~48 reasons♥ to own a psp! (my WordPress housewarming giveaway (*´∀`)♥)

AKB1 48 Idol to koishitara LE first press edition psp game2 AKB1 48 Idol to koishitara LE first press edition psp game3

AKB1 48 Idol to koishitara LE first press edition psp game Hmm..admit it!….it’s something you may have dreamed~* about at one time or another? And really with idols♥ and just the term “dating” being a most taboo combination it’s truly a dreamlike cloud to lay upon one’s conscience~. If you’re a guy it’s probably a proposition that’ll make your mind explode~*! but even for girls I think and maybe I speak for myself only but without doubt my girl friends and I will check out* other girls albeit with very much different thoughts~♥ in mind from a guy’s (。ーωー。)笑 !

I’ve never thought of owning a psp before…now loving my DSi, but now owning a psp is a definite must!!!!!!!!!!! And psp’s are region free?…I do hope so!

The “renai” gaming revolution has long been a fixture amongst otaku fans mostly as “dating” in an alternate video game world in itself may seem from outside cultures as perhaps an extreme or oddly unimaginable gaming pastime,….however I think it’s purely awesome in every way really ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!

So let’s set the table here……all 48 AKB♥ girls are wanting* “you” (the one who inserted the game cartridge into your psp console =) ) and you’ll spend I think many a dreamy~* hours trying to ward off their love advances~♥ upon you as there can only be one (*´∀`)♥!。。yes one! It’s also something we girls also dream~* about…..a guy who can commit* to one~♥ as in we’re your one~and~only♥! I think I just frightened off about 89% of the male population everywhere…(^q^)! Hmm..but can you fathom 48 girls being after you all at once? :O!!!….or 48 guys for that matter?!!! =)!!! I wonder if Johnny’s will see this and release a Johnny’s renai~♥ game where Tackey, Kimutaku, Sho~kun, Matsujun, Yamappi, Tsubasa, Riida, Aiba, Nino~♥ and everyone else is after you? ♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait :P! But seriously the girls all had a fun time making this most original and unprecedented game!!!….and from reading their comments on their blogs the experienced ranged from embarrassing to some most enlightening moments~*….I mean they’re confessing their true~♥ love and unlike with acting many of the girls took it much more heartfelt~♥ and true~. Hmm…but back to commitment….lol…um….well..:P.


Okay~* and now for anyone who hasn’t yet fled (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ !。。here are the edition details beginning with the first press♥ limited edition which for about $115 includes the AKB psp game, 10 photos (I’m thinking randomly inserted?), 2 making of DVDs totaling approximately 240 minutes, 48 life size kiss♥ marks, 24 alternate double sided jackets, “UMD” disc (not sure what a UMD disc is) with extra footage not used in the game and a special box packaging it all!!! There area also a LE  first pressing and regular edition available now for pre~order which feature lesser variations of the first press♥ edition~. I’m thinking though that one must go with the LE edition first pressing for a gaming experience as unprecedented as this!!! It will cost over $100 but I so think it’ll be so worth it!!!

As Japan has the very best in special~* packaging and releases there is of course the ultimate version of this AKB renai~♥ game which goes under the title of “premier pack”…..and for a yes~! a whopping 36,729 yen you’ll receive in addition to all of the extras found in the first press♥ limited edition a special AKB psp all in pink!!…and alternate battery covers with kiss marks for all 48 featured members!! It appears that this “premier” edition is only on sale for pre~order @ Amazon Japan and interestingly isn’t available for customers outside of Japan as it’s noted to only be available to ship within Japan :/. So what that means is that if you’re interested in the “premium” edition you’ll need to go through a proxy to purchase it. edit: just while typing this I realized that the “premium” edition is now possibly sold out as Amazon Japan isn’t taking any more pre~orders at this time but you can still add this item to your wish list~* in hopes that it becomes available again and in that event they will notify you =).

