~Your Sunday gravure, Yuichan♥ on top (*´∀`)!

vlcsnap-27963 vlcsnap-28035vlcsnap-28150

…and now that we’ve caught up with Yuichan~♥ first there’s the thought of gravure and really idols have different facets to their approach and appeal across this large genre in Japan where anything from “U” to pure to gravure can separate their fan~bases in obvious ways. There’s definitely a controversy to speak of with the “U” idols but when you step back a bit and think about it what it comes down to is really a variance in cultures and how even going back to one’s upbringing and how society and media are projected where you live can dictate and really just present aspects to which where to one it may seem so completely normal, while when viewed elsewhere questions may be abound. Gravure is seeing an idol in a light where they push the sexy* envelop a bit more or sometimes a lot more than their fellow idol counterparts as gravure is rather more of an approach than a definable line in the sand. To say one is gravure can simply mean that an idol tends to be marketed towards a sexier* aura so even with something as innocent as a mizugi* shoot, it @ times will also be quoted as “gravure” so this term is quite broad to say the least~.

vlcsnap-43200 vlcsnap-41613 vlcsnap-41837 vlcsnap-42123

There’s such an adorable~* innocence in Yuichan’s audition as she vied for the prestigious idol title of “Miss Magazine”…….lol I mean check out her audition/introduction sign (人∀`*)。。。!、where instead of maybe re~writing or maybe using the other side of her sign Yuichan opted to um….scratch out her hip measurement as her waist measurement was meant to be first :P! But then again I’ve witnessed oh~so~many “batsu” like reactions by staff where you just know that your favorite idols will inevitably fall at some point to the well, sometimes funnily timed and even a bit mean @ times plotting of the powers that be :P! So….um maybe the staff didn’t “have available” another sheet of paper (Yui’s sign material XD) so that she could correct it…..me thinks differently (。ーωー。)笑。

vlcsnap-17356 vlcsnap-17179 vlcsnap-17198

But (sigh*)…..the life of a gravure idol, I mean who wouldn’t love it! Aside from the batsu torturing and untimely unavailability of paper you do! get to wear the sexiest* and cutest of clothes….bikinis….sometimes much less clothes (・д・`*)!。。but I have a feeling~* no one’s complaining….fans and the idol♥ alike =).

Okay~* in order to back this up, here’s a “day in the life” of Yuichan♥…..and yes~! in case you’re wondering she does eventually get on top* (*´艸`)。。。:P!

vlcsnap-17753vlcsnap-16533 vlcsnap-16105 vlcsnap-16162

vlcsnap-25516 vlcsnap-18870 vlcsnap-19001 vlcsnap-19155 vlcsnap-19519 vlcsnap-20043 vlcsnap-20986 vlcsnap-21404 vlcsnap-22570 vlcsnap-23193 vlcsnap-25280 vlcsnap-25322

Yuichan on top!…and as promised, here’s Mmm…..Yuichan♥ on top ↓↓↓。。(^q^)!


vlcsnap-39752 vlcsnap-30143 vlcsnap-17507 vlcsnap-32999 vlcsnap-33022 vlcsnap-33410 vlcsnap-25516 vlcsnap-34600 vlcsnap-34632


Being new to it all Yuichan♥ does fall victim to the dreaded NG and you gotta love that where Western television tends to separate their “NG’s” into special features and the like, here it’s just part of the original program ( ̄▽ ̄)♪♪~!


This post was brought to you by our sponsors ↑↑↑ @ ABSOLUT VODKA.

Just kidding!! but isn’t it funny that well……

..wait a minute! it does look like ABSOLUT VODKA sponsored Yuichan♥…(^q^)!

Mmm….I tried vodka once and didn’t like it at all (ノロ≦。)!!!but then again it was “disguised” in oj so when I think about getting screwed*..I mean by screwdrivers it’s absolutely off limits to me!!!!

Was it okay~* to say that….sorry vodka (・c_・;)?

