~Reminiscing one of Morning Musume’s best o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。。


Morning Musume- Aruiteru complete releases I couldn’t help but feel~* so much nostalgia today~ (*´∀`)、。。and as I listened to an “oldie” (well….about four years old maybe not quite old enough to be called such :P) but still. Listening to this single “Aruiteru” I’m reminded of a most happy~* time with just everything in my personal life and this song うれしー(*≧∀≦)ノ♪♪~。。and how it relates…..and for Momusu♥ too it also was a most happy~* time and you can so much just sense the joy* here and the connection between all of the girls. The energy and and chemistry so perfect and you gotta love the vocals~* all so personified. Still so many beloved group line~ups going back to the original five of “Ai no tane” to the most robust size of the “Joshi Kashimashi monogatari” tenure till now and yet so much has evolved and changed both in group dynamics and personality. How all of us as H!P fans have grown up with it all,…..and how single songs can trigger so much more in us….universally I believe as their melodies and vocals bring nostalgia like no other. Aruiteru”, still one of Momusu’s all~time catchiest♥ singles and whenever I watch this pv♥ it always puts me in a giddy~happy mood =D! A~h* and I so adore~* Kohachan’s♥ genki~gestures here!!! =D

And there’s just something so special~* about this vocal line~up….Mikitty…Aichan leading the way of course while everyone’s vocals so complimentary and sweet~*=).

And speak of group dynamics, Momusu embodied everything! Aichan the endless beauty and professionalism, Mikitty vocals! vocals! vocals! and sexiness*!, Sayu that sneaky soft narcissism, Reinachan the power….Yankee aura!, Kohachan the most adorable idol♥ you can imagine!, Yossi the ultimate in cool~* awesome! Gakisan the sweetest*! and Kamei♥♥♥……….being Kamei just perfect (*´∀`)。

Which so much in limbo now with the pending graduations of such beloved♥ members and now new auditions on the horizon one thing will always be for sure, and timeless. The endless beloved songs which have touched us in ways that time can never be altered…..and for me while there are so so many to speak of, today I reminisce of just one, one of a countless many for sure, “Aruiteru” one of Momusu’s all~time~best (*´∀`)。


vlcsnap-129632 vlcsnap-128062 vlcsnap-128098 vlcsnap-128114 vlcsnap-128276 vlcsnap-128362 vlcsnap-128402 vlcsnap-128759 vlcsnap-128934 vlcsnap-129164 vlcsnap-129224

scan0001 scan0002 scan0003 scan0004 scan0005 scan0007 scan0008 scan0009 scan0010 scan0011 scan0012 scan0013 scan0014

scan0006Just a few scans from the LE booklet and everyone so sexy* sexy* cool!…and these are like their Spider~man outfits ^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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3 Responses to ~Reminiscing one of Morning Musume’s best o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。。

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Haha! They are great! I listened from the 10 Year CD. 4 Years ago… That was when MBchan was starting her blog! So much has happened since then!!

    My favorites are still Morning Coffee and the one about the bridge. When are they gonna pick the new members?

    Glad you are taking a more laid back attitude to blogging now. Will be more enjoyable for you this way I am sure, and not so stressful. 🙂

    We will be here waiting for you hem you get back from your date! :p



  2. mikeymikez says:

    I was thinking it would be awesome if you did a H!P 101 – teach the new fans about each member like their nicknames, pictures and clips. Feature one at a time. This something that you are so well prepared to do! Many H!P songs are on US iTunes, so linking would be easy. And let’s face it, many New fans aren’t so willing (or able) to pay shipping from Japan, etc at least at first. Princess Emma is reading, so she and I would love it! ❤


    • A~h you love the oldies too (*´∀`)!!。。wow how time flies and I remember this single was already past then so I didn’t think it made sense for me to post about it here…..lol and now I’m posting about this song even later :P! The auditions I hear are underway now but I haven’t heard of any finalist or any photos/videos just yet…..one thing more about missing Hello! Morning they’re t.v. program as they would broadcast their weekly auditions and results on this show before =/. I’m sure something will be announced on the official website soon =).

      A~h we have Wiki doing a great job although much was lost when it vanished awhile back =(. Mmm…I do have my from time to time pg~13 thoughts* so I hope Emma doesn’t read those (*´艸`)。


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