Well no matter which edition you choose to purchase, you can be assured that the flirtatious~♥ ways of 48 idols will be on full display…….unprecedented in idol♥ world? With a capital Y~E~S~! How will one ward off the comings♥ on of a doe eyed Miichan?…..the steady endearment♥ of Takamina?…..Acchan just being too cute to say no to~!…..the overpowering mayuge♥ of Aaamin??….Sasshi trying to drag you into a maid cafe and attempting to convert you into a wota? :O…..well um I could go on and on…..Mmm….however you may already know whom I’ll surely fall for or at least “try” to fall for unless Akicha has her way with me XD! The suspense (*≧▽≦)♪!!

Wanna win a copy~* of the psp game “AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara…?”

The LE first press edition with all of the extras~*? The special box set (A $137+ value with shipping).

To enter please share~* the AKB48 member who’s love♥ you would vie for in this psp gaming experience out of the 48~ and why…and please don’t hesitate if you’re a fangirl~♥ as AKB has a large fangirl~!♥ base too I know!!, just ask me XD!….hmm so our approach would rather be which member we would most like to befriend o(*´∀`)o゛♥。、。。。the deadline to enter is October 9th midnight (HST) and all eligible entries from then will compete~♥ to win AKB’s psp LE first press edition game in upcoming posts. This is my blog~warming giveaway here and a way to say thank you~* for visiting me here @ my new WordPress home♥ ^ ^。Please note that a minimum of 10 entries are needed to make this giveaway work…yoroshiku ne~♥.

Not sure whom you’d choose to fall in love♥ with?

Here are the 48♥ ↓↓↓ vying for your affection (*´∀`)。。。

scan0018scan0019 AKB48 Team A's Iwasa Misaki scan0005 scan0006 scan0007 scan0008 scan0009 scan0010 scan0011 scan0012 scan0013 scan0014 scan0015 scan0016 scan0017

scan0020 scan0021 scan0022 scan0023 scan0024 scan0025 scan0026 scan0027 scan0028 scan0029 scan0030 scan0031 scan0032 scan0033 scan0034 scan0035

scan0036 scan0037 scan0038 scan0039 scan0040 scan0041 scan0042 scan0043 scan0044 scan0045 scan0046 scan0047 scan0048 scan0049 scan0050 scan0051

scan0052 scan0053 scan0054 scan0055 scan0056 scan0057 scan0058 scan0059 scan0060 scan0061 scan0062 scan0063 scan0064 scan0065 scan0066 scan0067

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64 Responses to ~48 reasons♥ to own a psp! (my WordPress housewarming giveaway (*´∀`)♥)

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    A good number of people still think gaming in general is useless escapism, so I just don’t care much about what people think. But I’d love to laugh at what they’d have to say about dating games…

    “(…) a guy who can commit* to one~♥ as in we’re your one~and~only♥! I think I just frightened off about 89% of the male population everywhere…(^q^)!” Yaguchi Hitori Maru C -> How to Monkey Baby), used to cover movies every week (they had multiple weeks special coverage on Red Cliff) (oh, and Erepyon was there too for one of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni movies, don’t remember which one of them), now it’s… kinda lost its way/focus a bit XD but it’s still fun. BTW, I love TV producers’ creativity, but I wonder what the Japanese like so much about monkey babies? there’s th Funky Monkey Babys band too…)


    • HarimaKenji says:

      Something went wrong here and I just posted the first and last parts of my comment =/. Here it is again (whole thing):

      A good number of people still think gaming in general is useless escapism, so I just don’t care much about what people think. But I’d love to laugh at what they’d have to say about dating games…

      “(…) a guy who can commit* to one~♥ as in we’re your one~and~only♥! I think I just frightened off about 89% of the male population everywhere…(^q^)!” Yaguchi Hitori Maru C -> How to Monkey Baby), used to cover movies every week (they had multiple weeks special coverage on Red Cliff) (oh, and Erepyon was there too for one of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni movies, don’t remember which one of them), now it’s… kinda lost its way/focus a bit XD but it’s still fun. BTW, I love TV producers’ creativity, but I wonder what the Japanese like so much about monkey babies? there’s th Funky Monkey Babys band too…)


    • HarimaKenji says:

      =/ wth? not working for some reason. I’m quite sure I copied the whole thing this time. I’ll send it to you through Vox’s PM…


      • Okay~* I just read your PM and I wonder why your comment was not complete here at WP?……I understand okay now =). First lol are men that afraid of commitment ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!!。。that’s so sad!! A~h I can so relate to what you’re saying in your PM….I have witnessed conversations at work where some co~workers (guys! XD) are speaking about a game which I think they’re playing online based on their context and it’s like so so important sounding like how you have to do this and that in order to achieve this XD! I think it’s cute~*…gaming taken seriously, there’s surely nothing wrong with that ne~♥~! I guess it would sound so odd hearing about a virtual love life too (*´艸`)!

        I do wonder…..48 is a lot of “friendships♥” to deal with, but I’m thinking that AKB does everything right by fans so hopefully~* this psp game will be as endearing and fun っo(*´∀`)o!W~ah! Marippe is doing so much on t.v. and so perfect for her to be in comedy…she’s so natural and awesome at it =)!!! Hmm….’monkey babies’……….nande omoshiroi kashira?….? I don’t know either but they can be cute~♥.

        Oh and if anyone is reading this ↑↑↑ it may seem that I’m creating a conversation in my comments here :P……but for some reason HarimaKenji’s comment kept getting cut off and edited strangely so he PM’d instead and my comments here are referring to those PM’d comments XD. lol I’m explaining about things not visible here….sorry (._.;).


    • lol no doubt it can be culture shock I imagine (´。・д・。)!。。。”renai” games I wonder how they would be accepted or rather not accepted outside of this genre of fans. They’re cute though so it probably doesn’t matter =). A~hhh I’m a bit lost lol but it’s sooooo true that a lot of men have fear of commitment (+_+). I do wonder~* though if they were dating an idol~♥……..would that fear go out the window?


  2. maiZe says:

    Wow MB… :O This is a pretty awesome giveaway… Too bad I’m not an AKB fan. XD I definitely have a PSP. Now if H!P would get on releasing a PSP game. ^_^

    Anyway… The reason I’m posting here… You weren’t sure what a UMD was. It’s basically the media that the PSP uses. Like for the DS you have the game cartridges, for PSP you have the UMD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Media_Disc

    Games come on UMD and you can get movies on UMD as well.


    • Hi maiZe~* by my sitemeter stats even with my “moving” post most everyone is still visiting my old Vox site…..as of now 401 visitors to my old Vox today and 119 here to WordPress today as it’s been like that every day even after I’ve moved XD. Thank you~* so much for linking me here at WP it means so much to me (*´∀`)♥ and that was so thoughtful~! I wonder if visitors will realize that I’ve moved?….I haven’t posted at Vox for so long and it’s lonely =(. Oh you’re so lucky to have a psp!!! I’m so behind with consoles but surely I’m getting one now! Mmm…me thinks that maybe one day you may like AKB?…but in no way am I going to try to influence that as I think that fandoms~♥ should be self found and they’ll mean that much more that way I know =). It’ll be so much fun to interact with real idols♥ in a game and reading about how much they put into this project I know it’s going to be amazing….and all with real footage.

      Oh~ thank you~* for explaining I had no idea what a UMD was XD! So it’s the format of psp…..=)! I’m such a dork with things :P!


    • Ugh….I meant to say 401 to Vox so far today and 119 to WP so far today….and I just realized that I can edit my own comments :O….I could never do that @ Vox.


      • maiZe says:

        lolol… I read your 2nd reply and was thinking.. “Isn’t that what MB said? o_O” Hehe. Yea, sometimes I need to edit my own comments when I reply to people either b/c I don’t read properly and answer the question/reply to the comment incorrectly… Or I just can’t type. XD Though, readers who comment can’t fix their own screw ups… They just have to double post if it really bugs them. XD


        • It crossed my mind that after I edited that I would begin to not make any sense at all lol XD! It’s funny I was just never able to edit comments before…another wonderful~* part of WP♥….at first I was so apprehensive about learning a new posting system but I’m learning very quickly that it’s so much better to be here~♥.


