~Idol♥ pop quiz #2 「The early idol room invasion」…


While mankind may have a lot to boast about in history, it seems that ever since the beginning of Idol~kind♥ the art of the room~invasion has long been the brainchild of well…..idol management?…cruel producers?…..some random guy looking for laughs that was given the reigns of a t.v. show’s production for a day :P?….or well most likely it’s just surely part of the idol♥life ne~* (/∇\*)!!、。。。and so the torture, I mean um..”expected” surprise incidents must go on XD.

Some of my personal favorite moments~* in early morning idol♥room invasion have been with Hello! Project for sure!!!..who could forget Kamei♥ being intruded on all megane~style with her room and hair all a~mess ( ̄O ̄*)。。Nacchi waking to one creepy guy in bed with her!…well a comedy team actually but still so omg :O!!!….or Reinachan’s most nuisance~reacted moment and they were even placing things* on her face while asleep ( ̄O ̄*)。。and there’s Arashi♥…..and it was so funny and yet endearing how Matsujun♥♥♥ carried on the room~invasion of his fellow members after being the very first to be woken up by surprise~* and it all culminating in a free~for~all in poor Riida’s♥ room (。ーωー。)笑!!


Sa~! so with today’s idol♥pop quiz we’re following along into a most unsuspecting idol’s♥ room as she’s in deep sleep ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzz.....~!

However one thing that always worries me with these early morning room~invasions is that well with us girls you….um may see some things* or circumstances that were never meant to be seen by anyone else like ever (*´艸`)!!!。。

02 03 04

..for instance! Well there’s our clothes and personal belongings which may be out in the open as we don’t expect anyone to enter our private domains at this time….and with the prying of some most intrusive staff/management/fellow group members or the like things most personal♥ may be exposed (*´艸`)!!!。。such as a few articles of clothing like your bikini which you had just worn* earlier in the day while yes~! those very same staff/management/fellow group members or the like were um…..torturing you or (*sigh…) you may have actually just had fallen to the all time dreaded batsu~game and thought you’d paid your dues previously (*>ω<)!!!!And then to have a guy or several guys not only see you when you’re most vulnerable =/! but also touch* your most intimate belongings……your bikini….underwear……and gosh~*!@@!! here ↑↑↑ even that tiny bit of her bikini top padding* is exposed and well I can totally relate although I’ve never used them myself…lol I’m tiny so I’m tiny and it’s okay XD…and yet men seem to be more likely?..perhaps to be attracted to larger busts so sometimes we must enhance~* for you to noticeっo(*´∀`)o!~!。。!If you only had any idea of what girls will go through just to get your attention~ (*´∀`)♥。


Batsu never sleeps.


Or in this case it’s those most intrusive staff members who also never sleep it seems :O!!!




You’re quiz today is to use your knowledge of all that you know about idols and well…

the tendencies of staff’/management to well….um create mayhem even while idols♥ are

in a most happy~♥ seemingly private* and relaxed state of comfort =).

The poll question  is just below the video clip…and once again you may have thought that I was going to ask something completely normal :P! Gambatte ne~* ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!。。

The correct answer will be revealed in a later post, thank you~* for voting.

(*´∀`)~♥ アロハ!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ~Idol♥ pop quiz #2 「The early idol room invasion」…

  1. MikeNeko says:

    A— i couldn’t bear someone do that to my guard-robe…
    she looks like she’s overly tired, so i guess she will just continue to sleep.

    Bad bad bad manager, what a thing to do ><


    • MikeNeko says:

      Ho and mo-bechan, i am more of a pettanko guy xD and from experience it s more the women who want larger bust than men (my ex had tons of complex about that, feeling like not entirely woman or desirable).
      I don’t like big breasts, maybe because my mom and sister have that and i don’t want to live with someone who looks like them, or maybe just the thought of how they will look when aging… i don’t know, but anyway 😡

      And in japanese hyakkaten all bras were more or less padded. I remember our honeymoon in japan, my exwife was so so so happy to at least find underwear that fit her morphology (she s asian) she went shopping crazy (before that we had to import the underwear from victoria’s secret).
      A- i miss japan… (and not just for the ramens xD i swear)


      • I so know the feeling*….and I think looking back I really was affected by how the media is always portraying the ‘ideal’ shape for a girl like with our fashion magazines and I couldn’t help but have a complex about that when I was in my teens =/. Waist ok~*…hips….ok~*….bust?….um well as Mikey says I’ve come to see myself as having enough*…lol ‘ample’ is a stretch though (人∀`*)。Hmm..I don’t think I’ll ever have that issue with aging and things* staying where they are now lol XD!

        I do love Victoria’s Secret!!..and they’ve come to Hawaii =)! I can sooooo relate!!! Form fitting and just with how you feel~* about yourself and although I’ve never worn separate padding not even with my bikini tops (maybe not such a good thing though thinking back (._.;) ) my bf♥ made a comment once that most of my bras are ‘bullet~proof’…(^q^)!


      • A~h batsu x idols♥ seem almost inseparable :P! But with early morning room invasions it may get a bit too personal at times and even with idols whom are so used to this it’s funny how they can still can get caught off guard (・д・`*)!。。but the H!P episodes were so funny!! I cheered~* for Reinachan as she really fought back and you could see her true emotions come out! Still one of the most shocking episodes was when that guy even drank from Nacchi’s drink while she was asleep and then handed it to her after she had awaken and she drank from it omg!!! I was like きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!!!


  2. kitsy says:

    I’m also guessing that the pad is there to protect against…. protrusions. ^^;


    • This is so much something* that I so wish I had known about when I was younger…..like why wasn’t I told about protecting myself (/∇\*)!I rarely go to the beach now~days odd I know since we live on an island surrounded by beautiful beaches~♥ and yet how cold can affect us in that* way wasn’t something that I was readily aware of (._.;). Baka ne~…

      Bikini tops some are yet so sheer and I sometimes wonder if designers do this on purpose (*´艸`)?!。。lol okay just kidding :P! As an idol, and she was at the beach and in the pool earlier so surely the freezing water and temperature changes would affect her in that way* (*´艸`)、。。and with bras yes~! their padding is a must for me always as I almost XD never leave home without them ^ ^。


    • Mmm…still pondering this a bit :P! The staff or at least the video editing person(s) really made it a point with their on screen comments to say it was like “cheating or deceiving” bust size but like you say there is so much more involved in wearing a pad so I wholeheartedly understand and judging by my past blunders in showing too much in the cold I wouldn’t want them* showing either so much XD!…and this is her occupation so you’d never leave any detail to chance! Breast and men~♥….I’m thinking that many more men than I first thought are much more okay/happy~*!! with us being…well okay sized and not so large so it makes me most happy~ ^ ^。


    • ….but I forgot to say that absolutely ick!!! at this guy touching her personal belongings!!!……yada (ノロ≦。)!!!


  3. MikeNeko says:

    Kyaaaa >..< and to drink my bottles, if he didn t wash his teeth… yuuuck (well yuck because he is not my girlfriend, otherwise i wouldn t mind ^^)

    aaaaa time to go to sleep xD 1:11 in the morning… i hope nobody will come T-T


  4. hydeo says:

    is kamei-chan ?

    sorry i cant recognize her ahaehahea dont look like her also, remember me sayu or kojima aheaheahea


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