~Thank you maiZe (*´∀`)♥!!!

Thank you maiZe~♥

This is so thoughtful~♥ and I’ll cherish these Kamei photos so much!! As maiZe was in Japan just as Tsunku announced the graduations of Kamei, Junjun and Linlin these will possibly be the very last new Kamei photos that I’ll collect while she’s still in Momusu/Hello! Project (´⌒`。)。

I’m so touched~* and speechless with maiZe’s most heartfelt gesture….I can’t say thank you~♥ enough as my Kamei binder just got so much warmer and better o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。。maiZeへ、本とにありがとうございます~♥。




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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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36 Responses to ~Thank you maiZe (*´∀`)♥!!!

  1. MikeNeko says:

    a- and we talked about Hello ! Morning not long ago…
    Let’s wish her good luck on her future ventures, you know she was in France this summer (not for a happy wedding ufufu, but i didn’t go to the event she attended sadly).
    I am quite sure she will be missed, it s sad when someone you like must leave because the management feels that turn over is the way to connect to younger audience.
    Maybe she ll go solo, or continue acting, like some of her former fellow members (remember the dorama saigo no natsuyasumi with Natsumi Abe?) 🙂

    Anyway, nice photos, handle with care 。.:*・゚☆(●^▽^)・゚☆.。.:*・゚


    • A~h just now thinking about the news segment on H!M…..those funny Yuko tirades as Reporter Elizabeth Kyamei goes to interview the day’s special~* guest! Really random but I just thought of Wheely Willy and how Yuko sort of exploded in wonderful hilarious fashion when she finds out from Konkon that she’s the only one to not have met Wheely Willy…(^q^)! And if I could somehow transfer an avi file to DVD I’d so want to post the H!M episode where the food etiquette guy (I sort of always refer to him as…..”the guy who makes everything look delicious” XD) is the guest and he’s trying to teach the girls how to react realistically when trying to promote a food dish and even when…..um it doesn’t taste so good at all (ノロ≦。)!!Lol!Nono was really funny and we all know how much she loves to eat, but then Kamei was priceless~* in her reaction and deep deep honesty which raises some questions as to what Kamei does in her spare time (・д・`*)!!

      A~h Momusu was the guest of honor at the Anime Expo event in France ne~* =)!! I’m going to be heartbroken when her graduation concert arrives….I know I’ll only getting to watch on DVD but even watching graduation concerts on DVD I’m always brought to tears (;´□`)。。。I know I’ve wrote it already here but there’s some questions about what Tsunku is trying to achieve with these graduations and with such beloved girls :/. But I won’t babble into that further…..u~n I do hope~* too that after Kamei graduates from H!P it won’t be the last that we’ll see of her and I think with her outgoing personality and humor she could pursue a career further in entertainment if she chooses too. Oh sadly I didn’t see that drama :/…..

      Thank you~*! I love love these new photos (*´∀`)♥。


  2. strawberrie says:

    Now you have two sets of Kamei Eri photos that are shop original. Wow I’m kind of glad I bought a whole lot of Junjun and Linlin photos while I was there. I plan on buying Kamei, Junjun, and Linlin photo sets + poster when the concert goods go on sale. I don’t want to spend money but since this is the last tour with all three of them, I don’t want to miss out on this.


  3. hydeo says:

    waaa cards :3~~

    poor kamei ;~~ go miss her a lot ;\

    maize who give u the cars ??


    • maiZe says:

      Hey hydeo,

      I got the cards while I was in Tokyo this summer. I attended the H!P summer concert where the graduations were announced (Aug 8 afternoon concert), and one of the first things I thought was that MB’s gonna be so sad when she finds out. So when I went to H!P store later during my trip, I thought I’d pick up an Eri set for her before Eri graduates. XD

      – MB, hope you don’t mind that I linked to my concert experience.. -_-;


      • hydeo says:

        hey ,

        yah the announce has a sad thing, i never thinked eri and jun/lin going be the ones to grad, neither jun/lin because they are so “new” in the group

        well the kamei grad has a purpose, but the chinas i dont see nothing about

        hehe is so cool of u to get the cards for her ^^

        next time get some of Reina for me :P? aheahehae

        i think her dont go mind about the link ^^


      • Oh no of course not o(*´∀`)o゛、。。and I don’t think it will really settle in completely until I see the graduation concert..well the DVD and then I know I’m going to cry ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・!!


        • hydeo says:

          yah probably i go fell a lot strange too seeing the 3 getting out… and i like a lot the chinas :\… i stay so addicted to the 2 like i stay with the 6gen hehe

          is so bad this…


          • It’s so sudden and drastic and I’m just wondering what Tsunku is really planning for Momusu’s future and especially in light of his audition criteria which raises more questions.