  3. johpan says:

    Hi MB! Congrats on the new blog!! If you need any help with anything theme related, don’t hesitate to ask ;D

    Fortunately (as it says in the article maiZe posted), PSP Games on UMD don’t enforce Region Locking but Video and Music UMDs do (though I’ve never bought a video or music UMD before). I’ve had my 1st Generation PSP for a few years now and I’ve learned a thing or two about customization. I’ve even changed the faceplate a few times. Right now, it’s metallic pink and is named Lovetan because of the background ;D

    If you end up buying a new PSP and updating to the latest firmware, you shouldn’t have any problems running the game and all accompanying extras.

    As for my entry, I will be vying for my oshimen, Aminachiyan’s love because of her good spirit, undying dedication to AKB48 and idoling, and determination to be the best she can.

    I really wonder how the whole “dumping” process is going to work. I should brush up on my Japanese… I don’t want to break any eHearts now. 😦


    • Hi Joh~*, I’ve missed speaking with you! Oh dear now you’ve opened up the floodgates XD!!….just kidding but really WP is so much a learning experience and I’ve been learning a lot each day about how it works although my posts still appear really clumsy (._.;). Hmm…I was wondering how people create such elaborate banners…or even simple ones as I know you have to stretch out the photo or rather crop it so wide and you really lose a lot of the original photo. So I’m thinking that you surely first need a really long photo to begin with so as to not lose too much of your image…..lol that probably sounds really stupid (ノロ≦。)!!A~h that’s so awesome that you can change the look of your psp!…..love love pink♥ too! Okay so the premier pack appears to be all sold out at the moment unless they get more so I’ll for sure need to purchase a psp by December. Oh dear you’ll need to update even a new psp?…I was afraid of that!

      A~h thank you~* you’re the very first entry! “Aminachiyan”….I’m still learning everyone’s nicknames~♥ and I thought I knew a lot of them by now XD.

      Hmm….the flirting or confessions~♥ will be most (*´艸`)!!。。I think or at least that’s what some of the girls blogs have been expressing…I don’t know how it would feel to try to express true love to a camera while trying to be so real about it, surely would be nerve wracking and embarrassing especially with others watching (´。・д・。)。Hmmmm...”ほっといて!”。。。”ごちゃごちゃいわないで”。。。”君よりいいこがさがせる”。。。ほかに好きな人がいるの”。。。。。!あっ!やばいやばい!、その事を言わないで下さいね~*(*´∀`)♥。


    • Hi Johpan~*, just wanted to remind you that your driver choice deadline for the AKB48 psp game giveaway is today midnight (HST) =).



  4. CK says:

    Wow MB, that’s an amazing giveaway!!! I’m really going to put my all into this as I would love to win that prize!

    Glad to see you are settling into your new home. BTW, the last time we talked you were going to make a certain “purchase”. I am still waiting for that review!


    • Hi CK~*, I want to apologize so much first….me and PMs and I know I haven’t replied to PMs recently (._.;). I’ve been so behind on things so much recently and when Vox first announced that they were closing I sort of went into a depression and I stopped listening to releases that had arrived leaving them in their boxes =(. My AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2010 did arrive but it yet remains wrapped….I’m looking at it now and it comes with a really large book too…feels like from its spine that it’s hardcover? The DVD casing is just as large as the book and I have your setlist from this concert that you sent me….Mm this is going to be amazing~*!!! Lots of favorites~♥ and so many new songs to me that I’m most looking forward to watching/hearing….and I think there’s a member photo inside?….I still haven’t opened it….I don’t want to until I know I can commit to watching it completely~. I’m thinking soon. It’ll be my very first live thoughts post at WP and I just hope that it doesn’t look too odd as I’m still really learning how WP works (・д・`*)!!

