~Young Jump features senbatsu girl Yukorin♥ and lots and lots of AKB っo(*´∀`)o!~


Young Jump 9.2.2010 bonus alternate Heavy Rotation jacket First though is this awesome~↑↑↑ * alternate single jacket that Young Jump has included with their 9.2.2010 issue for “Heavy Rotation” and like the original single jackets, it’s also printed on thick and glossy paper~. Acchan and Tomochin surely have the sultry* look down!!…while Kojiharu and Mayuyu  bring the adorable~♥!……heart~pops?, you can never go wrong with those (*´∀`)♥!!The third section of the extra jacket is just below….



Young Jump 9.2.2010 & Weekly Playboy 8.23~30.2010 Browsing~♥ auctions can be a most adventurous experience~* where you can find yourself going from link~* to link~* in endless succession….well unless you’re able to control yourself XD but the wonderful part is that you can sometimes and more times than not find an item which you’ve been wanting whether for a long while or not on auctions and yay~* I was able to bid successfully on a yet sealed copy of Weekly Playboy with that oh~so~adorable♥ AKB meets nyan~nyan thingy going on o(*´∀`)o゛♥。 Something about these issues of Young Jump though is just how um…..thick they are!!! I mean with an average of 450 pages which measures a towering 3/4th’s of an inch+!! in thickness I can’t help but be reminded of “Kiiroi Namida” where omg! Nino~♥ is overworked with his manga aspirations~* (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!!。。

Nino♥ in Kiiro Namida

…..and what I mean by that is just how much manga is in each and every issue of Young Jump and alike publications all over Japan!! It’s mind boggling that this amount of manga is written, drawn and edited with even weekly publications in this amazing~* volume (・д・`*)!!!Me thinks that I would need an ice~pack very much too with such demands :P.

Young Jump 9.2.2010 pull~out poster

And if this issue of Young Jump isn’t already awesome~* enough?….they also have a cute~♥ pull out poster featuring Yukirin, Mayuyu and Kitarie ↑↑↑ ^ ^。

U~n and now for the article scans~♥ with Kasai pretty in pink, Yukorin being Yukorin~♥ in murasaki (that means perfection~*!), Acchan scorching in red!, Miichan…cream~si~cle heart~melting in orange (you know it’s the best flavor (*´∀`)♥!)、Sae sexy* in blue, Tomochin tantalizing~* in…..well Tomochin’s~♥ always tantalizing~ ne~*…! and last but definitely not least is Kojiharu bringing the sexy* in what I think may be the cutest♥ bikini …..adore the ruffles (*´∀`)♥。

scan0002 scan0003scan0004scan0005scan0006scan0007scan0010scan0011scan0012scan0013scan0014scan0015scan0016

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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38 Responses to ~Young Jump features senbatsu girl Yukorin♥ and lots and lots of AKB っo(*´∀`)o!~

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    LOL, look at that, I have to watch this “Kiiroi Namida” now. Hum, 450 pages is pretty big for a magazine I think… it’s nothing like the 1000+ manga anthologies, but still, the printing quality here must be a lot higher. It would look huge together with any magazine I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure… I’d probably keep it like a book if I had one.

    And as expected, no Takamina. Oh well, at least there’s Miichan, that’s rare in its own “a bit more frequent than Takamina”-way.


    • Ehhhhh?!!! Mmm! it’s an all star Arashi~♥ cast!!! I was trying to get a particular guy friend to watch it and he said that you reaaaaaaallllly need to like these guys to watch :P! It’s a bit slow paced but I really enjoyed “Kiiroi Namida” and the LE came with a lot of extras too…..omg! there are larger manga publications (・д・`*)?!!!。。I mean I’m just dumbfounded by so much manga being written so quickly it’s impressive!!! lol the role played by Nino♥ really was a true reality then ne~*?….I mean there are such artists in Japan? Writing with such demanding deadlines just omg! Young Jump is sooooooo much a large magazine!!!! If one were to subscribe to every issue….you may need a larger bookshelf…..no room…..no home XD!

      I’m baffled by the lack of Takamina~♥ appearances…..she’s so much a most popular~* member, original member…..fan adored♥…..so why isn’t there more love for Takamina♥ by publications?…I don’t get it either ( ┰_┰)。


      • HarimaKenji says:

        Hum… ah, with all the doramas I’ve watched, I think it’s safe to say that I reaaaaaaally like them.

        Sure there are bigger; look here. Most manga is usually serialized in one of these… although this is a monthly one, there are weekly ones with ~500 pages too… I don’t know if any weekly has 1000. They are usually very cheap, and pretty bad quality, both paper and printing =P I’ve heard some stores that carry them take old volumes back and give a discount on new ones, and the publishers collect them and recycle for next editions. It’s pretty crazy, having 500 pages of manga to read in every week, and it’s even crazier for the mangakas to draw them (usually ~20 pages chapters) every week.


