「Featured Post」~French♥Kiss goes Gravure….!


Gravure The Television Vol. 17 So today I’m doing a bit of a test with images I’m using here @ WP =). And I’ll be using a most sexy* issue of “Gravure The Television” which I purchased recently =)! In the past @ Vox I would just upload anything and everything without every altering size in any way but now that I’m paying for additional space here I was thinking about trying to possibly save some space by not uploading images any larger than they need to be.

So here’s where you can help~* me please! In the post below this one for UTB whenever I group photos together I would keep them to a smaller size than what you see here in this post as otherwise no more than one image would fit in a single row horizontally…so then they wouldn’t appear to be grouped together :/. If you click on those images I don’t think they change size at all but I think for the smaller images they may enlarge a bit? The original size of my scans are usually between 1.25~2.75 MB in size which may be too large ne~? So when uploading here they’re a bit scaled down automatically….so my question would be are those images are too small you think in the previous UTB post? In non photo book posts like with “Seifuku♥101” the smaller thumbnails can be clicked on they become larger a bit and do those look okay you think at that size? If I were to enlarge them though, I wouldn’t be able to keep them in horizontal lines next to one another like that so the post would become longer and wider looking. I thought the images in Seifuku♥101 were clear when viewed directly or clicked on but I know you can’t enlarge them any further without them pixel~ating. But I was thinking that maybe I’ll only post larger images for photo book scans here?..and not their original full size as that may be too large I think. And for other posts like with Seifuku♥101 I’ll keep with the middle sized images for those. Dou~desuka? What do you think, and would that look okay? Any feedback is greatly appreciated….loved really (*´∀`)♥!Yoroshiku ne~*! Oh and does anyone know how to have to images side by side but have them centered in a post? I seem to only be able to have them next to one another on the far left side here on WP…..if anyone knows please help~♥! (an example of this can be found below for the first two photos of Abe Asami (Mini~Nacchi) and then again in the SKE48 photos of Jurina and Manatsu…..these are the photos where it takes two scans to make one image as the magazine has them as a two page gate~fold style photo.

Today’s gravure comes from a self proclaimed “gravure” publication and “Gravure The Television” is a fairy newer magazine and if you love wonderful~sexy* photos of your favorite idols♥ then I’m sure you’ll love this magazine making it well worth getting a subscription to. Today’s issue is volume 17 and just with AKB’s newest sub group French Kiss it was so much a must have!! “Gravure The Television” features some of the most awesome photography on paper stock which is “gravure” as in “glossy” with a nice thickness to it’s stock…not really thick but nonetheless very good quality paper. The issues often feature a double~cover which makes them doubly~awesome sorry that was cheesy :P!! Seriously though it makes these issues that much prettier~* them having “front” covers on both sides =). An average sized issue is just over about 100 pages and there’s usually an extra included with each issue….volume 17 here having a two~sided poster featuring French Kiss on one side and SKE48’s Matsui Jurina and Mukaida Manatsu on the opposite side ↓↓↓。。。

Gravure The Television Vol. 17 poster (side a)

Gravure The Television Vol. 17 poster (side b)

Also it’s notable to say that featured articles are quite extensive in this magazine…and I mean lots and lots of photos as you’ll see a bit below with French Kiss’s pictorial~. The back cover features Matsui Rena and perusing from the back of this issue you’ll find lots and lots of SKE48!!!..and a lot meaning 31 pages of SKE48♥!!! I scanned in entirety the pictorials of French Kiss (where Yukirin looks edible I think and that’s coming from a girl’s perspective (。ーωー。)エ~へ♥!)、but even so I find that Akicha~♥ is my most favorite in this group but I can’t tell you why just yet =)! Then there’s a cute pictorial of S/mileage♥……and did I mention that the photography is so awesome in these issues?!! Momoclo…seifuku♥ and some of the cutest of poses!! And does anyone else wonder what ever happened to Mini~Nacchi? And this isn’t the first time I’ve wondered that but now I’m seeing her in this issue of “Gravure….” and while in the past Mini~Nacchi (Abebe) was heading into a music career so so much has changed since..I mean…well you’ll see! My most favorite song by Mini~Nacchi as I was collecting her CDs and singles a few years ago…(lol sorry I have to keep calling her that out of endearment~♥ as she is Nacchi’s sister o(*´∀`)o゛♥) is one of her album tracks titled “Mamotte ageruyo” and you can listen just below ^ ^。