      Mmm…..CK is yet to say whom will be vying for his heart~♥ here but I think I may know? Then again I think you may be surprised whom I would most likely choose ( ̄▽ ̄)


  5. hydeo says:

    ahaha this a little crazy no ?

    sending that little expensive item to someone, anyway i dont know if i go enter in this, anyway i dont have a psp aehaeha :\… but the other things get a lot my attention

    about relationships, i think both sides stay a little afraid about all this, so normaly the 2 ppl who like each other dont tell to the other because stay afraid and this make the 2 get a lot of time without worring about whats going on if they say or the answer of the other, and normaly get a lot of time to say “aishiteru” to the guy\girl they like

    yah is my situation now aheahehae

    MB here on WP dont have pm system ?? is really sux if dont have ahehaeha

    and well, need make a dreaming date with the girl u like right ?? my life go be hard to chose one aeaheha, aamin, yuki, sasshi, kitarie, mocchi ?? who i get aehaheae ?



    • A~h but it may give you an incentive to own a psp?…..just the concept is mind altering XD!…lol I mean 48 after one person? :O I’m so looking forward to all of their confession dialog~♥ will be so cute I think!!! So true~, confessions are most frightening for the confessor…..you just have thoughts of worry and what will they say, Mm! that’s why men should always be the aggressor I think! I don’t see any PM system in WP.


      • HarimaKenji says:

        “that’s why men should always be the aggressor I think!” LOL this is such a great sentence to be taken out of context…

        WP doesn’t have a PM system (not in wordpress.com anyway), but you could make a contact form. It’s looks just like a comment box, but what’s written in it goes to your e-mail (registered on WP) only (it’s not posted anywhere on the page). However, the only way you have to reply to it is by replying to the e-mail, so it turns into an e-mail conversation (i.e. you’d be giving your e-mail away when you reply). BTW, I was going to comment about this in your About page yesterday, but I guess I didn’t post the comment in the end? I wrote it… Oh well, must have gone do something else, forgotten and closed Firefox.

        To make a contact form, make a new page/post (I think this is better as a page, so it’d go at the right of the About tab) and copy/paste

        [contact-form show_subject="yes"]

        somewhere in the content. It’ll look like this.


        • ぇええ〜ッ(。ーωー。)笑!!、now I’m thinking um….that may not be the very best thing to say to a guy XD.

          I wonder what should I do?

          I went though a period of getting really awful perverted PMs at Vox so I sometimes wouldn’t even open them if I didn’t recognize the sender (u_u*). Most people are kind and sweet~*, but I’ve had a real apprehension =(. And yet I’d miss being able to have PM’s with you~*. I’ll give you my e~mail address if it’s okay but I don’t want to post it here for that reason.


          • HarimaKenji says:

            Oh no, don’t worry about that, I can just use your About page’s comment thread for random topics and it’s no big deal =P I don’t care if it’s private or not, it was just a way to contact you about stuff that’s not really related to any post. But your e-mail wouldn’t be in the contact form in any way; you’d just receive them in your e-mail. If you replied, then the person would get an e-mail from you and of course they could see your address where it came from; if you just ignore and not reply, there’s no harm done. But as I said it doesn’t really matter, I’ll just use the About page when I want to say something.

            By the way, I got some really funny perverted PMs in my case, because all those people were talking as if I were Konkon ~ I don’t think I had that in Vox but in other social networks I got some… and just one of them ever had the intelligence to look at the “gender” that’s always listed in these sites and see “Male”, and the guy still asked what I was XD


            • A~h I just sent my e~mail…..you don’t have to use it though, here is okay~* =). U~n the about page is perfect ne~*..I like that idea and maybe everyone can use it too. Okay I understand, maybe I’ll ask you for help later to create that page but I’ve saved your message too.

              E~h!! that’s so bad (ノロ≦。)!!


              • hydeo says:

                oh wait, first i want ur email too @.@ ehaheahe, sometimes i wnat send pm to u talking about things not related to here and about particular things… so can i have ur email too ? ^^ thx if i can have ur email hehe

                aehaeha i dont know who need be the agressor but probably the one who stay in love

                anyway lol i never stayed thinking about this much time

                so MB if u can send ur email to me too ^^ i have lot of things to talk with u there ahehaehahe

                kisu… if u want i leave my email here to u send…send in newarts2@yahoo.com.br if u want ^^

                is not my original email but i dont go put the original here aheahea, and when i get ur email i send a msg to u

                thx MB

                sorry for annoying u a lot about this things ^^ of pm to u


                • Hmm….well I was thinking that I liked what HarimaKenji suggested as I think it’ll be much simpler to use the “about” tab atop for anything unrelated to any posts here. I hope~* that’s okay =).


