~C-ute 「Danceでバコーン!」


C-ute Dance de bakon! LE types A, B & pv DVD single releases Mmm…and array of words came to mind while watching C~ute’s new pv♥ for the very first time and I’m so so far behind on posts well with Vox closing and moving here to WP was strangely like moving in real~life with so much happening although there was no heavy lifting….um not that I’m capable of lifting anything heavy for that matter :P! I was thinking…..60’s~funky~psychedelic~sexy*~mixed in a progressively modern pot!! C~ute’s “Dance de bakon!” offers not only some of the best choreography but in so many ways it’s also a statement song! There’s a cool retro aura happening here all the while its rock energy and the vocal arrangements of “Dance de bakon!” are not only sassy~sweet but they also lend to an illusion perhaps that rather than C~ute’s mainstay of its front two in Maimichan and Airiin being ever present here, they are now two sets of main front vocals with the trio of Nakki, Chisa and Hagitty holding very much their own~. Chisa in particular has always been overlooked perhaps by many of C~ute’s past vocal arrangements but here she makes the most of her solos~ and you gotta love Hagitty’s still not quite maturing and bit nasal adorable vocal styling~♥ =). The coupling with track “Kore ijou kirawaretakunaino” however does fair in comparison and this single really had the feeling of an A~side being an A~side while the latter while still a good song perhaps suffers here just a bit from having been set beside such a memorable and strong opening “act.”

C~ute track 2 “Kore ijou kirawaretakunaino”  mp3


C~ute’s type A LE includes the “dance shot version” while type B LE includes the “close up version” of the pv♥ and while the “dance shot ver.” is shown in a single take without any editing which I really love!, I still found viewing the original version to be best as the “close up ver.” was standard fare and in the original version you get the very best of it all including even the “”2s 3s Mix Ver.” which appears on their pv DVD single which is actually a very close second~♥! as there’s a wonderful candid energy with C~ute being presented in duet & trio fashion~ っo(*´∀`)o。Love~love~love! everything about “Dance de bakon!”….visually dynamic, memorable and this is truly seeing C~ute in so much a very different light~ and you can really see the joy and fun the girls had during the filming and in every production stage just knowing that Tsunku has written and produced for them a single that is very special~*.

C~ute’s “Dance de bakon!” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

C~ute’s “Dance de bakon!” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

C~ute’s “Dance de bakon!” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

~Jacket scans~



vlcsnap-73774 vlcsnap-73813 vlcsnap-73874 vlcsnap-73946 vlcsnap-74170 vlcsnap-74340 vlcsnap-74911 vlcsnap-75212 vlcsnap-75333 vlcsnap-75604 vlcsnap-76273 vlcsnap-76374


vlcsnap-75779 vlcsnap-75801 vlcsnap-75873 vlcsnap-75973 vlcsnap-75988 vlcsnap-78865

~Making of peek….

vlcsnap-79232 vlcsnap-89971 vlcsnap-79371 vlcsnap-80797 vlcsnap-83705 vlcsnap-84021 vlcsnap-85298


It’s too bad about the giant~shades……would have loved to have seen just what the producers had in mind =)!

vlcsnap-90393 vlcsnap-90002 vlcsnap-90033 vlcsnap-90062 vlcsnap-90091 vlcsnap-90123 vlcsnap-90152 vlcsnap-90179 vlcsnap-90211 vlcsnap-90244 vlcsnap-90274 vlcsnap-90303 vlcsnap-90333 vlcsnap-90363 vlcsnap-89941


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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31 Responses to ~C-ute 「Danceでバコーン!」

  1. zush says:

    You better watch out, Maimi… because here comes Nakki!


  2. hydeo says:

    haha hi hi MB soon u go kick me, because i has posting in all ur new posts too aheahea

    the new single is amazing, the song is really good

    i love saki fast solos aehahea but ok aheaheah her faces is the best, and the cute voice

    but next month have a new single coming >P

    i think they need give more principal leads to chisa and saki anyway, all the time airi and maimi, sometimes botter a lot aehaheahe


    • Awww you’re so funny it’s okay~* =)! I’d probably end up hurting myself much more….would never kick Hydeo or anyone….hmm I bruise easily too :P! And then you’d have to carry me because I probably wouldn’t be able to walk okay….what am I talking about okay sorry (^q^)!

