「Featured Post」~Seifuku♥101~


While I think most everyone has either seen or worn seifuku♥ wouldn’t it be cute and sexy* to be able to witness the variations in style and the dressing and undressing  of a most adorable idol~♥ as  if you were her mirror on the wall~? Um…for educational purposes only of course :P! And….

..seifuku and idols go together…..

  • ..like popsicles & summertime
  • ..like salmon & capers
  • ..like the beach & a barbeque
  • ..like a warm hug♥ after a long day
  • ..like sleepovers & pajamas with hot cocoa
  • ..like your favorite plushy & cuddling
  • ..like driving & never needing to parallel park because you’re not very good at it
  • ..like wasabi & sashimi
  • ..like cereal & lactose free milk
  • ..like a bruise I got because I’m clumsy & Phiten to make it feel all better
  • ..like going to the market late @ night & thinking it would be empty so it would be okay not to wear your bra and then finding yourself in the frozen foods section sort of erect* up there* with unwanted attention coming from a creepy guy who’s staring at your top. Oh wait..was that last one just me (*´艸`)?

vlcsnap-40993 ~This post is being brought to you by ABSOLUT VODKA…

..actually I have no idea of what is going on with the ad behind her but it cracks me up!!(。ーωー。)笑。

Please “idol” responsibly.

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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36 Responses to 「Featured Post」~Seifuku♥101~

  1. MikeNeko says:

    *like your favorite plushy & cuddling*
    soooo truuuuue (http://uppix.net/b/d/6/431a4bed42d252fa8366e1d6d88a5.jpg) ^^

    That s actually a very nice poses collection you posted ! Will come handy to draw, 3Q–


    • A~hh! thank you~* for sharing your photo!..you have so many plushy~♥ too (*´∀`)!!。。I usually only keep a few during the warmer summer months but they’re always a few that I sleep with. They’re like security =)!!

      W~ah! you do drawings too!….that’s something that I’m very very bad at , didn’t receive any artistic genes (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ I just adore~♥ seifuku, it’s really the cutest I think ^ ^。


      • MikeNeko says:

        Ho, i am not very good at drawing but i enjoy

        Don t worry for the warmth, you can clean them using a baby shampoo (that you buy in pharmacy).
        humidify a face cloth (one with a glove shape is perfect), with a little bit of water, then moist your plushy (shouldn t be soaking wet, just a little moist)
        Clean the face cloth then put a little bit of shampoo on it and open/close until it is not a gel/goo anymore but starts to foam, pass gently all over your plushy to leave a thin layer of product.
        Finaly, remove the shampoo with another moist face cloth (not the same one as the one with the shampoo on it off course !).

        and tadaaa, clean plushies.
        My biggest one is 1m40 tall, a looot of efforts to clean xD

        Anyway, since i sleep on my side, if i need something / someone to hold to sleep correctly, and i am divorced so lately that s plushies or dakimakura ^^;


        • A~h that’s really pretty!!..I love anime art and I wish I could draw anime too. I used to watch Cat girl nuku nuku and then try to draw her but they never came out very good (*>ω<)!。。but I think you're really good!

          W~ah! thank you~* I never knew how it would be best to clean them in the even that they ever became dirty….like when a little someone* here thinks it's a good idea to take one of mine outside and then drops them in the yard (/∇\*)!!In the past I would just try to dust them off and shake them a lot and when I was little I was thinking about putting one of them into the washing machine and omg! it's a good thing that my mom stopped me first!!! Wow~* that's so huge!!! I've always wanted a unicorn plushy but me thinks then that I would have no space to sleep anymore…(^q^)!

          Oh I'm sorry to hear that =(….but I hope you can find comfort from having a plushy friend~♥. I tend to sleep on my back but ever since I was little and I wanted to sleep with my parents they stopped letting me as I then found out that while I'm sleeping I tend to spin on some nights….I don't know why but my legs would eventually end up where their heads are..so so not good (ノロ≦。)!、。。and although I don't think I do that so often now I do roll over and so my bf♥ sometimes wakes me to say…."you're lying on me!" and during this past summer I would be sometimes a bit sweaty so that wasn't good either lol he puts up with a lot (人∀`*)。


  2. mikeymikez says:

    I am well educated now! ^^

    JJ wins no. 6 Dover!!


    • A~h you watched! I just thought these clips were so cute~♥! And they really shot them so that the camera is like her mirror and especially when she runs up close to it and is doing her ties and fixing her hair just so cute!

      Yay!!! you watched too!!! I was so so nervous as the laps were getting nearer to the end and after last week I’m so happy~* for J.J.~♥ \(^o^)/☆!!!! I’m only online now as I was glued to my t.v. all morning (*´∀`)!


    • Oh I was meaning to ask if your iPad will play videos here on WP? My phone can’t see them but I hope most visitors can watch them anytime =).