  6. strawberrie says:

    Wow that’s a really expensive item. I was always wonder what those dating simulations where like but I don’t really have a guy friend whose into them (or secretly hiding it from me). I told myself I wouldn’t buy another game until I finish Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days on DS and still I bought Chain of Memories (GBA) and Birth by Sleep (PSP) from the Kingdom Heart series…….as bad as I am… I still love that series (just like Tomb Raider and The Sims).


    • A~h! I wonder if guys are so shy about these things?? XD….and yet it’s so much a Japanese thing and not really seen outside or at least not here. Oh I love my DS!! It’s so convenient to take anywhere and yet there are games that I’ve only played part way through….I really need to finish them XD.


  7. AimxAim says:

    This is a pretty incredible prize. I would enter this except I don’t know that much about AKB48. XD


    • U~n I really had so much an apprehensive thought about AKB, and while H!P has always been everything to me I’ve always been open to being turned onto something new….but understandably AKB is not easily consumed as they’re a large group and not a casual fandom to fall in to. In earlier posts here I can be heard saying things like….”I don’t think I could ever like AKB” or that “it’s too much to take on being that I love H!P so much”….so it came in baby steps~* and with wonderful introductions from friends~♥ online I learned so much and what I thought was inconceivable for me to love became equally as awesome as H!P~♥. I’ve never bought into the rivalry thing (ノロ≦。)!。。。I mean we can love as much as we want to and as little as we want to but it’s not the idols♥ fault ever. Fandoms are ours. It’s so well documented on AKB member blogs of how they adore~♥ H!P, I mean H!P paved the way…made so much possible….made so many dreams~* possible and I loved when No Sleeves posted about having an all H!P karaoke night out \(^o^)/☆!。。and now I’m babbling sorry (._.;). I can best share my journey as both H!P and AKB are now my world here……



  8. Mina says:

    Okay, I never entered one of your giveaways before. Do I just write it in the comments. I feel like I need to write an at least five page essay to win this. Okay. I personally would want to accept all my favorites (and I have a lot of those) admissions of love, but if I had to choose one. . . Amina Sato. All though she sometimes disappoints me, she always wins me back ten fold. It is kind of easy; I’m a sucker for lolis. She is undeniably cute. I can see it now. She makes me lunch and it looks really good but tastes bad, or the other way around. Plus, she does have a habit of getting into perverted situations, but I bet they didn’t include that. As a fan I know they work hard, especially the ones at the front. However, Amina has worked so hard that she deserves to be in senbatsu. She proves that you don’t have to be Acchan to be unbelievably cute. Plus, I’m learning Japanese so this could give me good practice. I feel like I need to say more. If I won I would cry because I don’t have the cash to buy this. Oh god. Thank you. I hope I did this right. sorry.


    • A~h you’re so cute~* you’ve written it totally right (*´∀`)♥。A~h we do have our passions~* ne with idols….J~pop….all things cute and catchy♥! Oh you’re so wonderful….it’s like I’m reading into your idol thoughts~* like with a virtual date! I wish UTB would still have their DVDs as they would have idols go on dates~♥ with “you”…..so so adorable! The jan~ken~po senbatsu single is going to be amazing~* ne \(^o^)/☆!!。。while I love the current senbatsu~♥ there are so so many Undergirls whom I so want to see featured!!! I totally agree..oh that’s so great! We can speak in Japanese here too later ne~* (*´∀`)。You’re so adorable….so candid with your thoughts, thank you~ ^ ^♥。


  9. Cat says:

    Ok, first of all, welcome to wordpress! 😀 I love how you can comment here without having an account xD And thank you very much, that is a wonderful giveaway!

