~Collecting A~min♥ and a indestructible collectible encounter (*´∀`)♥


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Auctions~♥ are an addiction!…thinking now that I may need to attend an “AAA” meeting (“Auction~addicted~anonymous”) or maybe if they invented one of those patches that I could wear :P! One thing for sure though within the rapidly~escalating~bidding~wars on AKB photos~* on Yahoo! Japan Auctions is that, if your favorite♥ members which you’re chasing after are UnderGirls you indeed have an advantage over those bidding on senbatsu~girls♥ (人∀`*)!Now though with the “Janken~senbatsu” complete for AKB’s upcoming single where the UnderGirls dominated the results~* =), I do wonder if my time with bidding without much competition on A~min♥ will end soon? And likewise with the many other UnderGirls now making senbatsu?..so perhaps it was lucky~* ne~ to have acquired these A~min♥ shashin for so little in the past weeks? I mean, will the wota who seriously I think control these auctions’ value in bidding reaching high~or~low react accordingly (・c_・;)?


Most of the photos I won on auctions~* are those most coveted theater photos~♥ and here going back to early 2010 with just a few sets/individual photos being from their record label’s releases, events and B.L.T. Still it’s astonishing when you see just how many auctions are out there with the very same sets at the same time just so widespread~! So it again bears the question of how the theater sets are actually sold to fans?….I mean if you stood in line on the day of their release each month is one allowed to purchase as many photos as their heart~desires♥?…or are there limits? Still just the possibility of the sets being random in members you’d receive I shudder to think….like then omg! how are so many wota completing sets then?…having then enough to auction them in such widespread form (・o・)?! I dearly hope~* that fans are allowed to choose their favorite♥ member’s photos when standing in what I can only imagine to be soooo long lines when there are released each month so disappointment or heartbreak are out of the equation for such dedication~* =). And then there’s the 7~Eleven BE@RBRICK….

Maeda Ami 7~Eleven BE@RBRICK (2) Maeda Ami 7~Eleven BE@RBRICK

..strap…lol I don’t know why that became a <—link above ??? XD!



These were released awhile ago and have been running wild~* on auctions for some time now, curiously though the A~min BE@RBRICK which I bid on is marked as “NOT FOR SALE” as in promotional?…..so while these were actually being sold for 700 yen each with a total of 48 (16 per team~♥) being available so perhaps there are promo versions also being sold in auctions?…which isn’t uncommon. Also so awesome that each BE@ARBRICK design was personally created by each of the 48 AKB girls ー(*≧∀≦)ノ!、A~h my A~min♥ BE@RBRICK strap…..

Maeda Ami 7~Eleven BE@RBRICK (2)

…said to be ‘unbreakable’ on its packaging but I mean have you witnessed how some children um abuse their toys…lol oh wait no it says on the back that BE@RBRICK’s are an adult collectible and not a toy…Whew! I was just thinking about that car commercial where that boy is smashing and abusing all of his toy cars lol (´。・д・。)!!

A~min’s♥ so pretty and love~love her BE@RBRICK design mmm…I’m yet to release her from her packaging which if you’ve been reading here for awhile you know I’ll surely do :P! U~n and I’m still a collector’s nightmare when it comes to any kinds of figures (*´艸`)。。。I’ll open everything as I’m just thinking that I’ve no intention of ever re~selling them =).

Gorgeous A~min♥! Scans just below ↓↓↓

scan0027 scan0001 scan0002 scan0003 scan0004 scan0005 scan0006 scan0007 scan0008 scan0009 scan0010 scan0011 scan0012 scan0013 scan0014 scan0015 scan0016 scan0017 scan0018 scan0019 scan0020 scan0021 scan0022 scan0023 scan0024 scan0025 scan0026

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to ~Collecting A~min♥ and a indestructible collectible encounter (*´∀`)♥

  1. MikeNeko says:

    Hoooo that s sooo cuuuute ! If i see it in a shop i ll get the all white eyes closed with a little heart (below the all ping, to the right of the one you detailed in big)

    I am a huge figures collector, but like you i always open to put on my desk, book shelves, or in my bedroom etc (i must have over 100 anime/games figures, never toys but collection figures like Alter, Good Smile Company and other quality houses)

    If i were a girl i would have loved that heart cushion… but if i bring a friend at home and she finds that she d think i am gay xD


    • Love~love♥ collecting photos and A~min’s one of my most favorite♥ AKB members and there are always so many on auctions…it can get dangerous though when you click~* on too many and then want them all (人∀`*)!!

      W~aa! so many!!!! My collection of figures is very tiny compared to yours but yes~! I so rather take them all out of their boxes although I know it’s bad for keeping them collectible….still since they’re never being sold I just think it’s much better to have them displayed =). Oh the statue~types are the best!! So much detail and design put into them they’re amazing~*!! My Aerith, Tifa and Sepiroth are my favorites♥….I really wanted the entire FFVII collection in statues but they were a bit pricey so at the time I only collected these and Cloud’s version which is very large on a base was already sold out =(!! I was later watching one on auctions but it was way too expensive for me =(.

      lol! there would be a lot of things going on in her head I imagine but then you could quickly hand it to her and say that it’s a gift~♥ for her and then it may be okay….well unless she doesn’t believe you entirely (^q^)!


      • MikeNeko says:

        ahahaha the gift idea is a good one… but i am a lost cause ^^; i have a looot of plushies as well (among which a giant carebear, 1m40 tall -4 feet 7 inches- )
        I should really go to sleep xD have a nice weekend


        • lol your plushy~♥ is almost my height….ah~ that probably isn’t something so great to say (*´艸`)!!。。I’m always looking up at everyone most of the time ugh I’m so short =/! I mean I’m still “taller” than your plushy~* but only by a little….like only a little more than half a foot or so XD.


          • MikeNeko says:

            don’t worry, i won’t repeat ^^
            Almost it wouldn’t be you to hug my big carebear but my carebear to hug you ne 😉

            I am not really tall myself for a boy, 1m72, 5 feet 8inches but i am quite muscular so that s okay i guess (^,^) that said, when i first went to japan (in 1999) all the boys there were taller than me … that was depressing… But hey, my growth won’t continue so i have to (care)bear with it 🙂

            Ho just for the “did you know”, in france carebears are called bisounours (kisses bears).


            • Gyu♥!…sorry I’ve got gyu on the brain right now :P! I think that’s a good height and it’s funny how the older generations were so much shorter than now….like there’s something in the water causing everyone to be much taller like with most of my family and even with my Japanese friends there parents for the most part and grandparents weren’t very tall but now it’s so so different. If I were tall I’d probably be clumsier so it’s probably a good thing that I’m so short XD.

              A~h that word sounds like a dinosaur..it’s cute for a bear ^ ^。


  2. hydeo says:

    so much cards for one ppl, send some to ur friends ahehaea

    a~min growing everytime more in akb, her stay appear more and more in the singles and programs with the top ones ;3


    • U~n =)! Maybe A~min will become senbatsu regularly too which would be awesome!! I wonder if maybe her solo clip from “RIVER” helped to promote her much more to fans….although I was a newbie to AKB when Kamikyoku Tachi was released~* with that clip so I’m most likely just guessing ^ ^。


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