        • OMG O_o!!!!!!!!!!!

          It didn’t even look like a manga at first!!! It looks like a giant box set for something and I’d never imagined that comics come this way….and the author there says that’s it only cost 499 yen?!

          Hmm…now I’m really believing the role that Nino♥ played in “Kiiroi Namida”….manga artists surely must be under stress so much (・д・`*)!!。。lol that part of the movie was really funny though! The film is centered around relationships rekindles in a difficult time…where finding independence and your own voice meant so much =).

          That issue you linked~* is way too much manga!!!!…I can’t imagine trying to read that much in such a short period of time and more so how artists/writers can produce them that quickly~!


  2. hydeo says:

    wo a lot for the pics aheahea

    and… Kitarie <3~~

    i love so much her aehahehae, is so good see her with more attention, appears in a lot of magazines and programs now <3~~


    • U~n! Kitarie is really pretty~♥!!..and she’s even in the pull~out poster in this issue =). Young Jump always has wonderful pictorials, I’m happy~* you liked these ^ ^。


      • hydeo says:

        ahaha lol what hell is that big manga aeaheah is jump magazine ? i dont remember see jump is like this, but i dont think is jump… anyway 500 pages for week, never i go read this in one week haeaheha

        yah she is <3~ an poster for her @.@ my gosh… u buyed that magazine right ? give me the poster plssssssssssssss ?? aheaheahe

        yah YJ always get good pics, really good ones ;x ehehe

        oh well kitarie <3~ , i like the way they has noticed more the back members now, like kitarie, mocchi, sashi and the others ^^

        now kitarie need a unit too aehaheha

        is good the wotas like only the front ones, that let to me the other who is really good but no one notice because they dont are the center or the lead ones hehe

        *talk like a crazy* aehaehae


        • I’m guessing you’re looking at the manga which HarimaKenji linked~*?…that one is so huge :O!!! Young Jump is only sort of huge after seeing that publication :P! It seems that manga and idols go together in Japan and that would be so much to read in a week although these style of manga I’m seeing in these issues are quite quick to read so the stories move along really quickly =). The issue above?….u~n I just received this issue recently and was meaning to scan it sooner but that’s when Vox announced that they were closing so now I’m sort of behind on posts (+_+)!。。what’s going to be interesting is how the upcoming single will change things so much I think with senbatsu girls not making the A~side and many Undergirls getting senbatsu for the very first time.


          • hydeo says:

            yah is this one hhehe… jump is cool heheh , i dont know have 500 pages, imagine u reading lot of mangas there haehaea…. yah lot ones are one-shoots and this things, some is submited to compete to get realy published and become a serie and this things… oh i wait no problem <3~ … yah u see the results ? lot of the kenkyusei and not noticed akb girls get in, so go change a lot this time, and not aachan in center, really good, go listem more the voice of the other, principaly uchida mayumi who go be the lead one this time, i think they can chose the girls for the single like this all the time, so all the single go be a surprise to wait and see whho go be the winners aehahea

            u see the recent pics of kitarie the ppl posted ? in bikini :x?… waaahhh kitarie aheaheha


            • Mmm…very close @ about 450 pages per issue =)! It’s an interesting magazine as the pictorials and articles are spread out between these large comic sections in each issue…it’s just something I hadn’t seen before until I was able to collect Young Jump in recent months. I only have a very few issues though as I’m usually tempted mostly by their covers so if there’s someone I know and like then I’ll try to get that particular issue =).
              Oh the Jankenpo senbatsu results are final? :O!! I must’ve totally forgotten the date of their event and now it’s passed. I did receive their Janken book which is really awesome as it gives even insight beforehand of their tendencies in regards to rock, paper or scissors! And their fighting poses~♥!!

              If I can find the results I’ll try to post them along with some of the Janken scans. I think it’s while wacky most interesting and entertaining for their senbatsu to be “chosen” or rather won this way…….part of what really makes AKB so wonderful and always eye opening as you just never know what to expect from them or what’s coming next!
              E~h?..is it something bad with Kitarie? I just can’t imagine but now I’m worried ( ┰_┰)!


