「Featured post」~Matsuura Aya x Moritaka Chisato

On November 24th Ayaya is scheduled to release~* a new album and while the details are still a bit light its  noted to include 7 re~recorded versions of previously released songs which you just know is going to be most awesome~!! For me personally though, the most exciting news about Ayaya’s upcoming album is that it’ll include a duet version of the J~Pop classic song “Watarasebashi” with none other than the incomparable Moritaka Chisato!!!!

You can pre~order Matsuura Aya’s “Click You Link Me” here…. http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=EPCE-5732

~The Moritaka connection~

And when it comes to Hello! Project performing cover songs, Moritaka Chisato has been a most favorite~♥ choice =)! Minimoni first covered Moritaka’s “Rock n’ Roll kenchou shozaichi”, both Ayaya and Gomaki released covers of “watarasebashi” a few years ago which is still my all time favorite~♥ Moritaka Chisato song and most recently Nacchi did a cover of Moritaka’s “The Stress.”

This upcoming duet I think is going to be most special~* as Ayaya will be meeting with a J~Pop pioneer/legend and with Ayaya having always been a cut~above her fellow members in H!P for all of those years with her vocal prowess, there’d be no one more perfect for this duet!!

So a bit earlier I picked out a few DVDs from the shelves to find Ayaya’s performances of “Watarasebashi” and I ended up choosing her Shanghai live and studio live version (which is wonderfully~ jazzy♥!) along with one of my favorite~♥ “Watarasebashi” live performances by Moritaka Chisato from her “Lucky 7 live” DVD っo(*´∀`)o。

An upcoming Moritaka♥Chisato post will be in the works although it may take some time to complete but surely I’ll begin writing it soon! I’ll be drawing from her complete musical discography which I’ve collected over the years with the exception of just a couple of her most early live DVDs, tanoshimi kudasai ^ ^。

Here you can compare and enjoy Ayaya and Moritaka’s unique vocal approaches to “Watarasebashi” and while most I’m sure are familiar with Ayaya’s awesome vocal ability and range Moritaka~san’s voice is also most incomparable…..mite ne (*´∀`) ♪。。。。

..and Moritaka’s lyrics here so beautifully written….really sweet in nostalgia and it can make you sad too.

edit: added in Gomaki’s~♥ version from her album “3rd Station” released on February 23rd, 2005. Love her version too and with Gomaki’s depth of vocals you really feel the emotions in the lyrics~. Remember when H!P used to include high quality trading cards with some of their single and album releases?….miss those days.

Gotou Maki “Watarasebashi” mp3


(“Watarase Bridge”)

Watarasebashi de miru yuuhi wo anata wa totemo sukidatta wa.
kireina toko de sodatta ne. Koko ni sumitai to itta.

You loved to watch the setting sun from Watarasebashi Bridge.
You said, “You’ve grown up in a beautiful town. I want to live here.”

Densha ni yurare kono machi made anata wa ai ni kite kureta wa.
Watashi wa ima mo ano koro wo wasurerarezu ikitemasu.

You would come to this town aboard a train to see me.
I live with the memories of those days in my heart.

Ima demo Yakumo jinja e omairi suru to anata no koto inoru wa.
Nagaigoto hitotsu kanau nara ano koro ni modoritai

Whenever I go to the Yakumo shrine, I still pray for you.
If one of my dreams came true, I should go back to those days.

Tokoya no kado ni potsun to aru koushuu denwa oboete masuka?
Kinou omowazu kaketakute nando mo juwaki totta no.

Do you remember the public telephone standing at the corner of the barber’s?
Yesterday I came to feel like calling you up and picked up the receiver many times

Konaida watarasegawa no kawara ni orite zutto nagare miteta wa.
Kitakaze ga totemo tsumetakute kaze wo hiichaimashita.

The other day I went down to the shore of the Watarase River and watched the water running down for a long time.
The north wind was so sharp that I caught a cold.

Dare no sei demo nai. Anata ga kono machi de
Kurasenai koto wakatteta no.
Nandomo nayan da wa. Dakedo watashi koko wo hanarete kurasu koto dekinai.

Neither of us is responsible for our parting.
I knew that you could not live in such a rural town.
Many times I thought over whether I should accompany you or not.
But I cannot live in a big city, leaving here.

Anata ga sukida to itta kono machinami ga
Kyou mo kurete yukimasu.
Hiroi sora to tooku no yama yama. Futari de aruita machi.
Yuuhi ga kireina machi.

You said you loved this town. Night has been coming.
The sky is getting dark, and I can only see the form of mountains over there.
Night is falling in this town where I walked with you.
Night is falling in this town where the setting sun is beautiful

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to 「Featured post」~Matsuura Aya x Moritaka Chisato

  1. zush says:

    I’m a romantic fool. Have always been. Now when I warched Chisato singing Watarasebashi I got tears in my eyes… once again. This has also happened when listening Aya’s version of the song not once but many times. The song is so almost excessively romantic and ethereal ballad.

    And Chisato playing that recorder. So simple, so intimate, so fragile and so touching.