It’s from Mini~Nacchi’s album titled “Wishes” which was released on November 5th, 2003….just love♥ love♥ this song so much!!! And just by its title don’t you get that warm and fuzzy~♥ feeling all over (*´∀`)!!It’s such a sweet song….kiite kudasai~ ^ ^。

Abe Asami from “Wishes”…..”Mamotte ageruyo” click~* to play ↓↓↓

And to give you an idea of the rest of this issue and what “Gravure….” is all about they also have pictorial/articles on SDN48, Adachi Rika, Idoling!!!”, Chihara Minori (who’s really gorgeous!), the 2010 Nittelegenic finalists and Aizawa Rina. I would have scanned much more of SKE48 out of their 31 pages but by the time I had reached their article after scanning UTB also yesterday, I been scanning for about 4 1/2 hours straight (/∇\*)!。。。so I ended up scanning just the SKE48 Matsui Jurina and Mukaida Manatsu feature~.

scan0002 scan0003 scan0004 scan0005scan0006scan0007scan0008scan0009scan0010scan0011scan0012scan0013scan0014scan0015scan0016scan0017 scan0018scan0019scan0020scan0021scan0022scan0023scan0024scan0025scan0026scan0027scan0029scan0029 scan0030

I don’t know what happened to this scan above but part of it’s missing =(!!

scan0031scan0032 scan0034 scan0033

It’s Mini~Nacchi!

scan0035scan0036scan0037 scan0039 scan0038


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to 「Featured Post」~French♥Kiss goes Gravure….!

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Hehe – they are so cute AND sexy!! So cute, you’d that one is very sexy – in a girl way ^^^ the quality is notably better than average. As is the photography – some are magic use of light!

    I think you problem is at what dpi you scan at. Do you scan at 300dpi? That is often the default. But that is more suitable for large prints from your printer. 72dpi is usually considered more appropriate for the web. Most photo editors can save at different resolutions. It would make your pictures load faster and be much smaller in size. Jpegs are very susceptible to being reduced with little visible effect.


    • Really is so alluring and sexy*!..it’s only the second time I’ve purchased an issue of this magazine as for me it always has to do with the cover….I think of magazines as collector’s items that way.

      Mmm…I do scan quite large at 200dpi most of the time, it’s strange with my scanner as sometimes when I scan magazine sized photos at a smaller dpi they then appear to have the chicken~pox like with blotches on them really strange (・д・`*)!。。so then I scan them a bit larger and it mostly goes away…sometimes it seem random I don’t know XD. Hmm…by one of the comments I received earlier I think most people are used to and like the images to be larger so I’m trying to make them clear and large enough and yet not use too much space and I just hope~* the photos all look okay =). Mmm…these photos above here look okay do you think? They’re just slightly scaled down from the original full sized scans which are usually over 1.25 MB each and up to 1.75 sometimes or larger.


  2. hydeo says:

    ow my gosh aheahea MB pls pls pls give me that french kiss poster i beggggggggging u aheahehaea onegai onegai onegai <3~~~

    anyway u listened the songs from french kiss ? i liekd a lot the melody ^^

    and look the pics for the french kiss…. mocchi akicha and yukirin… well i dont need make more comments about right ?? ahehaea so good pics

    i dont know u like momoiro clover ^^.. her songs is cute hehe

    kisu :3


    • A~h the poster is cute ne~* (*´∀`)♥!。。gomen ne (._.;). I know I’m so late as I’m still trying to catch up with posts I’ve wanted to write and when Vox announced they were closing I had to have everything on hold for awhile until I knew if I could have a blog still….but at this rate of releases coming out I may never catch up I think XD! But I did post French Kiss today and it’s just two posts above this one =). U~n! Momoclo is awesome~♥!! I loved how they combined traditional folk with modern pop and so so love their styling~* and voices!…so cute! ^ ^!


      • hydeo says:

        ahhh onegai the poster MB ahehaeha onegaiii :x…
        ah dont worry to the late msgs ^^ i understand the problems ahehahe, is normal when u need move, and u have ur life to take care ^^
        yah the releases in this end of the year stay coming a lot of things all the time, i has reading the news yestarday and wow lot of news things to the next month aehaheae

        ah but who post here is only who listened the song or who like the one of the 3 girls ahehaeha

        momoclo ? hehhe i dont know this nick for the momoiro heahea
        yah they have good chances to make more sucess, hope they dont broke like all the not so much famous girls band


        • I’ve been sleeping~♥ during the day this week…the extra early hours were beginning to catch up with me as I well…stupidly going to sleep at the same time despite earlier start times (ノロ≦。)!I feel really refreshed~* today!…and it’s date~♥ night so I’m sure having me awake during the entire night will be so much better…(^q^)!