            • hydeo says:

              probably him go broke more yet the MM… he get a korean girl to put there, but never hear about her again after that

              anyway, for kamei its ok because her problem… but dont get the chinas :\

              anyway lets go see if he find someone good this time… more 3 girls, they need be good or MM go get a really big drop in all ways


              • Oh I didn’t hear about that….maybe she had second thoughts about joining Momusu I wonder? Would seem odd though to go through all of the audition process and then change your mind suddenly…or maybe like Masuda Ayami she went to another label…but then again what happened to Masuda~chan? I’ve never heard of her releasing anything from Avex whom she was said to have signed with back then =/.

                I’m sure Tsunku has something planned….just not sure of what it is and what direction he plans to take the group from here.


  4. maiZe says:

    Hey MB!

    Glad the cards finally got to you! 😀 I’m so happy you like them! ^_^ I got a set of Aichan and Risa cards of the same photoshoot (along with a load of other stuff at the H!P store. XD http://fieldsofmaize.com/images/hpstoregets.jpg – it’s a little small, but the Aichan ones are by the Miya photocard on the left, and the Risa ones are by the Miya photocard on the right.) I just think all the girls looked so gorgeous in those photosets.

    That photo is only the set of stuff I got from the H!P store on my first visit… XD I made 3 more separate purchases during my week in Tokyo. LOL. I really need to write up a post on my blog to follow up my H!P Summer concert experience. Particularly my Buono! concert experience. It’s sitting halfway done on my computer… I just haven’t had the time to finish typing it out.

    And now, I must head off to bed… It’s 3 am. XD


    • W~ah!! so many cute photos♥!!! Wow must have been so much fun shopping in their official store!! They’re all so pretty~*….I’m so happy you attended such awesome concerts as I imagine that Buono! must’ve been so so amazing…I mean the three perfect members on stage and they always have so much energy from the concert DVD I have =)! Thank you~* for being so thoughtful♥, at times I feel like an unworthy friend (*´艸`)。


      • hydeo says:

        and dont say that, u are a good friend MB ^^

        otherwise u send gifts for the ppl here, u make games, but in the end is a gift for u to the winner ^^

        and for me u are a valuable friend, someone i pretend dont lost contact so soon :P~~~ ❤


      • maiZe says:

        I think I need to start subscribing to all the comments for the posts I comment on… Or I need to find a feed for your comments, as I’m losing track… One thing about Vox is that I always knew when you replied to one of my comments 🙂

        The Buono! concert was ridiculously awesome, and I spent every second that I could watching Miya. Whenever my view of her was blocked, I watched Airi… Nothing against Momoko…. But… XD

        I don’t think I ever said you’re welcome, but you’re welcome. XD And none of that “unworthy friend” business. 😛 You’re awesome. ❤


        • maiZe says:

          … Lol I’m a dork. “need to find a feed for your comments”. Gotta learn to check your sidebar before saying stupid things. XD Subscribing to your comments now. 😀


          • I do miss that feature as I can be really bad at times and reply so late (*>ω<)!、。。but with Vox I always knew that an e~mail notification was being sent out, I'm not really sure of what an RSS is but I just added it :P.

            lol oh poor Momo~* (´⌒`。)、。。hmm although she is really tiny :P! You're so so lucky~*~~*!!!! to have seen Buono! live!!!! I think right now next to Manoeri~♥ I'd most want to see Buono! live the most. A~h you're much too sweet (*´∀`)♥!


  5. hydeo says:

    answering u here MB because the other text box stay thin ahehaeha

    he appears in one of MM concerts, dont know the name sorry, but after that, nothing more, i go see her name when i back home, her is a little cute anyway heahe
    yah, and i see a notice yestarday the audition started the second phase now O.o…, but nothign about who is there or pics from the girls auditioning

    masuda ayumi ?? humm the only masuda i know is from AKB heheh and her remember me a lot Maasa in all ways appearence and way to do the things, so make me love her a lot ahehaea and she is “tall” like maasa ahehaea, sux like maasa too her dont get much attention. but appears in the bikini dvds aheahea

    i think he need Akipi like him sensei for a time ahehae… why ? look how akb and other 48 groups has growing haehaea


    • Oh you’re speaking about the Korean audition idol? It’s exciting~*! even if Tsunku’s criteria is a bit odd perhaps or too broad I should say age wise but I’m looking forward to seeing whom he chooses as his potential finalists….thinking that he will choose a few new members =).

      O~h it’s from a bit way back….Ayami was a finalist during Aika’s audition but at the very last minute she seemingly has second thoughts about joining Momusu and she instead was said to have been courted by Avex. I just haven’t heard anything about her since so I wonder if she should have stayed with Momusu…..and I wonder what had changed her mind back then?