      I was like Wow~*! when I first listened and I totally wasn’t expecting a song with this style from C~ute as it’s such a departure from their previous releases and I so agree! It’s amazing! The close ups with their grouping/pairing of Maimi & Airrin and Chisa, Nakki & Hagitty are really cute and the second pv♥ version on their pv DVD single has an entire version with only this footage…really after the original version it’s my favorite♥.

      I know I’m posting so late (._.;)…..I really fell behind when Vox was announcing they were closing and then it seemed pointless to post anything new @ Vox then as the audio and video wouldn’t reach here =/.

      U~n and I thought the vocal arrangements were so much more balanced here with all of the girls…..really a great thing =)!


      • hydeo says:

        funny ahehae ? m aybe sometimes :p… nah i never go let u being hurt hehahea u can hit me when u want ahehahe i know i disturb u a lot here aheahhe … i dont carry to carry u hehe :x~ hehe

        humm c-ute normaly every single has changed a lot the styles so i dont botter to get something different per single ahehaea

        well i dont like much maimai hehe, saki is so different this days her stay a lot more beauty than the normal hehe, her solo pics has so amazing… humm i dont see the making, i go take a look later so… talking about members O.o chisa go have a solo pb u see ?? and again whata hell where is reina pb ?? is 2 years now without something from her heaheahe…
        i like teh dance shoot, i cool teh dance :p

        dont worry im reply more late than u haehahea
        ah so u now are felling good with WP ??

        i think they need let the other sing more, same thing for the other H!P groups


        • (sigh*。。。(*´∀`)♥)、ありがとう。。that’s really true as it seems that neither BK or Momusu has had such variance in their music recently as much as C~ute has. Tsunku’s writing is so deliberate seeming at times with his different groups and C~ute has covered so much ground musically in such a short period of time =).

          I just think it’s a bit odd that Chisa hasn’t yet had her own pb also Captain in BK…..nande? I know that marketing means a lot but if UFI doesn’t even give an opportunity how will they know? I think Chisa is much more beloved than UFI may realize in this sense…I think her fans will support her (*´∀`)♥。

          A~h Hydeo I don’t know…..maybe Reinachan is personally choosing to not have a pb at this time. I know that sounds unlikely yet it does seem so strange otherwise =/. I think she’s very much popular~* in Momusu/H!P and as an idol overall so I’m very much as puzzled. U~n the vocal arrangements here I felt were so much more equal ne~ ^ ^♥。


  3. MikeNeko says:

    It took quite some time for a segment i d like (1:30-ish and then 2:40-ish)
    I am not really fond of that video 😦
    That said, their dresses on the cover scan are really nice, they have somewhat an old french vibe (^^)


  4. hydeo says:

    ok here we go to the end of msgs again aehahea

    yah, anyway i liked the muten musume song haehahea guru guru guru… and the end is a full reina solo <3~~
    i think c-ute stay better than MM now

    well but now chisa get one, who know if saki get one too aehhe, i think her dont like that why her dont have nothing yet, and well her have 18 now and look like a child yet haeaheh, a baby face and small girl 😛 so cute, i want a girlfried like her hehe

    hai, but i think UFI has sometimes scare of try this things, and sure probably all the fans go support her/they

    but 2 years heahea, why her make this to me :~~~ hehehe… yeh maybe her dont want more make pbs, is her chose ^^, but her is so kawaii to dont have more ones :/

    i like saki voice so sometimes i prefer her than airi singing aheheh


    • Mmm…it’s not being released~* until the 27th of this month so I’m eagerly waiting =).

      It’s a valid point, and I’ve wondered if perhaps Saki~chan and Chisa maybe chose to not have pbs in the past up till now? It’s totally understandable as the presentation of pbs surely isn’t for everyone and I’d like to think this is true and that it’s not UFI choosing not to have solo pbs released for them as that would be so hurtful and bad bad =/.