          Oh you mean with H!P? They always release so many CDs and DVDs towards the end of the year with their “Pucchi Best” series and just lots of albums too! I’m most excited~* for Ayaya’s upcoming album!!!! I just read something amazing~* and will post about it soon =).

          U~n most likely true….maybe only a few fans like French Kiss I wonder =/? I think they’re wonderful~* and as you know the more Akicha~♥ and everything’s better (*´∀`)♥!!

          It’s so cute how nicknames always surface for idols and groups….Japanese and cute abbreviations go together ne~* ^ ^。Just from Momoclo’s more and more frequent appearances in magazines I think they’re growing in popularity much more and most important their personalities and songs are perfect and catchy~♥.


          • hydeo says:

            sleep is so good hehe, i need more time to sleep too hehe
            so good luck a little late in ur date aheahe

            for akb48 and now ske too have lot of releases
            hehe i want listem the new ayaya album, how much time until her last release ?? something like 1 year ??

            better for me ahehe because i love french kiss :3 the more of the 3 is better in my opnion :P.. hope the unit have long duration :p, the 3 have a good voice to be solo on the unit and the 3 voices together stay really good

            yah teh japanese nicks are amazing ahehae all catchy up so good aeaehahe

            and for momoiro, yah i thing they going be amazing when their popularite grow more

            i like their songs too, i have a video of a concert of they here but not watched yet :P… im really slow to watch things haehaea


  3. MikeNeko says:

    写真をクリックすると、小さくなったイメージが表示することもあれば、大きくなったイメージが表示することもある… なんか変 (◠、◠)


    • あっ!よかった。写真の質は心配していました、本とに(´⌒`。)!。。、う~んこのページの写真をクリックして時に。。。小さくになりますね~。理由は本とにわからないですけど、この写真の質は大丈夫です願っています(*´∀`)♥。ご意見をいただきありがとうございます^ ^。


  4. hydeo says:

    ok MB sorry for the so late answer, a littel busy here, i go try answer all in this weekend hehe

    hehe ^^ happy for u ^^, because for me that things stay looking like impossible things to occours hehe ^^

    hehe 1 years to get another album poor ayaya hehe

    well i really dont understand the producers because ayaya is a good singer and a funny girl 😛 i always laught in her perfomances hehe

    humm so they stay taking this serious, hope they stay bigger soon, so we go get a concert to watch :3


    • Towards her ending time in H!P it just seemed that Ayaya was neglected so much =(….and it really in hindsight was H!P going in another direction but at her expense I think both career and time~wise. Still Ayaya is so awesome so I was wondering why she still hadn’t resurfaced with any new releases in so long. She sings so immaculately~* always.

      U~n Momoclo is definitely on the rise~*~~* ^ ^!!


      • hydeo says:

        oh well maybe her dont want much more sing, or dont like more, or found other things to do aheahea or a BF aehaheahe

        hehe i like they, all the time i see videos to download of they in japan programs singing and all hehe


        • Oh no I don’t think that’s the case at all as during her time of not releasing music and even after “Chocolate damashii” prior to and after her graduation Ayaya had been performing in smaller venues in Japan….I think artists sometimes prefer the much more intimate venues to the larger ones as they can have a much better sense of connecting to fans being so close up verses the feeling of a larger arena. At first when Hikki decided to have her North American tour in all much smaller venues it raised a lot of questions as to why….but in an interview she expressed that this was exactly what she had intended for the very reason of intimacy with fans. Really a change as she can always sell out the very largest arenas like Tokyo Dome so quickly……will miss Hikki while she’s on hiatus from music =(.


          • hydeo says:

            yah, i think this too, and this explain why kokia normaly dont make big concerts hehehe

            yah this is bad 😛

            look from FK we start go to other singers aheaheahea


            • I think Hikki’s just recharging her self and I think a lot of artists go through either burn~out periods or maybe just much needed rest and they always return with something new so I’m sure Hikki will do the same =). I remember when Mr.Children went on hiatus a few years ago and it was really sad for me just not knowing if they’d re~group and what Sakurai~san was going through emotionally……but they’re as awesome as ever \(^o^)/☆

              Mmm…our conversations wander XD.


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