~UTB Vol.199 Oct. 2010 Covergirl Yukorin, Airiin offshots, Manoeri & lots of Gyu♥ Gyu♥ Gyu♥!


UTB  Vol.199 October 2010 with trading card set A With all of my recent panic of moving (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!。。。I’m sorry I’m posting this so late! And my heart~♥ went thump~thump~thump upon seeing UTB’s latest covergirl! It’s top senbatsu girl Yukorin♥….I must say that as often as possible as I haven’t any idea of how much longer I’ll be able to, I mean surely Acchan will ascend back to the center and then there’s the Jan~Ken senbatsu which played out just a few days ago and if anyone knows of the complete results please link~* to me as I’d love to attach them to a few AKB Jan~ken fighting poses ^ ^。

scan0060 I’m usually pretty set on a particular trading card set when I first see the three possible sets you could receive in each issue but this time I really wasn’t leaning on hoping~* for any particular set…..hmm…with no Yuko♥ card I thought they were pretty equal :P!….no but seriously the covergirl didn’t get a card?!!! E~hhhhh nande (・c_・;)?Okay I’m okay…really XD!..so I received trading card set A and it’s a perfect balance of Momoclo, C~ute, AKB and S/mileage~ (*´∀`)♥!Well every set is really equally balanced so…..um what am I talking about :P.

A wonderful aspect of UTB is how they always include off shots from their photo books and with Wani Books being both the parent publisher of UTB and an abundance of H!P shashinshuu we’re always assured lots and lots of off shots with this issue coinciding with Airiin’s latest shashinshuu “Toukoubi.” So much of this new issue was scan~worthy…very much a guy being “sponge~worthy” (lol sorry I was watching old Seinfeld last weekend :P) so you can find the complete UTB scans of Yukorin (her new pb is so sexy* amazing cute♥!..will scan soon =) ), Matsui Jurina (wearing what else? seifuku…oh and her white one~piece is adorable too ^ ^♥!), Momoclo (in….um…..seifuku♥ :P!), S/mileage (so adorable! and remember to hydrate! hydrate! hydrate!), Manoeri (so so many “Mano~isms” from Mano~piano to Mano~Hello Kitty to Mano~Bug..Mano~bucket & Mano~Laundry) and I’m sure there’s more on the way plus I think red♥ really suits Manoeri best!, UTB’s and I quote “real long interview” with Yukorin♥ where it was so great to hear her reminisce about her early UTB appearances including her very first appearance! (which reminds me that I must get back on track with the “AKB48 in UTB flashback” series :O!!), Miyazawa Sae (looking kick~your~butt cool….wait is there such a thing :P?…..u~n! I think soooooo!), Watarirouka Hashiritai bringing the Gyu♥ power ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!)、a most awesome AKB Undergirls feature (with Komori Mika..Umeda Ayaka..Sato Sumire..Yonezawa Rumi..and Nito Moeno…..can you say it’s about time that they’re getting so much more well deserved attention!), Murakami Yuri….(I scanned because she was just too sexy*~cute not too and there’s something really pleasant in her eyes♥!) and last but not least are the off shots from Airiins~♥ newest photo book “Toukoubi.”

scan0002 scan0003





scan0009 scan0008


scan0014 scan0011



scan0016 scan0017




scan0021 scan0022




scan0028 scan0029







scan0039 scan0040




scan0046 scan0045







scan0058 scan0053 scan0054 scan0055 scan0056 scan0057


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ~UTB Vol.199 Oct. 2010 Covergirl Yukorin, Airiin offshots, Manoeri & lots of Gyu♥ Gyu♥ Gyu♥!

  1. Shiho says:

    Thanks for the scans!

    Am I doing something wrong or are the scans supposed to be smaller than the thumbnails? They were bigger on Vox at least!


    • Hi Shiho~*, thank you for the feedback =). I’m wondering if a different WP theme would allow for larger photos and I’m thinking in the sense when I have them side by side here as if I upload them larger they can only be displayed in single file straight down :/. The original scans are between 1.25~ 1.75 MB in size each so they’re a bit scaled down here. On Vox I could have their thumbnails appear smaller and yet if you clicked on them the images would enlarge but I’m not sure if I can do that here too. All of the images here I think should be the same size though, but I could upload them larger but they’ll then be all in single file and then I was concerned that the page would load much slower that way……hmm I’ll try uploading the next scans a bit larger to see how they look and if it’s okay~.

      All of the photos that came from my old Vox blog and are here I think should still have their original large size if you click on them, thank you as any comments help me so much as I’m still learning about using WP here ^ ^。


    • A~h I’m now noticing that it is backwards here….like if you click~* on an image then it becomes either the same size I think? or smaller…so strange. But it must have something to do with me as I’m really bad with things and I apologize so much (._.;). I do hope~* that the images look okay from how I may post them for photo book/ zasshi scans from now…..please check my “Gravure The Television” post as I hope you can help~♥ me with feedback as I’m hoping the images there look okay~* (*´∀`)。Still the images on the site…and I’ve enlarged them this time….are larger than if you click on them. However with earlier posts and those from Vox all of those photos become larger when you click on them so it’s the opposite….nande?..I’m so confused :P!



      • HarimaKenji says:

        MB, there’s nothing wrong here. Windows Live Writer is making all the images smaller. That’s what it’s supposed to do, remember? If you want to make them larger you can change the size there to whatever you want, including uploading the original image like it was in Vox. The only problem is it’ll use tons of space, like before. If you want to upload your full scans anyway, I’d suggest you zip all the files in a given scan and send them to some other storage site, like mediafire.com or megaupload.com, instead of wasting your WP space.


        • I just got worried that maybe I’d made them too tiny? I think for pbs and magazines I’ll go with the larger size photos but still I won’t use the full sized scans as that would be way too much space used =/! I think most of them are just right though outside of this post….like if I click on the smaller images they enlarge to an okay size I think with screen~caps and camera photos. Hmm…and if I uploaded them in full size the scans would be across the entire post space and then I think pages would load here really slowly…it’s just that @ Vox they never actually displayed the full size readily and you needed to click on them to see them that way but here @ WP or at least through WLW I think the images will appear really large that way like when I did the Switch post and they were sooo large :O! I so love using WLW♥!!! It’s so much easier to add media and especially photos as I don’t need to wait for them to upload individually one at a time anymore and I can just format everything and then when it’s all finished….click upload and the program does everything for me……hmm I just thought of something. Why am I explaining how WLW works when you taught me how to use it and what it does (._.;)!


      • HarimaKenji says:

        Oh, it’s “backwards” probably because you forgot about the linked image and you’re just changing it’s size in the post. So sometimes if you enlarge it too much in the post, you could make it bigger than the linked one. It’s wrong to think of either of them as “thumbnail” by the way, they’re the same one, WLW will just upload whatever size is bigger of the two and put in code to make it smaller in the other place, so it doesn’t matter. Still, I’m only taking your word that it is backwards, because I can’t see it, they look the same or bigger to me.


        • I think just a few of the images go backwards and that must be how it’s working as when I’m using a larger sized image I don’t think clicking on it will enlarge it anymore? Hmm..as long as it’s pretty I’m happy and that the images are clear and okay looking (*´∀`)。MikeNeko too says that the images look okay~* so I’m thinking no one will be disappointed I hope~* ^ ^。


    • CK~♥ thank you~* so so much huggies o(*´∀`)o゛♥!!!!。。omg!! it’s awesome that so many UnderGirls are now senbatsu!! So happy`* for them and I have some favorites in there too!

      A~h we received the same set?…..:/!


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