~大石恵「白い一日ー Jour De Neige」

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Here’s just a quick post before I go out tonight…デート~♥があるよ(*´∀`)!、。。as I was speaking with MikeNeko earlier today about Nacchi’s new single he said something which I thought was interesting in how Nacchi could have “whispered” her vocals in the title track and that got me thinking about a most catchy~♥ J~pop song from awhile back….August 25th, 1999 to be exact as Oishi Megumi who’s best known as an model/actress in dramas released~* a mini~album which is also sort of like a maxi~single but anyway like many of Japan’s talents she also ventured into music with this release which was a most new aspect for her career back then. This is a most special~♥ song to me…..brings back wonderful memories (*´∀`*) ♪♪!!The mini slide~show just above is showing the five shashin included with this mini~album and it’s really creative as instead of a CD booklet these five photo cards serve as the album’s liner notes and lyric sheets on each of their back sides~.

Oishi Megumi “Shiroi tsuitachi -JOUR DE NEIGE-” mp3

Her mini~album is titled “Koibito” (“lover”…which often is used for “boyfriend” or girlfriend” in context) and track one is my most favorite♥ here!!! “Shiroi tsuitachi -JOUR De NEIGE-” features a bit of French in its lyrics which sadly I do not understand but this song is so sooo instantly catchy~♥ and yes~! it features a styling of ‘whispered’ vocals which is so sweet~ly♥ sung by Megumi~san! Model turned actress turned singer….love love Japan’s talents~*and their versatility and their willingness to venture and even take risks!…..please enjoy her song ♪♪~ I love the verses the most just something wonderfully haunting about that melody。。。。and now I must be going!! Getting a look* from my bf♥…..bye~bye ー(*≧∀≦)ノ。。。。。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to ~大石恵「白い一日ー Jour De Neige」

  1. MikeNeko says:

    Aaaah so 90s 🙂 i like that song a lot ! Thank you mo-bechan ! (reminds me of french singers Mylene Farmer or Elsa)
    And in french she just says Jour De Neige (literally “snowy day”)


    • mikeymikez says:

      Wow, I haven’t thought about Mylene Farmer in a long time! Thanks


    • Ohhh MikeNeko I’m trying to remember a French singer that my mom listens too…..I think she’s really popular but from way back!…………..(bugs mom about her name…..:P) Edith Piaff. Okay it’s funny I couldn’t remember that XD! And she would play her music so often………I wish I could have remembered on my own (._.;)!

      U~n! it’s so much like that time period in music and even J~pop♥ went through so many inspired phases back then reflecting on outside musical styles =). This song melts me…….like every time I listen to it it changes my mood~♥ and it’s really romantic of a feeling for me but that connection may be something else* related that this song takes me back to (人∀`*)♥。

      A~h it’s very much like the Japanese lyrics…..so silly of me to say that…mochiron ne :P. I always wondered what the French lyrics were….thank you~♥ MikeNeko!



      • MikeNeko says:

        グッドゲームね~☆(*^U^)人(≧V≦*)/ ☆

        AAaaah Edit Piaf, aka La Petite Mome de Paris, she is an immortal character of our musical patrimony… you mom has a great taste in music ! You can salute her from me :p

        I totally agree with you, it melts me as well ^^
        I think that is a great thing we are grown up enough to have already a good range of musical era experience. It is a very unique thing to experience something new in style, and the older we are, the more rewarding it gets because it is more and more difficult to me moved or surprised by a song since we already know so much but when it happens the pleasure is tenfolds. (and beside that nostalgia is a sweet sweet friend ^^).


      • MikeNeko says:

        *Edith* (poor mome, i made a mistake in her name ^^ bad neko, bad neko)


        • A~h we’ve been seeing each other for awhile now….I still call everything dates~♥ though just feels much more romantic that way (*´∀`)♥。You’re so sweet~* thank you! I can’t remember what were watching a few years ago but Edith Piaf was on the soundtrack and then I got her one of her CDs for Christmas back then…her voice is so unique!

          My father used to say that I should have been born two decades earlier in the 60’s as when I was in my teens I was getting hooked on groups like The Beatles, The Doors and also earlier music like big band groups and swing music and be~bop to contemporary. My father would have all of his music on albums and on the radio I would also hear America, Bread, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Association, Elvis and on and on~♥. Music truly transcends time so much….no matter what age you are great music is always great and you can develop so much more taste and variety in being open to all kinds of music…it’s sort of like setting up a musical library in your heart~ ^ ^♥。

          A~h! I’m so much the worst at typos and things XD!!!…if I were spanked* each time I did one….well maybe that’s a bad example to use but I’d be very sore (*´艸`)!


  2. denadel says:

    That was a really nice song MB! Gotta love that 90’s sound!

    I see you have moved your blog and everything. I was kinda panicking cause at vox it said it had closed down. Luckily enough I was re-directed here.
    I was happy to see that you are still going strong 😀

    I am still an old school fan, so it was nice catching up on the H!P posts. You do them so well 🙂

    As for Natsumi’s new single, I find it really nice. I have really liked her releases since
    息を重ねましょう, and I was so happy to see some music from someone in M-Line!!

    As for the graduations, I think it is about time. It is going to be interesting seeing some new faces, but judging from the requirements in the application cards Tsunku sent out I think I might not be too happy with whome he chooses XD

    What did you think about their sushi song? Have you listened to it yet?


    • Hi denadel~*, hisashiburi ne~! I was so much in a panic and worried when Vox first sent out that message that they were closing and in just a month from them (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!、。。and although I’ve lost all of my audio and video that I posted at Vox I’m thinking of looking towards the future but at least all of my posts and photos have safely made it here…though it’ll be odd at times when visitors see my earlier posts as I’ll be speaking of videos and audio in those older posts which are no longer there…(u_u*). I was thinking about setting up an “audio/video restoration request” area where if visitors wanted me to restore those files I could do them by request….just a thought right now.

      A~h you’re so sweet~♥!….me so undeserving XD! I think H!P is going through so much change now and especially with Momusu…..I just don’t know what Tsunku is planning and yes~! his criteria for his auditions is most puzzling I think. I mean the age disparity will be quite odd if he chooses a younger member to be in Momusu right now. I do agree so much that change is needed and that Momusu needed something…just saddened though by Kamei leaving as she’s my most favorite~♥ current Momusu member =(. Love~♥~love~♥ Nacchi!!!….so soooo happy~* that she’s releasing new music after so long! Her new single is so pretty and suits her so well! I hope~* fans will support her~♥ in purchasing her single as since it’s her very first single since H!P I think the response will mean that much more to her and her record label and producers~. “Iki wo kasanemashou”…..such a warm song and the melody so catchy! Sorry I’m typing sort of random :P!

      I pre~ordered Momusu’s sushi single but I won’t hear it until it arrives….October 27th I think is its release~* date….lol I’m still really old~school when it comes to releases as I so want to have that anticipation and excitement of receiving a new release so I won’t listen to any radio uploads or anything else so that when the actual CD/DVD,etc. arrives it’ll be that much more like I went to shop~♥ for it and I’m just getting home to listen ^ ^。


  3. Vincent says:

    Hi, how are you? First of all wanted to know if there is any chance that these mp3 hotmail send me is that I live in Argentina and can not find the original CD, no mp3 on the web, that song is beautiful, I am fan of Laruku and hyde and wanted this cd! Thank you!
    Mail: Vincent@live.com.ar


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