  3. hydeo says:

    hehe, is go be fun have one only to touch and see…
    hehe, so u collect youg jump now ??
    ah gotcha, so u dont buy all the editions.. but i think u have good ones ;3
    yes, uchida mayumi is the winner with sato amina in second if i remember 😛
    i go watch the video later, i think the download has ended 😛
    really ? u go make scans of the pics of their poses ?
    in the JPH!P forum have the results, is there where i see 😛
    yah i like this way too, is more reliable than let the fans chose, because fans only go chose the same
    true aheahea always a surpriese to come 😛
    no nothing wrong ahehaea, my surprise is because of her amazing \o/, her start to shine \o\ and she is amazing o/


    • No I sort of just pick the issues where I like the covers…lol that probably sounds odd :P! I just saw the results yesterday…really really so different! And I agree that it’s really wonderful to see so many UnderGirls get a chance to shine~* as senbatsu =)!


      • hydeo says:

        haha, only because the covers ok ok 😛
        nah not much, i make this too when i read manga and watch anime sometimes i go for the cover

        ah the video i get is only a preview, dont have the entire tournament.. i go wait for the real one… and amina dont stay there in the winners aheahea :\ poor amina

        i liked the results anyway hehe

        many?? is something like all they stay there eaheaeaha

        im happy for uchida 😛 if that dont occours her never go be noticed


        • I guess I’ve always been this way, just with magazines though as I find their covers to be most important~* in deciding whether it’s collectible or not. U~n there’s so many UnderGirls or rather all UnderGirls with just the exception of two I think?…..Acchan is a force of nature when it comes to being senbatsu……she wasn’t going to be denied!! So true ne~!…this single’s going to be most different and awesome too!….tanoshimi desu~ne ^ ^。


          • hydeo says:

            humm so u dont care about the news inside and this things ??

            so i downloaded another video about the tournament but, dont watched yet heaheha, but i think this one is the full one.. or not -.-”… i think they go make an DVD about yet haeahe

            humm but stay close this time ahehae… go be fun if they start to decide the senbatsu girls with random tournaments, let the thing more interesting than only the fans chose who they want, and with this give chances to the other girls to shine too

            u see the preview of the 18th single ?? look so strange the makeup ahehaehae


            • Oh no it’s not that really…..it’s just that covers tend to attract~* me much more =). Like I may choose a magazine with less content just because their cover features a favorite♥ idol…hot guy..Arashi♥ and the like =).

              Although everyone has already seen the Janken~tournament results for so long now I may still post them just to add them too some photos….I’m late with everything :P.

              I so agree~ and it’s fun for fans I think as they can witness such a creative process approach to feature members~ =). And like you say so many UnderGirls will have the opportunity to grow their fanbase~♥ as they can now shine in a featured song!

              Oh not yet…I rarely search for pre~views just one of my funny quirks 😛 but if you have any images to share~♥ I’d love to see…..’strange make~up?’….I’m most curious to see ^ ^。


  4. hydeo says:

    aheah yah covers normaly get the attention ;3
    ok gotcha, i has thinkg in start collect SCANDAL Things hehe :x, hope my parents dont stay angry with me aeahehae

    nah dont worry with the time, is good re-see some news, and i dont watched yet the video aheahea

    hehe so lets hope akipi notice that the jokenpo tournament has a good things and start to do other games to chose the senbatsu girls hehe
    yah i want see more the other girls get more line than the current ones like aachan kojiharu yuko, is not something i dont like they, but always the same girls on lead vocals start to bugg me, if is only the same girls why they need the other 40 ??
    so i prefer that thing :p
    i has watching akbingo today(well go be other day when u read aheahe) but in the end showed a song called DIVA or an sub-unit called diva i dont really get well ehehe… but wow the song stay really good, is a slow song but good (the only problem is, whata hell they do with sayaka ahehaea ?) and looking well if i recognize well the voice, Sato Amina get some really long leads in the song, so stay “wow amina voice <3~~ , and she really sing good"

    ah cant found the pic from the CM i see O.o, maybe is only a CM anyway not official things inside the single

    anyway nothing related to the topic, but maybe i start learn chinese next week with a teacher ;3~~~…. so long years search a japanese or chinese teacher in this stupid city aheaheha


    • A~h I still haven’t done the Janken images =/! I’m trying to balance my personal life with being online much more now that meaning me not neglecting my personal life so now I’m not online as much and I have less time oveall XD.

      I think too that it will be most wonderful for fans and also for the girls in AKB who normally don’t make senbatsu so their lead singles can feature and create more buzz and fanbases for so many more girls =). Hmm…not sure what song you’re mentioning here. Oh it’s okay I’m used to waiting for the singles to arrive without previews =).

      A~h! learning Chinese would be awesome!!!..I hope you can find a teacher! I’ve only tried to learn a few words and the pronunciation nuances are so plentiful XD.


