~French Kiss 「Zutto mae kara」


French Kiss Zutto mae kara singles types A & B Upon opening the debut single by AKB’s newest unit French Kiss, I at first was really puzzled as to why the first press extra was a trading card ↓↓↓ depicting members Kuramochi Asuka, Kashiwagi Yuki & Takajo Aki in a baseball collage. For one there’s no hint~* of anything baseball on the outside packaging and I had no idea of what a treat I was in for っo(*´∀`)o!It turns out this baseball theme serves as the backdrop to not only a most inspired music video with a storyline, but also a full production mini~drama!!..and the drama itself runs 39 minutes and is even divided into 8 separate chapters =).

French Kiss Strike trading cards

Funny thing is that while it’s noted that these randomly inserted trading cards come in three types….you just know I would end up receiving two of the same (*>ω<)!!。。okay~* but more important is what makes getting both LE’s so worth it!! Beginning with jacket type A in addition to the “random” 😛 trading card the included extra DVD is 60 minutes!!!..and includes the pv♥ for the title track “Zutto mae kara”, its making of and the aforementioned mini~drama!!!

French Kiss’ “Zutto mae kara” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

French Kiss’ “Zutto mae kara” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

French Kiss’ “Zutto mae kara” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

~Jacket scans~

scan0001scan0002 scan0003scan0004scan0005scan0006


It’s wonderful that a song♪♪ can inspire so much!! And all of the perfect idol♥ ingredients are here for a mini~unit…with a most catchy song, three girls with cute chemistry together and the backing of Avex to put everything into the production~. Think of the music video as being a sort of highlight reel while then the mini~drama becomes the main course so to speak. And while Yukirin has so much been a stand~out member in AKB it’s so so nice to see so much more of Mocchi and yes~! especially Akicha~♥!! And while I love all of their vocals I surely love Akicha’s~♥ voice the most in this unit! She’s also the most wacky and animated so that gets lots and lots of bonus+ points~* for sure ー(*≧∀≦)ノ!!And there’s something overall about her personality that really gets me…and while I’m still trying to place a finger upon it I just know that my attention gravitates towards her whenever she’s on the screen~ =).

LE types A & B also feature different coupling with songs:

Type A’s coupling with song “Yokaze no shiwaza”

Type B’s coupling with song “Aru aki no hi no koto”

vlcsnap-7966 vlcsnap-5655 vlcsnap-5685 vlcsnap-5780 vlcsnap-6499 vlcsnap-6530 vlcsnap-6842 vlcsnap-6913 vlcsnap-7049 vlcsnap-7434 vlcsnap-7487 vlcsnap-7537


Jacket type B also includes a “randomly~randomly~” 😛 inserted trading card and the bonus DVD here includes also the music video for “Zutto mae kara” along with French Kiss’ special stage comedy skit “Hana no san shima” and its making of~. The DVD runs about 28 minutes total and while I was hesitant to upload their performance of “Hana no san shima” here as I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested….but on second thought I must say emphatically that it’s really funny and so so enjoyable so if you get the chance I think you’ll crack up too~!! I mean their sense of comedic timing is spot on and French Kiss is so cute here dressed up  with Yukirin as “Himawari”, Mocchi as “Kosumosu” and Akicha as “Momiji.”


vlcsnap-30311 vlcsnap-30099 vlcsnap-30262



And has maple ever looked so adorable~♥?!..but wait hold the phone or the banana 😛 as at the end of their stage comedy clip is the real gem of this release~* as French Kiss receives lots and lots of advice from a variety of stage pros and it gets so funny, odd, out there* and candid reaching that often sought after but not always realized plateau of pee~in your pants funny…..um not that that’s ever happened to me (*´艸`)!。。。


vlcsnap-37337 vlcsnap-31325 vlcsnap-31944 vlcsnap-32129 vlcsnap-33063 vlcsnap-33812 vlcsnap-33837 vlcsnap-33863 vlcsnap-34525 vlcsnap-34721 vlcsnap-27472 vlcsnap-34982


Yep~! it’s surely a must see!!..and whom is revealed to have the most natural comedic talent?

Hmm….hint~* hint~*…..”maple” (*´∀`)♥!

~Making of……


vlcsnap-8715 vlcsnap-9173 vlcsnap-9188 vlcsnap-9220 vlcsnap-9255 vlcsnap-9311 vlcsnap-11649 vlcsnap-11688 vlcsnap-12820 vlcsnap-15135 vlcsnap-15241 vlcsnap-15367 vlcsnap-15449 vlcsnap-15843 vlcsnap-17899 vlcsnap-19000 vlcsnap-19080 vlcsnap-19112

You may think you notice an abundance of Akicha~♥ here, however I assure you that it’s all part of your imagination~* as surely I don’t have an Akicha~♥ infatuation..really I don’t I swear! (。ーωー。)笑。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to ~French Kiss 「Zutto mae kara」

  1. hydeo says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh the page close alone…. all the things i wrote….

    lets go again

    so MB u stay addicted to my akicha ?? aheaheahe
    her is mine dont toucheher :3

    the songs of french kiss stay really good, and her voices is amazing, mocchi have a really good voice too, is hard hear her in the akb songs… so i stay really happy for her stay in the group 😛

    have an episode of akbing where akicha play a yankee role, is only her and the guy who i never remember the name (not kioto aheahe) and is really good, bad they maked that only one time :\

    the pv is really good to… and i watched they performance on music japan, waaaa much good watch they :3… hope they have place in the akb concerts :3… and probably they go get a place in the best 100

    so they go play in the mini dorama too or they only do the pv??

    and remember dont touch akicha and mocchi >3, they are mine aheaehae

    i has write a lot of more things :\… but the page close… and i forget a lot of the details i wrote ahehaea sorry MB :\


    • A~h you accidentally closed the page??….@ Vox I’ve lost entire posts that way and one of them had taken me hours up to that point to complete and I don’t know why but I just never clicked on save earlier not thinking that anything like that would happen (;´□`)!、。。。but I think here it wouldn’t happen anymore as there appears to be an auto~save function running continuously =). E~hhhh?! lol I wasn’t thinking of touching* her….well not in the way in which you would XD!

