~Vivian Hsu gets Nice And Naughty*~



vivian Hsu "NICE AND NAUGHTY" LE first press release w/DVD

vivian Hsu "NICE AND NAUGHTY" LE first press release w/DVD

A title says so much doesn’t it!! Lending the timeless beauty of Taiwanese model/actress/singer Vivian Hsu she embodies very much of what is sweet~♥ and yet there is deep down a naughty* side indeed! And every since her Japanese musical debut with a comedic duo in Black Biscuits Vivian Hsu has without doubt captured the attention and imagination~* of not only the J~Pop world but also a very much worldwide audience as well~.

Vivian Hsu’s “NICE AND NAUGHTY” can be purchased here @ Cdjapan.

Vivian Hsu’s “NICE AND NAUGHTY” can be purchased here @ YesAsia.

Vivian Hsu’s “NICE AND NAUGHTY” can be purchased here @ HMV Japan.

Vivian Hsu "NICE AND NAUGHTY" LE first press (back cover scan)

Vivian Hsu "NICE AND NAUGHTY" LE first press (back cover scan)

Vivian Hsu "NICE AND NAUGHTY" LE first press (jacket scan)

Vivian Hsu "NICE AND NAUGHTY" LE first press (jacket scan)

02 Sunday Morning


“NICE AND NAUGHTY” coupling with “Sunday Morning” compliment one another with a contrast going from an “Avex~like” sexy* title track to the sweet~♥ and sultry seductiveness of “Sunday Morning.” The song writing in both are perfectly complimentary of Vivian’s naturally flowing and breathy vocals which also provide an allure of innocence and when coupled with her soft beauty~* it’s pure dynamite as a combination~.

Vivian Hsu in "NAUGHTY AND NICE" making of...

vlcsnap-140608 Vivian Hsu in Nice and Naughty making of.... Vivian Hsu in Nice and Naughty making of.. vlcsnap-142440 vlcsnap-142859

The first press release~* includes an extra DVD with approximately 9 minutes of PV making of footage with well timed commentary in between the photo and video shoots and while I would have loved to have seen the pv included here as well, there’s always a further in depth look into an artist’s personality which comes across seamlessly while the camera is rolling in work situations~. Vivian describes the aura and look of “NICE AND NAUGHTY” referring to key points~* where she points to the dancing, the overall sexy* style…..brought together with a hint of “punk rock?” and yes~! her sneaker look is most definitely intentional even when paired with her sexy black outfit as the lyrics themselves reveal =). A really cute~♥ touch in the making of is how….well Vivian speaks really well in Japanese having spent so much time of her career there in the past and now and while in this clip she speaks in her native tongue as well as in English (which is also perfect!!)…..it’s so cute~♥ that they even subtitled her Japanese speech in Japanese^ ^。Oh~, and there’s well also…..

Vivian Hsu in Nice and Naughty making of...

Vivian Hsu in Nice and Naughty making of...

Vivian Hsu in Nice and Naughty making of...

Vivian Hsu in Nice and Naughty making of...

Vivian Hsu in Nice and Naughty making of

Vivian Hsu in Nice and Naughty making of...

..a bit of monkey~ing around or should I say   gorilla~lying around :P…….hmm and admit it if you had your very own gorilla you’d be…..um riding* him too (*≧▽≦)♪。。。?!

And while we’re on the topic of naughty*…..

Vivian Hsu shashinshuu

..I’ve borrowed these from a friend who could somehow afford to bid on these on auctions~*. Vivian Hsu early in her modeling career released two “taboo” shashinshuu one titled “Angel” and the latter titled “Venus” and both were shot with well…..Vivian not wearing so much clothes….and @ times no clothes at all (*´艸`)。While I don’t wish to scan these directly into this post….well I’m actually not allowed to as their rightful owner wouldn’t allow any possible damage to come to their spines or binding which scanning often does I was allowed to do just a few and due to the sensitive nature and for some surely not wanting to view such images I’ve added them to a separate “photo album” where these images will only be visible to those who wish to click on them just below. Again I imagine right now that these shashinshuu are  most expensive and difficult to come by as both are long out of print~. My bf says that I get to see and I quote: “boobs all the time” which cracks me up…(^q^)!!…I mean really we all see ourselves naked* but in published form I have to say it’s so much different!

Again please do not click on the photo album below if you are not 18 years of age or older↓↓↓ or you’re not completely okay with nudity* .

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to ~Vivian Hsu gets Nice And Naughty*~

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Try taking out the captions from the images that should text wrap; I think that might solve the problem here.

    I was wondering what happened to this post, I got an e-mail about it and then the link was unavailable. I thought you regretted posting sensitive material and took it out =P By the way, your name appears in the photo album page. Just saying in case you want to be anonymous and didn’t know about that.


    • I just realized that the last time I edited images to have names I did it in WP and not while in Windows Live Writer….it moved the text and then I was trying to erase it but in the preview it still looked the same so I just thought it was okay and left it =). U~n at first when I clicked on publish I then saw that the photo album link only had a single scan =/…..so I had to go back in and fix it. I’m like the edit champion I think, I always have typos that I don’t see too :P.

      Mmm…oh I didn’t notice but I think it’s okay ^ ^。


  2. Hellowee~* I’m so happy to see u working well on WP. Sorry for being so late to visit.

    Oh, finally u got ur copy! I love the top photo, So Pretty ^q^


    • Hello~* ヾ(^∇^)!。。oh no it’s me who’s being so late (._.;). I’m still learning WP and I spent most of yesterday inserting categories into every post from Vox…when I reached 1000 my wrist was saying please stop XD.

      Vivian Hsu’s so pretty~*!!! I love how they stylized her new single and she’s so cute and candid in the DVD extras….I just got the ability to add video directly here so I so want to share more clips, I was a bit surprised that not the pv but the making of was included with her LE but still they did a wonderful production for Vivian~♥!


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