      • hydeo says:

        hehahea make in ur time dont worry ^^
        is good sometimes have things to do and dont stay all the time in the internet haeahea

        yah hope they get more leads and all this things, want see more the kenkyuseis on leads 😛
        is from the new single maybe the b-side i dont know, need search more info, i only see in the akbingo aheahehaea

        i dont really know if i go do but im thinking about, becaus money and this things haehaea


        • The new single will be so much fun I think with so many “new” faces but still I’m so relieved that Acchan made senbatsu as she’s like unstoppable and I think that’s awesome and her single streak of never missing one as one of the leads stays alive っo(*´∀`)o!、。。oh okay b~side, AKB always has the most awesome~* coupling with songs!!

          U~n tutoring or schooling can be expensive…maybe your parents could help you with the costs =).


          • hydeo says:

            aheaheha, well i prefer other leads like yuko or mariko because the voices ^^
            talking about acchan, i dreamed with her yestarday aehahea, something like her be my neightbor and friend aheahea
            i really need search what is that song aheahea
            maybe is the undergirls releases

            nah ^^ i dont go do, because this, is only me and my mom working in house, because my dad stay without job yet..


            • Yay~* for Yuko♥ \(^o^)/☆、。。。!!。。lol so Acchan has officially entered Hydeo’s ‘friend~zone?’…now you can never be romantically attached :P. Kidding!!!…best friends♥ can also become your world~♥ I so know (*´∀`)♥

              Please stick with your aspirations~* though as for those who keep at it opportunities will make themselves available =).


  5. hydeo says:

    i really dont get why the dream aheahea maybe some premonition (really dont know if write correct, but so lazy to go search aheahe) :3~~~?? aehaheae
    i told u i dont hate acchan 😛 the prove is her stay alone in my dream @.@ <3~

    yah true friends is better than a love sometimes ^^

    maybe when my dad found a job i go search for a japanese school in other city close to mine ^^


    • Mmm…lol I may not forget that you once said that she wasn’t very pretty though :P. Sorry but that sticks in my mind sometimes when I see older photos of Acchan like what was Hydeo thinking XD….I’m only kidding =).

      Sometimes your soul mate~♥ is much nearer than you may realize….it’s happened to me too hmm so just thinking you should keep your heart open ^ ^。


      • hydeo says:

        hhaha, yestarday i has saving some of acchan pics on pc 😡
        like i said not my fav but i like her too ^^

        ahehaea yah maybe yes or maybe not ^^

        i dont really know more what to do to found someone to me ^^


        • Keep positive~* Hydeo…she’s there and always go with your heart’s lead =).

          Next to Yuko’s latest pb I find Acchan’s to be the most sensual*…..I was going to scan them but I imagine that they must be already scanned somewhere? If not please let me know.


  6. hydeo says:

    hehe really dont know more sorry ^^…

    anyway… whats the last acchan pb name ?? i dont remember if someone scanned heahhea

    i know in this end of year her have a lot of releases related to pb but, dont recognize have downloaded some O.o

    and well nothing related, but i decided to make english and mandarim hehe, u speak only japanese right ?


    • The title is “Atsuko” and it has a red~ish background…it’s her New York pb. I just recently purchased three of her pbs not including her 1st one though.

      Are you taking English and Mandarin lessons? U~n =).


      • hydeo says:

        oh wait u buy 3 of each pb ? (noticed i make u start use “PB” aehahea)

        the class start next year ^^


        • Oh no “someone” doesn’t know how to type xD! I wrote ‘per’ but I meant ‘her’…(just fixed that :P) I have one of each of Acchan’s shashinshuu.

          Wow you’re taking two language classes at once? Ganbatte ne~* ^ ^!


          • hydeo says:

            ahehaea good in this way dont make my english be strange ;x hehehe
            yah i see u fixed ;3
            her PB is good ;3~~
            http://ameblo.jp/xanadu48/image-10693334140-10832551747.html kasai <3~~

            yah and in the same day ahehaea, like everyone say, this is to build my future "?" or maybe not ahehaea

            i like learn languages, so maybe i go try lot of others after i complete this 2 ^^
            so i go need luck ahehaea

            and well i dont do much things in weekend ^^ so i go try manage this 2 things ^^


            • Kasai is soooooo cute!!!!..and she even dressed up her doggie for Halloween =)! Nyan~nyan~♥!

              English is sort of universal with business globally so that’s a good choice and it’ll definitely do wonderful things for your future…believe in their words. U~n Hydeo will be multilingual ^ ^!


  7. hydeo says:

    kawaii right :3 ?? kasai with the neko ears :3~ ❤

    only need see her saying chyuu now aheaheae

    yah i believe a little ahehaehae


  8. Very very cute post~♥!! Thank you~* for linking (*´∀`)♥。


  9. Mmm….I’m in a fully Yuko♥ mood right now (no wait always :P) so there’s this to rival Kasai’s nyan~nyan~♥….



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