~Idol♥ pop quiz #1 「Idol cooking」正解は。。

…if you answered “the cameraman forgets about the food and just focuses on her butt for like 4 seconds”, yoku dekimashita \(^o^)/☆!!!


A~h! I just thought this was so randomly funny…(^q^)!..like for the most part Yuichan’s clip seemed to be about “food” and “how to prepare a cute & yummy breakfast” and well she is wearing an apron w/ a bikini~* so maybe it’s not so unexpected although I was like Ehhhhhh?! I can’t learn how to cook~♥  from her butt (。ーωー。)笑!

If you’d like to see much more of Yuichan~♥ please help to support idols♥ by purchasing her DVD (*´∀`)....

“Yui’s Collection” DVD can be purchased here @ Amazon Japan.

“Yui’s Collection” DVD can be purchased here @ HMV Japan.

I think this is one of the cutest~♥ idol DVD covers!!!…and just the colors are so perfect~* as doesn’t the custard background make Yuichan~♥ look so pretty here and sort of yummy* ne~~(*´∀`)♥。Not that I would eat* her and neither should you (*´艸`)!!

And please remember to always

idol♥ responsibly ^ ^。



Please idol♥ responsibly






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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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20 Responses to ~Idol♥ pop quiz #1 「Idol cooking」正解は。。

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Can’t I even have a nibble?! ^^ She does look quite delectable..

    1st Day

    With no VOX

    Do you know my wp? Mikeymikez.wordpress.com


    • A~h! no nibbling of Yui~chan♥ lol (・д・`*)!Hmm…I think gentle nibbling is most okay~♥ but they need to be in the right* areas or we go ouchy! (*´∀`)♥。。。okay~* just bookmarked in my favorites~♥.


  2. MikeNeko says:

    もちろんお尻の興味があるさ~ 「男っぽい」ってからさ
    Aprons are even better without the bikini ^^ but hey that s just me… ufufu
    Shouldn’t i be working instead of writing that ?


    • あっ!男は。。。。。本とに面白い(*≧▽≦)♪!!でも、何で?あっっ!多分答えない方がいいかも知れません~(*´艸`)!!

      Lol would be dangerous though...if oil splashes :O!..don’t think I could cook naked* well unless it were a very special* occasion (。ーωー。)♪♪~♥。


      • MikeNeko says:

        Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt if you stay far enough, i used to do it for my ex-wife from times to times, specially when either the weather or the ambiance was hot ^^ (i was the cook at home)
        You can be reassured, i am fully shaved, so no nasty hairs and we didn t have children so no exhibitionism here 😡
        The most difficult is to not make anything overcooked when the other one comes for a hug ^^

        aaaanyway, at least afterwards your clothes don t have the cooking smell 🙂


        • It’s so awesome that you’re so great at cooking!! My bf♥ cooks too so hopefully when I um….ruin something he can help me and won’t be too upset…(u_u*). A~~h! I still can’t believe you did that!!! :O I mean um…..lol I don’t know how I’d be able to cook with so little on (*´艸`)!Mm! maybe when I’m married~♥ I could do this (*´∀`)。


  3. hydeo says:

    hahaha for Mike observation… in someway i agree ehehe 😡
    but only have yui with me go be better, dont care about the clothe her go use in the moment hehehe

    i has watching yesterday a little of the DVD MB and after i see the close, i stay like “WTF” aheaheha and remembered the quiz

    but is a good close anyway 😡

    her is cute trying to make food hehe

    i like the clothes change moment aheahe sometimes her stay all muddled (this word i get on google translator aehahea), and u can see her face of “what i do wrong in the clothes” aheaheahe


    • A~h! men….but it’s good if you’re interested in that way* I think (*´∀`)♥!

      Isn’t it sort of out of place?…I mean not really as bikini + cooking =’z well you know*! But (butt :P) all of the sudden the camera~guy just zooms in on her butt and stays there for awhile lol….I think I must have had an odd look on my face when I first saw that…(^q^)!