      • hydeo says:

        yeh but that korean girl who has chose never appears again, have long time i dont read nothing from her O.o, is strange

        i think 3 eggs should get to MM kikkawa yuu, the other girl who sing in milkway with koha and kikkawa (i forget her name sorry ahehaea) and Karin chan :3 her is cute a lot hehe and have a good voice soo

        so u think her stay hide in the eggs? have good chances hehe, maybe the other guys from the production of H!P liked her ^^ and wished to let her in eggs for training (who i think need back there is aika , sorry if u like her, but i dont see nthing in special on her :\)


        • I do wonder if Tsunku I mean with the upcoming graduations of Junjun and Linlin intends to not have Momusu as “international” anymore…..and even with his project IceCreamusume seemingly vanishing now I just wonder. I do think that they truly don’t need new auditions and that they have such wonderful Eggs now that could easily enter into Momusu instead but perhaps UFI intends to create new groups instead with their Eggs?

          Mmm…Aika for me has been okay and I think she’s grown so much in Momusu and yet sometimes I look for that you know “it” factor but it’s sometimes hard to see and I don’t want to be overly critical but I do understand your sentiment.


          • hydeo says:

            i think he go found more girls to this heahea, and dont mean they dont go more be “international” i think now they opened with the 2 the way to other countrys of asia ahehaea
            humm i think they open to eggs, because have good girls there too, and if this dont occours they never can get the good girls like kikkawa

            oh well i prefer much more koha-chan, really dont know why they put out one of the leads vocals
            and after her get out, wow her grow so much and stay so beauty more than her is in MM


            • I’ve noticed Kikkawa being mentioned by other fans too =)….and while Momusu has never added new members this way through their Eggs, opting instead for auditions I think they surely could find so much talent~* that way and I think fans would welcome it very much too. A wonderful thing about auditions though is that while Eggs are more like scouted and sought out with auditions you just never know who’ll show up and dazzle producers. When they’re airing the auditions it’s also most fun to watch and pick your favorites♥ from week to week hoping~* that Tsunku will choose them in the final っo(*´∀`)o!I miss watching those clips =/.

              A~h I’ve seen her entries on her blog and she’s really continuing to blossom~*….Kohachan I think was always pretty though =). She’s now doing CMs and I’m thinking that maybe she chose to leave Momusu to pursue modeling much more and just explore all of the opportunities….there’s a photo of her in last months B.L.T., tiny pic but really cute~ ^ ^。


  6. hydeo says:

    yah, in the eggs ahve good girls with good talents and the principal the voice
    u know linlin come from the eggs right ??
    i dont see a place where they posted who stay in the audition, i think only go come to net when have less girls something like 20 or 10 girls remaining.
    i dont see nothing in the net about vids too ;\

    well i only go in her blog for the pics, because i dont understand nothing jap aheahe so i really dont know aehahea what her is writing aehaeha
    well i think koha like that way of be a model/idol, her is a little “tall” so that hel p a little and her stay more and more beauty than before ^^
    haha hope her get some pbs yet ^^


    • U~n Linlin did have a head start over Junjun in this way and I think it was on their t.v. show where they showed earlier footage of Linlin performing live. My initial thoughts were that Linlin would be the more popular member for this reason but I think later Junjun surpassed her just a bit but they’ve both been awesome Momusu/H!P members. It’s too bad that H!M…HM@ don’t exist anymore as they’d surely be showing the auditions week to week as the entries are narrowed down =/.

      Maybe CMs are something that Kohachan wants to explore much more…..with pbs you just never know as H!P was the driving reason for her pbs in the past and with many of today’s models you don’t see as many pb releases from them versus that of an idol….still we can hope ^ ^。


      • hydeo says:

        haehahe yah linlin have a good voice to sing funny and normal songs and a extreme good amazing voice for balads ones
        jun have a good voice to balads, but her cant sing so much time in songs more animated O.o her stay without air fast hehe

        well if her go to model page probably we go see a lot of pbs from koha-chan :p~~ i hope can see lot of things from her yet ^^
        who know her back to sing solo ^^


        • U~n I’d miss Kohachan~♥ as a musical artist as she seems to be happy with modeling and maybe with CMs too?….still she’s so awesome with anime! So maybe as a seiyuu or also with theme songs that would be so cute!

          I’m so sorry Hydeo about what I said earlier (._.;).

          I would say it was my period* but then we don’t live together and I wonder why guys always blame that lol so that wouldn’t make much sense I am really sorry =/….I don’t know why I said my period baka ne (ノロ≦。)!!

          Gomen nasai.


  7. hydeo says:

    ahaha koha-chan is cool a lot, i know her voice bother a little but, i feel happy when her songs play here in my player ^^ and a little sad because i remember her dont sing more :\, good luck to her, and well her have the blog yet, so we can see things from her, and lot of pics, and i noticed her have travelled a lot aheahea

    its ok ^^ i understand… maybe i bother u hehe ^^

    i dont say nothing about aheahea.. its ok dont worry ^^


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