~I now have direct video~♥ options here @ WordPress っo(*´∀`)o。

I was wondering what formats do other WordPress users put into their sites? Well first before asking I was really not going to have the ability to upload video directly here to WordPress as the cost seemed too much for me and perhaps I would embed links from elsewhere to here.

But then there’s always the worry of clips being eaten by YouTube or the like in other streaming sites =(!

Maybe I whine too much but a friend~♥ here purchased for me additional memory as the initial import from Vox had occupied the first WP allotment and I needed much much more memory for all posts from Vox to be here okay~* and……today I now have the ability to upload video directly to WP as he’s calling it an early Christmas present for me (*´∀`)。

It’s a one year subscription so I can upload as much video as I’d like as long as I have the available space to do so. Now with memory being a concern I was thinking that mp4 video would be best?…..I mean so that it’s quality wise watchable and yet it doesn’t take up too much memory? I noticed that avi was similar in size too and there are also options of windows video media and more here =)

So I guess what I’m wondering is how the video in the post below looks and plays for everyone? It didn’t take up too much memory and uploaded really quickly without any issues….thank you~* WP♥! I’m using a 640 X 480 setting with 30 frames per second and 1500kbps bit rate and audio at 128. I don’t know what any of that means but it’s what’s on my screen when I’m converting videos…..I can change the settings though but I think it plays okay this way? Mmm..please help with any video suggestions if you think the video below doesn’t look okay or if I’m wasting memory with these settings ^ ^。

Also posts here will look rather clumsy I think for awhile as I continue to learn how to use WordPress….wish~* me luck =)!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ~I now have direct video~♥ options here @ WordPress っo(*´∀`)o。

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Well, I think it is too high, but you’re not “wasting” space I guess. As far as I can see, it is streaming the mp4, not some .flv reencoded video. I’ll just say with this quality you’ll use about 11.9MB for a minute of video… .mp4 is good. What program are you using to convert them by the way? I think it’s too much to ask what’s the video codec, but I’ll find it out in a moment anyway (downloading the video you posted to test). You could run a few tests with different settings and see for yourself what’s the difference; maybe try 1000 / 1250 video bit rate or something like that and seeing for yourself how they look, that would be best if you want to know how much it’s worth using.
    I’d suggest that you do not post PVs / Making ofs though; those are certain to have torrents and direct uploads and you’d be wasting your space. And there’s always someone’s upload of them up on YouTube and similars, even if they all get deleted sooner or later.


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    Ok, just finished downloading the video. Whatever you’re using has good default settings, it’s all nice, the only thing you could do here is change the audio codec to something more efficient; aac makes no sense for a 128 bit rate. You should make it either ogg (better) or mp3 (worse). And maybe test different video bit rates if you care to.


    • lol you’re speaking too high tech for me XD!! Hmm….I can change the audio rate to be lower but it worried me that it would sound badly =(. I can reduce the 1500 to 900….it would always look grainy on Vox so I upped it to 1500 just now because Vox only allowed 50mb per video……ugh! I must be using too much space. I’ll try reducing all of the settings the next time I add a video here which will probably be soon but maybe the mp4 setting is okay?


      • HarimaKenji says:

        I thought I was speaking too high tech, I was just wasting some time until you answered the name of the program. You don’t have to add the video to test; it should look exactly like what you uploaded. So just watch it in your PC and see if you like it. 900 might look blurry in some videos though. I’ll look at what presets Wondershare has, but it’s a bad program if it only works with presets.


  3. I’m using Wondershare…I’ve had it for a long time although I don’t know how to use most of its features. lol ehhhh? you can download the video? I didn’t know you could do that. So the 1500 setting should be reduced….it can be under 1000 but they have presets so I can’t make it to a specific number. I do love pvs♥ though (._.;)…..

    And whenever I look for pvs they do seem to be deleted after awhile like you say…makes me sad that they can’t be seen even if they’re “promotional”….I wonder what promotional means to companies? =( Torrents are everywhere though ne, still having a library that anyone can visit I would love~…..I’m silly I know.


  4. HarimaKenji says:

    Hum… Actually there are a dozen different editions of Wondershare and they’re all for sale, so I don’t think I’ll be testing them. But anyway, I was looking around here and found out there’s nothing better you can do for the audio in mp4, so just let things the way they are. Try changing to the 900 preset and seeing if it’s watchable, trying is harmless, but I don’t expect much. I don’t know if WordPress accepts .mkv files, but if it does, you could change to that and use ogg for the audio, but if it doesn’t have a preset for that it could be just too much trouble to go through. Ah, whatever, just leave it the way it is, what really makes the difference is the video and that’s good already.


    • HarimaKenji says:

      Just as curiosity: YouTube’s video quality is 250 kbps bit rate for video, 67 for audio, and way worse programs than you’re using.


      • A~h! I’m overdoing things XD! I do like that the video doesn’t break up so much even with the size being sort of large here…I mean it’s not large really but with Vox I was so used to having the videos displayed so tiny so I feel like I’ve upgraded :P. U~n okay I’ll try the 900 setting next and if it looks very similar I’ll save memory with this setting….I just feel a relief knowing that YouTube won’t eat this video o(*´∀`)o゛。I’m relieved that it plays okay too as I was worried of how it would look when online. I was at first considering avi but I didn’t know if it would look any better.


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