~Too cute♥ to eat (*´∀`)!

These bento are just too adorable~♥!!

When food becomes art or is it art mimicking food =D?

Either way I'd feel bad eating any of these cute masterpieces~*  (*´∀`)♥!。。。


I call these date~♥ bento…so much love and preparation put into them ^ ^。
Now if only I were so creative =D…

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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21 Responses to ~Too cute♥ to eat (*´∀`)!

  1. Wow!! These are really so so cute and cool! SO creative, i wud feel the same if i would eat them ^q^ I can't pick a fave♥, Love them all~!!!!


  2. Sofia says:

    Long time no see dear, I'm sorry about that (I've been sort of negligent with my blog lately). I hope everything's good with you ^_^
    Oh and I so so so agree with you! These are way to nice to eat. I can just imagine the amount of time and effort it must have taken to prepare them. Date betos for sure!


  3. Bunnies, cats, dogs…Keroppi? =D…it's like I would rather frame them than eat them! And I can never get over how amazingly creative people can get with eggs!!..I mean they can become so many things in decorating bento~! I almost forget it's food ^ ^。


  4. Food is so social~* ne♥!..and nothings says I ♥ you like the care taken with these! I'll now have to think of food as having alternate personalities although I don't think I could create a bento as pretty~* as any of these! Oh no it's totally really me (._.;)….and I've missed you. I hope we can speak again like we used to…a lot!! Right after you kick me I deserve that (*>ω<)!


  5. Sofia says:

    It really is. Preparing food for someone is a very loving act; I am going to try to learn how to cook properly this fall, so that one day I can prepare a nice meal for my bf (when I get one). You're so right dear, food does have different personalities, in a way…but I don't think I could ever do anything as pretty as this either. We could try though, both of us.
    Oh no it's not you at all! …Maybe it's both of us? Anyways, I've missed you too dear, and I really hope that we can talk like we used to again. ^_^


  6. jugatsu15 says:

    Definitely too cute to eat 🙂


  7. meowShirl says:

    Indeed, this neko is toooooo kawaii to eat 😀


  8. I've been watching a Master Chef program on t.v. recently and you just learn how much goes into preparation and cooking and how any even seemingly tiny misstep can ruin things (;゜□゜)!!。。I'm so food preparation accident~prone but I'm sure you'll be great! I was reading that there are molds for some of the rice forms but still you need to be so detailed with everything else….lol I've tried writing words with nori~strips and even that was difficult with the heat of the rice causing the nori to welt XD! My bento~cat would be sort of……well ghetto :P! Thank you~ (*´∀`)♥。


  9. I'd so love to see the look on my bf's face if only I were able to prepare something so pretty~* (*´∀`)~♥!


  10. A~h! I'm also a cat lover~♥ so this design is my favorite!…the cat so cute love the pose and I never imagined that rice could be so cuddle~worthy o(*´∀`)o゛♥。I don't think I could eat it but then if someone else were to I'd be like…oh no please don't eat the kitty (人∀`*)!!


  11. Joseph says:

    oh, i would eat everyone of them!


  12. Sofia says:

    I've watched some shows like that too, so I know exactly what you mean! Such small things can ruin an entire meal. Haha, I'm quite accident prone too, but thanks dear! I am going to try to learn for sure! Maybe I'll post my progress on the blog too…if it doesn't look to miserable hehe >o<. Ah, that's good, at least there's one less thing to worry about. But you're right, there's so much else to think about if one was to make a bento like this. That does sound tricky, very tricky actually. I'm impressed that you dared to try it! Haha, ghetto bento cat! That's the new trend for sure.
    You're welcome dear ♥。


  13. A~h they all do look so delicious ne~♥…it's just those cute animal and it's amazing what rice and katsu can make ^ ^。


  14. A~h! that'd be cute! I think the hot dogs would be the easiest to create giving them little like legs and faces although hot dogs in general sort of scare me (・д・`*)!!。。and that was before I found out about the actual ingredients XD. Being creative with rice would be fun and the great thing is that here there are so many healthy ways to make bento…and just after I say that I'm thinking I wouldn't mind the katsu~♥ ^ ^!


  15. Sofia says:

    Yeah, it would. Mhm, they seem easier I agree, but hotdogs aren't really my thing either (unfortunately). Oh yeah, things can seem pretty easy and then you find out what's in them and you're like OMG! Hehe. That's all true, rice is a good ingredient when you want to be creative, and it's a great thing that you can make healthy meals as well as cute ones ^_^…Me neither!


  16. LonelyBob says:

    Great collection MorningBerryz!


  17. We have some of those tower style bento boxes although some are really large :O!!…so they've become more decorative :P. A single layer box would be best to begin with and I'm thinking maybe a bento with salmon, just wondering how I can make salmon look cute like with eyes lol or maybe that'd be creepy I wonder…(^q^)!


  18. They're all so pretty~*! I imagine you must see lots of amazing bento too ^ ^。


  19. Sofia says:

    Yeah I can understand that. You can't really fill a big box with food, you'd end up feeling really bad if you ate all in it, hehe. A single layer sounds like a good idea I think, and I bet you could do something cute with salmon. Not that I can think of what right now, but there must be something ^o^ hehe…


  20. I was just thinking about our furushiki~* as you can wrap your bento in them which is great for carrying and a pretty presentation. The funny thing with furushiki is that on occasion I've heard that some friends have given gifts in them with the recipient not knowing that the furushiki isn't meant to be kept but rather just for a pretty presentation….I guess sort of like a cloth wrapping "paper" um but not paper what am I saying?? cloth :P! It can be awkward then when the person presenting the gift wants to ask for their furushiki back but is a bit embarrassed to XD~! Hmm…I'm thinking that maybe the salmon can be shaped to resemble a fishy~♥..and then a caper for an eye =). lol that's not very creative though :P.


  21. Sofia says:

    Yeah they are great for carrying the bento in, and very pretty too. If I made a bento I would use a furushiki to carry it on for sure..it's quite funny though when the recipient doesn't exactly know what they're for. Hm…yeah, sort of like wrapping paper, but cloth hehe. Hai, that would be quite embarassing. Ah, that sounds like a good idea to me. And creative too! And besides, you have to start with the simpler things to learn. ^ ^


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