~Arashi 「Love Rainbow」


Arashi Love Rainbow LE & regular edition singles The song…..just beautiful!! If you’re in need of a smile “Love Rainbow” is most uplifting with such positive lyrics & a soaring melody♥!! The title track is also the theme song for the Matsujun drama “Natsu no koi wa niji iro ni kagayaku” and songs like these will always evoke emotions for the listener. Single sales? Just awesome with over 573,000 singles sold \(^o^)/☆!And both tracks here are gorgeous ballads with its coupling “Over” being just as sweet~♥. And now for Arashi’s new video~♥…….!!..

Arashi’s “Love Rainbow” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan. (please not that the LE first pressing is out of print)

Arashi’s “Love Rainbow” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan. (please note that the LE first pressing is out of print)

scan0001 scan0002 scan0003


Arashi in Love Rainbow making of

Arashi- Over (mp3)

While a pv~♥ like “Happiness” can really get your heart thumping どき~どきー(*≧∀≦)ノ♥!!。。the visuals for “Love Rainbow” even while on the much more poetic side with really soft artistic touches are just as effective and especially for this style of song. I love how the scenery appears in places as separate transparent “photographs” and Riida in the making of comments that this was the first time they shot completely with a “green~back” but then I was thinking about the pv for “One Love”….wasn’t that all “green~back” also? I”m so used to saying “blue~screen” and yet it certainly is green here XD! But in any case this video’s most dreamy~♥!

vlcsnap-11015 vlcsnap-8533 vlcsnap-8601 vlcsnap-8623 vlcsnap-8669 vlcsnap-8858 vlcsnap-9514 vlcsnap-9608 vlcsnap-9687 vlcsnap-10313 vlcsnap-10490 vlcsnap-10614 vlcsnap-10695 vlcsnap-10800


Aiba’s so funny as while filming his walking scene he gets so animated with his gestures that he accidentally walks right off of that green~back treadmill thingy…(^q^)!  The making of included with the LE’s DVD runs about 27 minutes or so and that’s just enough time for the inevitable moment(s)……..

vlcsnap-18534 vlcsnap-16771

….during any Arashi activity where someone is giving Riida the business (。ーωー。)笑。He’s somehow just so much a magnet for that and one of the few times that you’ll see Riida turn the tables, albeit on a t.v. show’s host is whenever Arashi appeared on Utaban where Nakai assumed the role of being most “Riida~like” with both Taka~san and Riida working together to drive Nakai~kun most crazy ( ̄▽ ̄)!!Some of the very best television you’ll ever see I think!

A~h Nino~♥ is always so much the pro whenever you see any behind the scenes with Arashi, I mean during any song recording or choreography he’s always right on cue and gets everything like in a single take…….just perfect~*!

vlcsnap-23103 vlcsnap-11886 vlcsnap-12214 vlcsnap-12285 vlcsnap-12963 vlcsnap-14136 vlcsnap-14511 vlcsnap-15952 vlcsnap-16078 vlcsnap-20317 vlcsnap-20347 vlcsnap-20379 vlcsnap-20404 vlcsnap-20612 vlcsnap-21516 vlcsnap-21796 vlcsnap-21938 vlcsnap-22079


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2 Responses to ~Arashi 「Love Rainbow」

  1. mousoufest says:

    They are always so cute and awesome! Are you excited for Dear Snow?? Their releases is just one after another!


    • Love love~♥ this single!!! and I know it’s backwards of me but now I so want to see this drama with Matsujun♥!! W~ah! I know!!! and I got lured into pre~ordering both versions once again XD! October 6….doki doki~♥!


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