    Conclusion: definitely pre-ordering Ayayas’s upcoming album. Arigato MB!


    • Hi Zushy~* you’re so right about the emotions~* that “Watarasebashi” can bring out in yourself. So poetic ne~ and I love the emotions that Moritaka~san and Ayaya perform this song with so much (*´∀`)♥。

      A~h her recorder solo is so much an amazing part of this song! She also play drums, piano and guitar!!!..she’s so talented~* =)! Ayaya did a performance where she played the solo part on a keyboard too…a type that you blow into?…she had a tiny misstep but I thought that was a fun interpretation.

      Yay~! I think Ayaya’s new album is going to be so awesome!!!


  2. MikeNeko says:

    Hoo myyyy Moritaka Chisato is one of my old time favorites, along side Sakai Noriko, thank you for the great memories !
    And Ayaya has not only some technical abilities the old timers did not but she connects emotionally with the song, you can see that on her face and the way she feels the song (i prefer the live one… the studio one is a tear-bringer *shiku shiku*)

    I will love reading your Moritaka post !
    The duet Matsuura Aya x Moritaka Chisato, that s one i want to listen, great homage to the 80s from the 2ks 🙂

    And… i miss Ayaya s All Night Nippon

    Matsura Aya no All Night Nippon *cues Bittersweet Samba*


    • Wow I remember her radio program…sadly I didn’t get to listen too much and only through a re~posting as I never knew how to catch Japanese radio live XD. It was sad when her show ended…..but with Ayaya coming back now with a major release~* I hope she has many more opportunities to broadcast like that again =).

      omg! you’re a fan of Sakai Noriko??!!…..I soooooo love NoriP~♥! lol although I’m sure she most likely doesn’t get called that anymore :P! I’ve collected just about everything she’s released….all of her albums, all of her VHS with the exception I think of just one, all of her DVDs and all of her singles including her original 45’s :P…I had to go through a lot of second hand shops to find everything. I was collecting her shashinshuu too but they’re mostly second hand copies too…..I have an old photo of her discography somewhere here from back at Vox but I always meant to write a proper post about her as for such a long time she’s been my most favorite idol♥singer! I also watched her in dramas and loved the first “Hoshi no kinka” when it was broadcast here a sort of a long time ago (人∀`*)。

      Ayaya is amazing and so true~* as she was always the very best vocalist in H!P and it was amazing to watch her grow from cute~♥ J~pop with songs like “Momoiro kataomoi” (which got me hooked originally…that pv♥ gosh! I watched it over and over when I first saw it) up till her maturing and songs like “Egao”….so much one of my most loved Ayaya ballads ever. The notes she hits and the melody is so beautiful.

      Thank you~* so much!!…it may take awhile to complete but I’ll definitely be writing it here in a draft in the weeks to come =).


  3. Mike Avila says:

    I love that song about the bridge! ❤ So glad to know this… It's because of you that I do…


  4. Mike Avila says:

    I have to Maki Goto version… 😛

    You know that you can add lyrics in your iTunes songs? Just click on “Get Info” and then on Lyrics. Cut and paste is easy….

    There isa program called Tuneup Companion that hooks up to iTunes to find the info about songs and covers that iTunes cant. (iTunes only looks for songs that the store sells) Tuneup Companion has a world wide database of info! It’s very good! Not perfect, but it’s found so many I despaired of figuring out…


    • You reminded me!, I just edited in Gomaki’s~♥ version. Looking at that album today….really nostalgic for me =).

      I’ll definitely try that, thank you~* for the help as I’m don’t really know all of the features of an iPod just yet……I did notice that iTunes was unable to find some song’s information and sometimes it’s unable to display an artist’s name in characters too. I was thinking about re~editing everything into English as it’s really funny having some artists/songs being shown as nondescript characters and symbols when iTunes can’t read them =/. Hmm…Tuneup Companion…I wonder if it will then be able to display titles and artist in characters correctly?


      • mikeymikez says:

        Yes! Tuneup Companion found and fixed hundreds of song for me!! Spring for lifetime version 29.95 more than worth it. I would get for you, but I know you won’t let me… 😉


        • Aww you’re so sweet♥!…I could never impose though =)! I do wonder if it’ll know the titles in characters where iTunes doesn’t display them correctly…so funny my iPod says now playing:…..and then it sometimes looks like a science equation for a chemist :P. A lot of the titles and artists do display okay though……Hmm 29.95 sounds like it’s worth it.


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  8. djv124 says:

    I finally got a chance to listen to Watarasebashi and it’s very, very moving. Deeply moving, in fact. I wouldn’t say I got tears in my eyes, but if I was at a concert and heard this, I most certainly might feel moved to turn on the water works. It’s THAT good.
    I also kept thinking that Sayanee would fit this song very well, both in her vocal range and how it’s sung. I wonder if she will cover this song in the future, or maybe has covered it already, or sings this during Karaoke with her friends, if she does that sort of thing? I just can totally picture it.
    Really great suggestion for me to hear this song! Thank you so much MB!


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