  3. mikeymikez says:

    I >swear< it wasn't me in the frozen food isle! ^^


  4. mikeymikez says:

    Sadly, Jobs doesn’t like flash, no flash on iPhone or iPad. Many sites are converting their videos so they will play, Youtube, esp. I will check to see what has to be done foe WP. Thanks for caring! Can you watch on BB?


    • Oh no videos don’t appear for me either…I was going to ask you what ‘flash’ was but then thought better of it as I’d just be confused XD. It’s interesting that a person doesn’t like videos to play on their own made devices….or does he market them or make them? Well either way I would think that many fans of iphone and ipad would love to watch streaming videos but then again maybe I’m just wacky~ :P.


  5. mikeymikez says:

    Hehe have my ways to see stuff here at work. With mifi can also connect laptop to 3G. Nom!!


    • Oh you’re working now?…..Mikey, always so busy ne~! Please take care to relax too and get lots of sleep…lol I’m one to talk about getting enough sleep though (._.;).


      • mikeymikez says:

        I’m so happy to be able to communicate with MB! IPad can do 95% of what I need to do with a PC. Has your Dad tried an IPad? Several of my friends don’t have one yet, but their Dads do!! 🙂

        I work Sun Mon Tu Wed officially, 10 hours a day. 3 days off!! Got some extra days and times too, as you know. SD Asian Film Festival starts 21-28 October, I have all those days off. Hawaiian Film Festival is happening now? I think

        Missed you dear!


        • Hmm…I don’t think so…..??? No I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have one but he does love his pc~♥ not sure how he would adapt to an iPad. I have one friend at work who has an iPad and he loves it absolutely swears by it’s capability~*! Maybe one day I’ll be so high tech :P!…but then I probably won’t know how to use it XD!

          A~hhhh that’s an amazing schedule!! and you get three days off!! But 10 hours…so long! I think I would faint near the end of every shift and be sent home (._.;). Oh that’s so bad of me I don’t even know about the film festival here (._.;)!…..there’s always so many breakthrough films and films that everyone should see at these festivals. I usually end up reading about or hearing about them later from friends……have a most wonderful~* time and I know you will!! You always see the most awesome films!!…and thank you~* always for your recommendations ^ ^♥。


  6. mikeymikez says:

    Flash has become very common way to display video and more. It does have issues, and it is not an official Internet STD. Many devices cannot display flash for one reason or another. HTML5 can do a lot of what flash does now, and that’s why Apple (they say) refuses to enable flash on IOS (iPhone, Touch and iPad) devices. Getting to be more HTML5 and other work arounds, so hopefully a non-issue soon! How are you creating your videos now? I mean, what program do you use to convert?


    • Oh so it’s sort of a battle of different technologies? Maybe marketing or promotion rights are also reasons I wonder?…but if they can have a universal media it would be so so much better for everyone everywhere….lol I know I’m dreaming foolishly :P. Oh I’m using Wondershare DVD converter right now for all videos here and those that are/were @ Vox. I can edit parts of videos too which I love and it has a lot of different formats to which you can convert to. Most importantly is that it’s most easy to use which would explain why I can use it (*´∀`)。


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  8. mikeymikez says:

    I found this article that might enable you to provide video that almost everyone can see – including iPhone and bb – from one source!! ^^ Need you friend to help you initially, I think, but then it should be pretty straight foreword after that. You would rule even more then! ❤


    Haha The films and music you recommended to me are priceless! I hope I can return the favor a bit! The funny thing is that many of the pre mires here have been out in Asia for a year or two. Like Red Cliff 1 and 2. I already had a great English sub of them. The premiere here was the US combined version – more exciting, but a lot of the details where left out of course. The audience was wild for it! They showed it 3 more times over the coming months!! I was so proud to help bring it SD in my small way.

    Do you know Vicky Zhou Wei? She was the warrior Princess in Red Cliff. She is great in the role of Mulan in the the live action 2009 Chinese version. So emotional! And Jackie Chan's son is in it too! ^^ And I am sure that you are following the second season of Glee on Fox?? Best show in a long time!! And Charice is in the first episode!

    Anyway, so glad that you are still here! ❤ Would


    • Oh I think a friend watched the combined version and so true that too much gets left out and the films lose a lot of their impact and story too :/. Red Cliff was so perfect~* with its pacing and you never feel like there’s any filler or unnecessary scenes at any point =). I know they were long films though so it’s understandable that they combined them for the U.S. premier. A~h I’m so happy~* that we have similar tastes! Oh I haven’t watched this movie before…only the Disney “Mulan” but not in live action. Vicky Zhou Wei…..I first saw her in “so close” with Shu Qi they’re so awesome in this film!!