    As for which AKB48 girl I would want to befriend the most (I’m a girl…), surprisingly, it isn’t my oshimen, but a different girl xD I mean, I love Yuko but I kind of have a feeling of adoration towards her and my other top oshis (Tomo~mi and Haachan) and if I think about befriending someone, it’s definitely got to be Team A’s Sashihara Rino. Sasshi is amazing because she’s so real. She’s not afraid to talk about her fears or the things she doesn’t like about herself, and she’s also very quirky and fun! She notices a lot of interesting random things like an onion that fell from the sky one night while she was walking, or why are cherries sitting on top of sushi rolls she bought one day and MANY MANY more. I think that Sasshi is also a very humble girl, who would be kind of open to having a friend, and one who would be a ton of fun to hang around! Also, she’s a wota herself, loving many idol groups, so it means that I’d instantly have something in common with her and we could fangirl over Berryz together ❤

    Ok, I think I made this way too long already hahaha. Sorry, I can't shut up when it comes to AKB48 x_x


  10. kitsy says:

    Welcome to your new blog! I hope you find wordpress to your liking~!

    Wow. I just caught wind of this game recently. It’s sort of amazing how far AKB48 has come over the past couple years. 😀

    If I have to fangirl over one member, it’d have to be Sae. :3 I admire Mayuyu, but not quite in the same way. ^^

    (In fact, sometimes Mayuyu reminds me of Shizuka Kudo. Must be the eyebrows.)


  11. hydeo says:

    so, go be like this, the comments to the girls u like aheahea, i go try later when i stay in home… but well probably go need pay tax when come to our country because the big box…maybe a little expensive tough, i really dont know i go have tax too

    but i go try, i think i go for Aamin this time heheh

    the bad part is if i win where i go play the game ahehaeha

    and in the jokenpo tournament maeda x maeda aheaheae… Aamin kick acchan butt… sorry for who like acchan , but im so happy for see her close to get out the senbatsu, and happy for the most of the girls be ex-kenkyusei 😛 and lot of akb girls who never appears much

    :** MB


    • Hmm…I really don’t know, I know customs may tax packages :/. I want to see the Jan~ken~po senbatsu results…….their guidebook is so amazing!!..they even broke down each member’s tendencies with jan~ken~po =)! W~ah!!!! Aamin!!


      • hydeo says:

        yah this is really sux aheahea :\
        have a video on H!O where they show the full tournament try download, is the only one for now
        hehe i liked uchida like center she is cute :P… and amina stay in second if i remember


        • Is it a torrent?…I tend to stay away from those. I’ll try searching for the janken senbatsu results to see if I can find them anywhere =). Secretly* I was hoping that either Sasshi, Aamin or Natsuki would win (人∀`*)。


          • hydeo says:

            yah, sorry i forgot u dont like torrents eheh
            maybe in youtube or youku.com someone have uploaded

            if i found a direct link i tell u too ^^

            humm i dont remeber all the girls but Aamin stay in the single too


  12. mousoufest says:

    Hey MB!! Remember me?? XD
    Now that Vox is closing down I don’t have fan blog anymore T^T Not that I wrote much in it anyway, haha~
    Your “new home” is all warm and cozy! Hehe~ Very nice! I like how it loads much faster now *sweat* XD

    If I had to pick a favorite…I would say Mayuyu. Who can resist that cuteness? And I especially like how she’s an otaku, because then she’s not annoying like typical teenage girls now days. She’s even more cute when she speaks of the anime character she likes! So pure and innocent. Also, because I love DRRR as well XD


    • Hello~*! At first it was difficult to imagine that I’d ever cope with the closing of Vox but I’ve gotten so much help~* here to learn how this site works and I’ve realized that it’s much better here @ WP so hopefully I don’t make a complete fool of myself as there’s still things here which I have no idea of what they are or what they here for or what they do (*´艸`)。Thank you~* so much!….I’ve been trying to get a lot of things set here so that it’s just right for me and so far so good I think….hope =)? And so true~*! about the loading time as I really notice how even the main page loads much faster…….and even more so with searches or archive searches as then posts are all abbreviated so that you can click on just the ones you want to view and then everything loads so much quicker ^ ^。

      U~n! I’ve really fallen for Mayuyu too and a lot of has to do with her unit Watarirouka Hashiritai being one of my first loves~♥ in AKB. So I now have Sasshi being wota which is the best thing ever \(^o^)/☆。。。but also Mayuyu (*´∀`)♥。


    • Hi Mousoufest~*, just wanted to remind you that your driver choice deadline for the AKB48 psp game giveaway is today midnight (HST) =).



