Reutimann
    19. Kasey Kahne


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  8. johpan says:

    I’ll go strictly by numbers in reverse order.
    This week is:

    20. Joey Logano
    19. Kasey Kahne
    18. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    17. David Reutimann


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