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ~Your Sunday gravure, Yuichan♥ on top (*´∀`)!

  1. hydeo says:

    ah is koike yui ?.. .i has see some pics of her before

    her name remember me koike rina aheahea, but i think the 2 is not related aheahea

    but who is the other girl ??

    luck her stay down koike ;x aheaheahehae


    • U~n I adore♥ her so much (*´∀`)!。。there was a photo book giveaway of hers a short time ago…


      She’s Konaki Jun…they’re best friends♥ and so cute in the video! I hope~* it played okay ^ ^。


      • hydeo says:

        ee, and i dont know about :\ damn, i go need download so aheaheha.. i have an site maybe have all her PB and magazine images, normaly i see a lot of things of her on my rss

        konaki i go search something from her too ahehae

        video? aehahe i think i pass without noticed aheahea

        so how old is her ?

        and her is not rina sis right ahehae ?


          • hydeo says:

            humm young yet :3

            she is really cute, i downloaded the things of the site i sended to u in the other post, now need see the pics and the videos aehaheahe

            an old post… so good heheh :3

            i take a look

            and no one make a comment there ahehae bad :\


            • U~n it’s sort of a lonely post (+_+)…but it does get viewed quite a lot as I’ve noticed. Even still @ Vox right now her post shows up in my Blogpatrol stats every day quite a lot so I think it’s most likely from a Google search.


              • hydeo says:


                but her is someone who deserve been look a lot 😡 aheahea

                she is cute a lot, i see one of the scans where she is with the hair a little short than normal, and wahhh is so cute aheahea better than the long one 😛

                and i like girls with long hair 😛


                • Ehhhhh?…that’s so different of you =)! I mean I just remember you saying how much longer hair meant to you. But it’s true that depending on your facial features it can match much better on some girls than others but even that may be mostly personal taste~. I was able to get her autograph~♥ on a signed B.L.T. panel a few months ago..she signs really cutely using the hiragana for “yu” making it look like a little fishy~ (*´∀`)♥。


                  • hydeo says:

                    ok changing the msg place because staying tiny the way to read aheahea

                    yah i like long hair, but i dont lost a good girl with a little short hair ahehaeha
                    hai depend oh the girl face , and teh taste, i think for koike the 2 ways stay good hehe, but for her the middle hair , passing a little from her shoulders stay really good ^^

                    really? post a scan of this ;3.. u have so much luck buying this things aheahea, i dont try buy because the customers tax :\… a think u pay something like 20dollar can become someting like 100 dollars if u dont have much luck aheahea

                    i has seeing a old pb of her and wow her changed a lot… if u looked the site i send to u u go understand what i mean aheahe


  2. hydeo says:

    oh the msg dont become a new one :\


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Taxes are 60% of the full price of the order, including shipping. So if the shipping were 40 dollars, the 20 hydeo talked about turn into almost 100: 20 + 40 = 60 + 60% = 96. That’s valid for orders up to 3000 dollars, not meant for reselling. There are two exceptions to this: software pays taxes only on the price of the physical medium (in case, the CD/DVDs themselves) but that’s just in case where that price is explicit in the product, and that’s never true, so it’s an useless exception; and in the case of books, journals, magazines, and paper and anything else used to produce them. I have no idea whether “photobook” would count as “book”, but I did buy a lot of light novels some time ago and they arrived ok with no tax. I imagine manga would work too then (since you wouldn’t know the difference really by just looking at the cover if it’s a light novel or a manga, and none of them was open when I received).


    • HarimaKenji says:

      And I just noticed nobody asked. Sorry, nerd reflexes.


      • hydeo says:

        lol nerd reflexes aheahea

        but dont worry MB going to think on asking this ehahea
        her normaly ask 😛

        when i buyed a H!P concert in 2007, i close kill the guy who give me the package aheahea, well anyway is my only thing original from H!P aheaheahea

        and the best thing, have the Neko Reina <3~~~


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