~SPEED 「指環」


SPEED- Yubiwa CD DVD release It’s a bit ironic how SPEED’s latest single “Yubiwa” so captures immediately even with the first few drop~s of notes ♪♪~♥ a most reminiscent sound of their past~. Instead of SPEED’s longtime producer Ijichi Hiromasa, here their sound production is credited to High speed boyz inc. featuring nishi-ken, Ohmura Shinji & JIN…..and for at least the title track it’s a 180 degree turnaround from what has been a sound dominated by r&b styling~s since the latest return of SPEED, now in their third reunion~♥.  If you were to link “Yubiwa” back to their heartfelt farewell song “April-theme of “Dear Friends” released back on March 29th, 2000…..it’s truly as if SPEED had never left us~. “Yubiwa”…beautiful, sweeping…..poignant, and it’s one of those melodies which can capture you in a single listen.

SPEED’s “Yubiwa” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

SPEED’s “Yubiwa” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

SPEED’s “Yubiwa” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

scan0004SPEED “Tracks” mp3

The coupling with song “Tracks” is much more representative of how SPEED has evolved in their more recent years as it’s much more of a power r&b song, here with an electro~* touch. Still I really long for the SPEED of yesteryear and upon hearing “Yubiwa” much of my joy was rekindled♥.

vlcsnap-16168 vlcsnap-15899 vlcsnap-15924 vlcsnap-15944

Even with SPEED now having quite a few new releases since their most recent incarnation, now more than ever with this single I just felt a real sense of how grown up they are…..but not to worry (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ。。。as our beloved SPEED still has that most offbeat wackiness about them! And yes~! it’s still everyone trying to annoy Hiro in most funny and strange~♥ ways and even Hiro can only resist for so long…(^q^)! And what’s great is that this goes waaaaaaaay back as it’s sort of a running gag within the group and whom better to bother than the one deemed as the most “serious” in the group :P!! And while Eriko has long been my most favorite♥ member in the group, I can’t get over how model~licious Takako has become Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!。。。。、I mean it’s nothing new as she’s always been the cute♥ one in the group but she’s really grown to look so model~esque! (lol I’m still making up my own words every day :P!)

vlcsnap-16972 vlcsnap-15587 vlcsnap-15697 vlcsnap-14902 vlcsnap-16594 vlcsnap-16639 vlcsnap-16754 vlcsnap-16818 vlcsnap-16879 vlcsnap-16944


The included DVD with Jacket A in addition to the music video♥ also includes an offshot “making of” but I’ve chosen the third clip just below because it just cracks me up so much!!!…..





vlcsnap-22266 vlcsnap-18015 vlcsnap-18031 vlcsnap-18285 vlcsnap-18386 vlcsnap-18426 vlcsnap-19240 vlcsnap-19267

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