      That’s so true!! and so adorable and I’m so happy~* that they left all of that in and didn’t edit it out…..it occurs especially when she’s trying to set her ties ^ ^。


      • hydeo says:

        aheaheha Yui is cute a lot heaheah 😛

        hehehe, well if the camera is a guy, make a little sense there aheahea… but i think is not so sudden, because her turn her back to the cam 😛

        yah, i think in 10 of the clothes change 7 her put wrong the tie aehaheahe
        and the end song of when her end the seifuku has so funny ahehaea

        oh and in the end in the making when her go try some shoots with the gun aheahea so funny the faces her make when the bullets over 😛


        • A~h but still it seemed so…..not discreet about his intentions lol XD. The tie scenes were so cute!!…it’s funny as there are different ways to do a tie and with seifuku Yui~chan♥ was so adorable in her reactions (*´∀`)♥!

          Oh shooting a gun must be soooooo scary (・д・`*)!!!。。I don’t know if I could do that ever!!


          • hydeo says:

            hehe the change clothes are really fun
            and the part when her go eat the things her make, her face look a little “ugh i dont liked much” but her say “is good” ahehaeha

            u see an old pb of here ?? there her stay a little “fat face” aheahea staying cute like always but her changed a lot ne?

            ah look be cool the training :P, because probably dont have any risk there of something get wrong hehe


            • lol you caught that too….I wasn’t really sure but I did think that she enjoyed her breakfast okay~*…maybe too much ketchup I wonder XD?

              Oh I haven’t seen it yet but I have seen her earlier pb covers when she was a junior~idol…..a~h! that’s so mean you’re calling her chubby :P! Okay I know you’re actually complimenting her chubby~ness lol but still no girl I think wants to be every seen that way by others XD! U~n her looks have changed so much in such a short time…I wasn’t familiar with her during her junior~idol days but I absolutely love how she carries herself now….she’s so so precious~* in every way and an idol you can really truly relate to =).

              Guns in general just scare me…I don’t think I’ll ever touch one ever (・д・`*)!!


  4. I would gobble her up in a New York minute!
    I’ll check out the video!


  5. hydeo says:

    so u noticed her face too aheahea ??
    yah look ok, but i think maybe her thinked can be better, and do that face hehe

    ah aheahea but i dont saying this in the bad way, her stay cute anyway haehaea, and there her is more young than now, and changed a lot, but there her body is not fat, only a little of her face, nothing wrong with this ^^

    hehe i started like her because u intruduce her here… so i go follow her now, but i go stop if her start to do perv pics… u know what i mean, like that models who for little dont show all their bodies… no im not gay -.-, only like her in the way her is now a kawaii idol and this things ^^…and pls let me know about all her releases and news ^^

    i want someday try in that training places aehahea


    • It’s really subtle if I’m reading it right…(^q^)! I was thinking…..ah too much ketchup lol but then she was writing and adding a heart♥ so she couldn’t put any less =)! U~nn….just a bit of youth~fat like when we were babies too, a~h! but please never tell any girl that she’s this way lol or you’ll really hurt her feelings.

      Oh I don’t think Yui~chan♥ will ever become that way….but she is a gravure~idol so no doubt her photo shoots and videos will be most sexy* at times. But no nudity*, but I think she may do suggestive* or alluring photography as most gravure~idols tend to do.


      • hydeo says:

        aehahea all the idol who make a video cooking do this hehe
        haheahe dont worry i never go say this to a girl ^^ anyway i think i dont have more friends girl ^^ hehe

        sexy is one thing perv is other aheahea, and yeh hope her never go to the other way aheaheahe
        but her dont appeal, have one i see here and there who appeal a lot O.o


        • Hmm…not sure what you’re saying??….she’s not appealing? I’m confused XD.

          Yui~chan is a more a gravure idol though so there may be photo shoots that bother you I think =/…….personally I’m not really bothered by anything gravure or really sexy*…it’s only AV that would bother me =(


          • hydeo says:

            until her stay like this is ok ^^

            so i dont go answer the other post where i see the answer is not related to the tittle ^^

            sorry for the trouble


            • Hydeo~* I’m so sorry (._.;)…I didn’t mean it that way and you can kick me once so that we’re okay~* I’m sorry.

              Our conversations move from topic to topic naturally and it’s in no way a fault to anyone..gomen (._.;)


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