  13. Risuzu says:

    I’m female and only attracted to other females. And if I had to choose only one member, I’d have trouble deciding between Miyazawa Sae and Akimoto Sayaka.

    Too bad there isn’t an Inaba renai game for me.;)



    • Hi Risuzu~* hisashiburi ne~*! A~h I think they’re both so pretty!! Sou~ne the renai gaming♥ world could cover so many more idols too! I’m wishing~* for a Johnny’s version game where I get to gush~* over Tackey, Kimutaku, Nino, Sho~kun, Aiba, Riida, Matsujun…..and I think I’d also want Takenouchi Yutaka~♥ in the game too because……..well I shouldn’t share that here (*´艸`)!


  14. hydeo says:

    but in that “about” thing only u can read the things posted there?? or is public too ?


    • Oh it is public but just not related to anything in particular so it would be an ideal place for anything else anyone would like to ask or just express =). I’m wondering if I should make more tabs but I can’t even think of what to use them for right now XD.


      • hydeo says:

        haha put “another-About” , “about again” aheaheaeh

        maybe if u make some categories like H!P , MM , AKB or this things, maybe look cool to the ppl talk about the groups


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  16. Muse says:

    Ah, that’s quite a giveaway! I’ve visited your vox blog in the past, but all the pictures and videos and other goodies would freeze up my browser….
    Hopefully, now that I have a new computer and your blog has moved to wordpress, that won’t happen anymore!

    Of course for this game I’d pick my oshimen, Kasai Tomomi. Tomo~mi is just too adorable to resist, especially her cute voice~ She also has different sides to her though, and can be sexy too :3


  17. CK says:

    Okay, just in time, eh? No brainer! If I were playing this game I would be vying for Wasamin’s heart…
    To me one of the most fun aspects of cheering for idols is finding an idol that isn’t quite as popular, and making her feel special. As you know I have met quite a few idols over the past few years. I think in most cases we think of how awesome it made us feel when we meet them. But the second time I met Wasamin I was amazed at how obviously excited she became that I as a fan of hers. Then with the third and fourth meetings…well, I can’t even explain how it felt that I seemed to affect an idol that way. It is what makes Iwasa such a tremendous idol in my eyes. She always seems truly overjoyed that I would actually choose her as my AKB Oshimen.

    Not only that, she is a tremendously talented girl, one of the best singers AND dancers in AKB, further evidenced by her winning the AKB48 Karaoke contest this weekend. Unfortunately her popularity in the group is sadly small compared to her talent. But I know that will change soon.

    The funny thing is, with all the amazing encounters I have had with Wasamin over the last 2 years, I feel I have already played this PSP game…and won!


    • You have so much the most awesome~* idol♥ endearment with Wasamim!! I don’t know of any other idols blogging about their personal fan meeting like it is with you and Wasamin =)! And hearing from your personal accounts I just know that she’ll always be this way as with the much more popular idols they can sometimes be so overwhelmed and not connect with their fanbase as closely so your connection~♥ with Wasamin is most special (*´∀`)!!Ah! they have karaoke contests???…I had no idea and that’s so awesome!!! Karaoke is so popular here in Hawaii like in Japan and I can only think that Wasamin will only gain in popularity~* very soon!!

      A~h! that’s so sweet~♥……(imagines 47 others being turned away!) =).


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  20. HarimaKenji says:

    Kingdom Hearts 3D, a game… no idea what this comment is doing here. seems like spam to me.


  21. I just deleted it,….lol my comment above is “awaiting moderation…” I thought it would disappear xD.


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