      Reinachan’s personality would say so much to the contrary and yet it could totally be true that she also has chosen to not release any more for now and I would really respect that if it’s her choice and not an issue with UFI.

      Hmm…Saki~chan and Airiin, that would be a difficult match to chooose from as they both have wonderful vocals~♥.


      • hydeo says:

        humm so lets wait :3

        yah maybe their chose this way :P, a pb of saki go be good i love her, she is so cute and sweet aheahea
        and probably i think her go chose to not have much bikini pics

        yah i understand too hehe, but the yankee reina is cool hehehe, long time i dont see some pics of her yankee side 😛

        i think get out airi and maimi a little and let saki and chisa sings go be really good, i like chisa voice too


        • Just about two more weeks till Muten~Musume is released…doki~doki~♥ =)! I do think that UFI surely is also producing according to their most profitable releases and it always worries me with pbs as so many are pirated online without perhaps enough fans actually purchasing their pbs =/. With Reinachan though it’s surely puzzling as I’ve always gotten the feeling that she’s one of Momusu’s most popular…..only UFI and Reinachan know for sure the reasons.

          Chisa really was given her chance to shine~* in this single with the much more open vocal arrangement and C~ute here too felt much more like a group aura too in this way ^ ^。


          • hydeo says:

            ahaha i love teh music, all the radio shows of gaki and taka they play the song aheahea, the end is the best part <3~~
            u think ? i think the jap ppl always go buy that unless get in the net, who get in net is who cant buy international things ^^
            yah her and taka are, i htink maybe her stay a little busy with other schedules "?"

            i think why they dont make more balanced division in the leads hehe


            • Oh they’re using it as their theme song?…I don’t listen to their program XD. A~h I’ve been meaning to say this for awhile now and I’m sure it isn’t something you’re aware of so it’s never bothered me personally….but the use of ‘Jap’ is sort of derogatory towards Japanese and again I know you’re not using it intentionally it’s just that I wouldn’t want you to accidentally say it to someone and cause an uncomfortable feeling. Hmm..but really anyone can purchase things internationally…everything I purchase from Japan is coming here that way.

              I think C~ute will appeal so much more this way like with this latest single where you don’t get a distinct feeling so much of any one or two members being the leads in the song =).


              • hydeo says:


                hope they stay making good songs ^^ and dont lost quality like MM do sometimes


                • I know it’s not something you were aware of as I know you’re most sweet~♥ and wouldn’t use this term as such =)….I was more worried that it would bother others who don’t know you as well as I do.

                  If this single is any indication, C~ute seems to be keeping their edge and interest with fans and I too feel the same way about Momusu like I know they can be so much better =).


  5. hydeo says:

    well no one killed me yet because of this ahehaea

    yah, lets go see what go change when the new girls come ^^ i think their style go change again


    • Just to be safe though…..when I was in grade school I would hear some of my friends being called this term and it is most hurtful to us =(.

      I’m always last to hear the news XD….if you hear whom Tsunku has chosen from the auditions please let me know as I’m so curious to see what ages her chooses for the new members as his criteria is somewhat vast in that sense, still hoping he chooses “older” girls to add to Momusu as the look and chemistry will be much better that way and with Gen. 5 especially =).


      • hydeo says:

        ok dont worry ^^

        i think the min is 10 to the max 18 years, i dont remember but i see somewhere haheahea

        anyway when i get some news i let u know ^^


        • It’s just something that I knew you weren’t aware of and although I haven’t been ever called this at least not in person, I know that you have a respect for Japanese/culture so I didn’t want you to give the wrong impression =). Thank you~* for understanding…and if I’m sounding redundant at times today I’m so sorry as I’m replying s late to these comments that my frame of mind isn’t very in the moment XD.

          I just find that age disparity to be a bit too broad perhaps for the current Momusu and especially with Aichan and Gakisan in particular as if he chooses a 10 year old member that’ll look so soooo odd I think (._.;). I’m hoping~* Tsunku sees this and unless he’s planning more graduations of “senior” members then I hope he chooses towards the older side of his criteria.