      I do like their voices together here so much and I think they sound different enough that it really works…..I wonder if French Kiss will release more singles from now and become active maybe as much as the other mini~groups? I do hope~* so! After watching Akicha in “Majisuka Gakuen” or maybe everyone in AKB for that matter, I think they all could play Yankee so well……Mmm and especially when you realize before or later how their personalities really are it’s even more fun to see them in that style of role. U~n I think fans will surely vote French Kiss into their favorite♥ top 100 songs when their next event happens =).

      Oh I’m sorry I’m not sure of what you’re asking…. :/, about their mini~drama. Hmm…lol I want to give Akicha~♥ a big hug o(*´∀`)o゛♥!


      • hydeo says:

        i dont know closed alone aheaheha
        really this is really good autosave :p
        hahaha i dont talked of touch her in the perv mode, but now u mentioned this, is a good way of thinking too ahehaea… but her is mine :3 normal or perv mode aheaheahea

        i like their voices because is all so calm and gentle :P..
        i think yes they go be active, dont have nothing talking about only 1 release, and is a good unit, so well thinked i think this go work… is something like no3b.. in the beggin no one look much to their, so after their second release, start to grow a lot

        hehe akicha is little funny there… i prefer the psy Rena-chan ;3~ her played so well her hole :3~

        yeh probably they go get a place in top100 dont know if can get good places but well staying there is the importante thing hehe

        talking about top, u see Rena solo song get first in the top30 of ske ?? and her live is awesome and well her cry a lot in the end haehahe

        yah that one is the song “make” to appear
        i want more than a hug from her 😡 ahahahaha


        • E~hhhh (・д・`*)!!。。lol those are your thoughts and your thoughts alone (*´艸`)!、。。

          Hopefully~* AkiP will see their potential and keep them active =)! ‘Rena~chan?’…and um..I do hope that you meant to say “role” and typed ‘hole’ accidentally (/∇\*)!!

          I hope~* they do awesome too by the fan votes and Mmm..Akicha~♥ alone may help this ne~* although I’m most biased :P!

          Oh you were speaking about Matsui Rena….sorry. I haven’t watched any SKE48 live concerts yet and that reminds me that I still need to listen to “Gomenne Summer” and now summer is over =/. Still my most favorite~♥ song by SKE48 is without doubt “Te wo tsunaginagara”…I think it’s one of AkiP’s very best!


          • hydeo says:

            ahahehae dont be angry, is only a joke, but akicha is mine ;3, no one has noticed her before ;~~

            yah mee too ;3
            oh sorry i didnt noticed the error aheaheha
            why the “rena?” ?

            haha u give lot of votes to akicha, but look to moochi to ^^ her is really good too :3, yuki we dont need say a thing right ? aeaheahe -.-”
            but i think i has said before, some news come out and saying akicha is the kenkyusei who grow up more fast after get inside a team

            hehe i stay little late in ske things so (well i have some stages from they to watch too hehe) in youtube have the video i talked “kareha no station” is a really good song and her calm voice is so good in the song ^^, but the lyrics is so sad :\…

            i liked all the songs of SKE until now hehe, somtime i like more the b-sides aheaheha

            kareha no station i think stay inside of their last album/single take a look


            • Hmm….I wonder if that is true though?…I think Akicha♥ has many adoring fans =). Mocchi is awesome too!! I think she’s really pretty…with Akicha though and this single I was just taken by her presence and really in a comedic way she’s sooooo funny and outgoing that way! U~n Yukirin always gorgeous but here it always comes back to Akicha♥ lol you’re going to have to share (*´∀`)♥!

              With so much being released I had to debate within myself about SKE’s upcoming single like whether to order or not…..I mean I so so love every song they’ve released and it is AkiP producing so it’s all pure ~♥~!!! It’s just difficult to support all of your fandoms♥ and I notice that towards the end of each year so much is always being released and then I can barely keep up at times :P.


  2. Mike Avila says:

    Lol not partial at all!! ^^

    There is a song called Bananaphone by a singer of songs for children named Raffi It is on YouTube no doubt. It is very kawaii!!


    • I was soooo trying to be subtle :P!

      Oh I’ve seen Raffi….well I mean his CDs or I think videos but I remember his name and seeing his covers a long time ago. I think if I were shopping~♥ and I saw a banana that looked like a phone….or rather a phone that looked like a banana :P! I would so be tempted to get one!


  3. hydeo says:

    ahhh the site give problem when i click post :\ lost the entire msg :\

    mocchi is all :3, i love her lips hair and her eyes, is what attract more in her ^^ so i love much here, hope her get more leads in akb
    akicha have a funny face hahea and look likes her always doing funny things and sometimes her look with a crazy face aheahea
    ok i share but mocchi and yuk is full mine ok :3 ?

    u probably go buy i know u haehaea :3
    if u buy and dont want u can send to me i dont care aheahea
    u know about the new group NMB48 ?? the girls are all kawaii, and look a young groups this time, but well all japneses normaly look young aegagea


    • I think WP was experiencing some difficulties yesterday for awhile as I couldn’t access the site =/.それは ちょっと我儘な考えでしょう。。ね~(´⌒`。)

      Sounds like they’re still auditioning for members….


      Hmm…I wonder if Kansai~dialect will be heard in their songs??…although it can be a bit rough so maybe not I wonder? Gosh* AKB is growing so much =)!!!


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