~Who’s the most popular in Japan?

Well if crashing servers to creating unprecedented ordering rules for their new releases is any indication, then the answer is Arashi♥.

And it's something that I think most fans have realized till now even before this evidence. I mean, if you're a fan of Arashi I'm sure you can so relate to the immediate panic and frenzy of worrying about missing out on a new Arashi single LE whenever notifications are sent out!! For me they almost always arrive late @ night (HST) or even in the dreamy~* (I'm still sleeping) morning hours which means like @ 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. (_´Д`)ノ~~。。。。but then immediately you're up!!!!!!!..you read the name Arashi in a new release e~mail and you know that time is of the essence (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!!!。。meaning literally that if you hit the snooze button just one more time after you've received your Arashi new release notice you indeed may risk the dark possibility of missing out completely on pre~orders!!!! Which so feels like (ノロ≦。)!!!X 10!!!!

And it's now been a few years that it's been like this. Exactly like this every time Arashi has any sort of LE…..and just imagine if there were a LE release of Nino boxers being sold….just imagine the frenzy!!!!!!! Or would that just be me (*´艸`)?

Well in any case Cdjapan has just e~mailed notices to all of us (the Arashi in love♥♥♥!) and it's both eye~opening and alarming news that we've been given just this morning! You see an entirely new and exclusive procedure has begun now with all of Arashi LE releases where first there is a limit to only one copy per customer being allowed in pre~order (and thank goodness!!!! I mean if you've ever missed out on a LE and then had to search auctions hoping to win a copy @ a then inflated bidding price you can sympathize as you'll see the same seller names over and over again with multiple auctions for the very same Arashi LE single release….so you know this hording has been going on for ages…since the dark ages like when you paid $40 for single which should have cost just $16 =( )…so thank goodness for this type of limitation on pre~ordering for all or our sakes (人∀`*)。 Secondly there is the admission that Arashi has repeatedly in the past caused Cdjapan's server to crash (・o・)!!!!!。。and I quote:

"because our server was overwhelmed each time as
so many people worldwide as well as in Japan rushed over to CDJapan
and our Japanese website in order to preorder the Limited Edition."

Cdjapan goes on to say that even with upgrades to their server this type of Arashi fan mayhem still couldn't be resolved as it would still crash so now they've taken a pre~emptive measure where first only subscribers to Cdjapan will be notified first of any Arashi LE and not even their website will have any such information initially as to help to prevent further server crashes….and these notifications are exclusive as Cdjapan says that even by searching their site this Arashi LE information couldn't be found as the links were the only active pre~ordering devices @ that time prior to a site~wide listing…amazing!

To really seal this notion of who's most popular in Japan the following two quotes say all that is needed…..

"By the way, there are greater number of people subscribed than the
number of the Limited Edition that the record company is able to provide."

So not even JS can provide enough LE copies for all of Arashi's fans???!!!! (・o・)!!!!So inevitably some fans will have to go without being able to own some of Arashi's releases?! My jaw hit the floor when I read that and even given that Cdjapan is just one major distributor of music releases in Japan, I still think it speaks volumes and volumes as when has anyone ever heard of such a thing ever being stated about an artist/group's releases? Server crashes? Not enough CDs to go around? Limitations on ordering?

And then to finish things off they say…..

"Please note that Arashi is the only artist that we would handle this way."

'Only artist.'

Most popular Johnny's group?…most popular group?..arguments over.

Arashi (*´∀`)♥。

I'm guessing that no doubt everyone has heard in entirety Arashi's latest album release "Boku no miteiru fukei" (first pressing is sold out but the album still can be ordered here~*)..so I thought I'd just share the LE's photo scans here from their 60 page booklet~♥……gorgeous!!, hot!!..stylish!! sexy*!!..it's Arashi♥.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to ~Who’s the most popular in Japan?

  1. Choshi says:

    I was really surprised with that special rule, but then, i am not a CD Japan customer… But I also experience that frenzy when ordering! But then, there are times when I don't have money so the last two albums that i got (5 x 10 and BokuMiteiru) are not LE. Like you, I agree with the 1 customer, 1 order because other people take advantage of the desperate fans by selling the LEs at a very much higher price! I think this is fair too… :)They are really causing a storm in the whole world, it's overwhelming! I sometimes wonder if they know what's happening in the CDJ site…Oh, and thanks for the scans too! ^_^


  2. jugatsu15 says:

    Hi I am a CD Japan customer and I received the email too, I was glad about 1 order/1 customer and I also understand receiving the email around the time I'm dreaming 1AM!!! Sometimes I checked my email at work and told myself I'll order once I get home and guess what not even noon & the LE verson..SOLD OUT!!! 🙂 I usually order ARASHI concert DVD and I get copy of CD from the kind ARASHI fans from LJ. The new album…I love it!!! Can't wait for 10-11 Concert Tour DVD.BTW I hope it's ok to add you to my neighborhood. THANKS ^__^


  3. I'm so wondering if maybe they received customer comments over time with Arashi LE's?….it's just really something to hear such a large online retailer say that they've limited the purchases on releases for just one group due to heavy demand! I've been always so worried about Arashi LE's and I do notice that YesAsia does have them still available even after Cdjapan says they're out of print but still with all of the hording going on with auctions it's so worrisome!!! I was like yay~* they're limiting everyone to one copy each, so now more fans can get to order LE's in ther future and that's always a good thing =)! But overall I'm just like wow~*!!! Arashi is so popular everywhere and not just in Japan as Cdjapan has indicated orders from all over the world had been causing such a storm \(^o^)/☆!!!。。oh you're so welcome~♥!…love the booklet (*´∀`)!


  4. A~h so we have similar hectic moments~* with Arashi LE's (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!。。if I'm up late I may see them in time but usually I'm asleep and I awake to them in the wee~hours of the morning while I'm getting ready for work XD! The new limitations on ordering I think are most fair and wonderful so that more fans can have the chance to order LE's but I was so shocked to hear them say that there are more Arashi fans subscribers then there are Arashi CDs available (・o・)!!I've done exactly the same thing in the past with my phone getting the e~mail but now I have to log in right away no matter how early so that I can reserve a copy….so it's like as a zombie trying to turn on my computer with such sleepy eyes (´-ω-`)!Oh their concerts are the best ne~!!!!!..they're so awesome with stage platforms and lifts so that there isn't a bad seat in the arena!! I'd so love to see them live one day~♥! Thank you~* for adding me to your neighborhood and nice to meet you o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


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