      I love Jackie Chan too!!…he’s so funny and yet he kicks so much butt at the same time! I’ve watched some of his much more serious roles too but he’s just better being funny and kicking butt I think っo(*´∀`)o!Oh I’ve only watched a few episodes of Glee it is really funny and the writing so witty too! Charice? Thank you~* so much Mikey (*´∀`)♥。


      • mikeymikez says:

        I love So Close too!! ❤ in fact, that's how I discovered Corrinne May from Singapore, and now LA. She sang Close To You when Shu Qi's character is going up the elevator to get her target. The song is on the soundtrack cd which is impossible to find now. Corrinne has so many great songs though, and a 17 month old baby daughter named Claire. 🙂

        I subscribe to Glee on iTunes so they come to me asap! Watched the opener twice on my iPad!! Charice played Sunshine in that episode. if you don't know her, lookup Charice Note To God in Youtube. Her voice is unbelievable!!

        It is so nice to be in touch again


        • A~h she sounds so much like Karen Carpenter!!…I actually though they were using the Carpenter’s version in the film XD. The choreography there was great and with that song playing it really created a surreal moment~* in the film. I’m thinking that maybe only if you got really lucky you’d maybe see a copy on auctions one day but with a film like “so close” I do imagine it’d be most rare.

          Wow I didn’t know that they were doing iTunes but the show is so popular so it’s a great way to make so much more available =). I’ll check for her videos…thank you~ ^ ^♥。


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    MB, mikeymikez solution won’t work; WordPress only allows a small subset of HTML (“language” in which webpages are written) in posts, comments, post titles and, well, everywhere else. The only HTML you can use is usually for formatting text and inserting images; they don’t let you do fancy stuff like the tag, for security reasons probably. Not letting other users use these kind of stuff in comments is obviously for security, and I’m guessing they stop blog owners from using it for various reasons: protecting the authors from themselves (of being tricked of putting some malicious code in their posts), protecting themselves from what the blogs they host contain (sure, that’s taken care of in the Terms of Service, but if you make it more difficult for bloggers to spread bad stuff, it’s all the better) or whatever else. Anyway, it doesn’t work. For the same reasons you couldn’t post Vizu polls here (I tried doing that too, and it didn’t work)


    • Thank you~* for explaining!…I would be so lost trying to figure out these things :/. That’s really smart of WP to keep formats so that you can’t add other content and it makes so much sense and keeps everyone here much safer =)! I tried Vizu polls at first too but having Polldaddy as an affiliate here works really well and it even displays on mobile devices too which is wonderful~*. I only can’t add images to their polls but it’s okay ^ ^。


  10. mikeymikez says:

    Ok, check this then. An offical wp add-on that seems to do a lot of what we want! 🙂



    • HarimaKenji says:

      No, this is WordPress.com, not WordPress.org. She can’t install plugins here, nor change anything in the WordPress installation or server configuration. And anyway, this doesn’t do anything of what you were talking about; it’s only for people with self-hosted blogs to use WP.com hosted videos, this blog is already hosted in WP.com. WP.com might have a lot more features than Vox, but it’s just as closed, without the ability to post HTML herself into the posts the only way she could use the HTML5 tag is if WordPress changes some rule.


    • HarimaKenji says:

      There are a lot of other plugins that can do this though; it’s just a matter of WP.com deciding to enable them. I’ll see if they have anything available already.


      • HarimaKenji says:

        Ah, I thought maybe there was some way to enable supported plugins, but there isn’t. Looks like the plugins WP.com supports are automatically enabled in all blogs. Read more.


        • Thank you~* HarimaKenji♥! There’s so much that I don’t understand and you’re always saving me from myself! So there really is so much different in self hosted blogs on WP but I think that having everything automated probably helps~* me a lot as I wouldn’t know what to do or where to start if I had to make my own options here so I just like that everything’s formatted one way so not even I can make a mess of things (人∀`*)。

          I really do feel that I can do just about everything that I want to do here @ WP and each day it feels even more and more natural to me….I still do trial and error with some functions because I don’t know exactly how they work but it’s great that you can preview everything you create here before posting just in case it’s not right…..on Vox I would just have to post it….find out I made a mistake….hide the post….re~edit and then re~post and then it probably looked as though my post got sucked into a black hole for awhile XD! I still can’t get photos which are in groups to stay centered…..I first thought I did it correctly by using the paragraph center click button but when I previewed they were still to the left side….it’s not really important but I think it looks a bit odd that they’re all the way to the left (・_・).


          • HarimaKenji says:

            That really won’t work, if you want the grouped images to be centered you should put them inside a table, and then center the table. I can’t help with that until Sunday though; I don’t have Windows Live Writer right now…


            • At first I thought I could do it as I was using the centering option atop as you can do with text and the photos in my edit screen were all centered in groups but then when I clicked on “preview” they weren’t anymore XD. That’s so great to know that you can use WLW to have them centered =)! I know I keep bugging you….sorry (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓


  11. mikeymikez says:

    All your videos are working now on my new iPad ! So nice to be to do most things on it! ❤

    Don't want to miss important Idol moments! So nice to re-read these comments! We shall always be friends!


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