          I haven’t heard anything about the auditions really…..sad that H!P doesn’t have a weekly t.v. program to promote their auditions anymore =(.


  6. hydeo says:

    i always understand u haehe dont worry

    well dont really know, never see more some news, seeing a little rare come to the net that infos

    well let see what him go do -.-” he is crazy so everything is possible nee ? aehahea

    yeh, i dont know why they dont have more a program :\, has so good to watch aheahe


    • I guess it’ll be that much more suspenseful this way as we won’t know who’s won the audition until it’s perhaps final =). So true about Tsunku being that way so much!!….he always pops up with a sudden VTR appearance as he’s done in the past and tells us some really shocking news about H!P that we never saw coming :O! It’s too bad that even with “Yorosen” the format wasn’t that interesting and enjoyable for fans to watch….I mean it had some good episodes but just overall I couldn’t keep interested in watching it =/. Maybe if Tsunku can create a new buzz and resurgence with Momusu he can get them a new t.v. program in the future….but I think it should then be very much game oriented as that’s the most fun to watch and I think that most fans would enjoy a game format much more too perhaps?


      • hydeo says:

        the suspense sometimes is bad haha

        yah, he is lot crazy -.-”, like other day i see something talking about another soon he is getting aheaheha well his wife not him aheaheahe

        i think if UFA make someting like H!M and HM@ and put all together can be a good program, and steal some AKB programs ideas aheaheha

        yah i think is the best for programs tv with idols, because some with commentaries is bad :\


        • I’m surprised that there’s nothing being said online though :O. Maybe a VTR from Tsunku will suddenly pop up…..I just sort of expect it or perhaps he’ll update his blog for the news.

          I’m not sure what you mean there…about his wife?

          lol especially the steal for AKB idea :P! U~n the game variety shows with music are always most fun to watch….unless it’s a radio program you just wouldn’t want too much dialog without those funny and offbeat game ideas ^ ^。


          • hydeo says:

            yah probably soon something has show, i think only in the end of the year the new ones go be announced

            aheahea about the wife… i mean him go get another baby, but the real thing is his wife who go get the baby not him aheahea, hope u understand the joke now aheahea

            well i think if they get some of the member and merge in a program go be good, and in each episode they change who go stay there or something like this…akb do much of this

            u see the little scandal reina sayu and kamei get in the reina blogs ahaheahe ??


  7. If you hear anything please tell =)….

    Hmm…I still don’t get it :P. You do know that the girl does all of the work lol…:P but we do need you (*´∀`)♥。

    ‘Scandal?’ :O no I haven’t heard….what happened? and I hope it’s not serious (u_u*)。


    • hydeo says:

      ok i tell dont worry ^^

      ahahha forget the joke 😛

      aehahea nah, only they get a pic pushing her eyes back, like we do sometimes to imitate japaneses, and for some reason kamei said they look like korean doing this, adn the korean ppl stay angry with this, so they get to appologise later, and until now i dont see more posts in reina blog.. so i think her get a little punishiment hehee

      but dont make sense since they make this they go insult all asian ppl aehahea, because all have the same look in the eyes ^^


      • lol….I don’t think sperm* is very difficult to “make”…just teasing that we do all of the “work” but surely we need need you xD!

        Gosh that’s so……I don’t even know what to say =/. I didn’t read anything about this happening and in some ways it’s odd since well I don’t know but I guess me being oriental makes me aware of the “slant~eye” teasing and yet um…..Kamei♥ is very much the same?? I think she just had a moment of humor and it was maybe taken out of context or not the way she intended?….

        Mmm….well I like having “slant~eyes”…it’s me and the way I was born but I think a lot of men are attracted to this ^ ^?…


  8. hydeo says:

    hehe ^^ i dont remember why we drop in this subject aheaheae

    is only a misunderstanding, i dont get why all that pressure up in the 2, they dont make this to provoke someone…after that insident, have something like close 1 month without a post in reina blog :\, a lot of time without see her “private” pics :\

    yah probably they dont make this to take fun of someone, the ppl is so stupid to think this -.-

    i think is more the ppl who like japan or something from there, so they start to be more atracted to the asian caracteristics ^^


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