「Featured Post」~Lovin’ SCANDAL, and the girls can rock!!!

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Getting my very first taste of what could be Japan’s currently most aggressive all girl band! Four Osaka high school students with a garage~band aura? That was enough to pull me in and now after a little over one week of listening, “Temptation Box” is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums and where to begin?..there’s so much to say!

SCANDAL are: Haruna (vocal & guitar), Mami (guitar & vocal), Tomomi (bass & vocal) & Rina (drums & vocal)

While it may be unlikely that we’ll ever see another female band out of Japan with the depth and full~circle variety of Princess Princess, SCANDAL has got to simply be one of the very best and well~rounded all girl rock/pop bands coming out of Japan today~. Firstly there is their undeniable musicianship~* which demands both attention and appreciation through the experiencing of their unique brand of music. With such varied styles and an edge in diversity which sparkles from tight and super~charged progressive to jangly~psychedelic to punk~y to sweet~ly layered harmonies….you can readily hear an array of influences encompassing 60’s, 80’s, 90’s pop/rock. SCANDAL also has a hand in the writing of the majority of their lyrics, either co~writing or writing them in entirety with the exception of just one track on this album and speaking of lyrics a major player in how SCANDAL’s sound works so well in a somewhat unique fashion is that each band member shares in the (“lead”) vocals in both solo and ensemble arrangements and they’re heard seamlessly in each song from track to track really giving SCANDAL such an identity of their own~. And with Haruna, Mami, Tomomi and Rina having such distinctly different voices think Bangles (in the sense of vocal uniqueness), although again here through perfect vocal arrangements their voices aren’t heard as overpowering leads for the most part on any given track, but rather as an “ensemble” being allowed to lend solo vocal flavors in essence giving each song a most colorful and lively personality verses a one~vocal show~.

And technically? Impressive~!!, as the musicianship of the girls in SCANDAL speak…or rather play~* for themselves! 

While there’s also a DVD edition available which has a tour digest I opted for the photo book edition as just the thought of a full sized shashinshuu♥ was most enticing and the 116 page full color photo book doesn’t disappoint!! Does SCANDAL have sex* appeal? Ippai! ippai!..and it’s really the cherry~* atop it all as these girls are amazing!!!! I scanned a bit later below 20 of my favorite images from the photo book and I can’t stress enough of how beautifully, vividly~colorfully and stylishly it was all shot! It really could have sold as a stand alone photo book no doubt!

Of course I should suggest a few song recommendations♥ but honestly before I do there’s no filler here as “Temptation Box” is as solid as an album comes so these are rather song choices to grab you instantaneously, yep SCANDAL sure has that effect!

~songs to entice you readily~

“Aitai” (♥♥♥♥♥!)

“Hello!Hello!” (maybe the best track on the album!)

“Taiyou to kimi ga egaku story” (♥! ♥! this song!)

“Houkago 1 H” (reminds me of Chara~♥)

“Hi-Hi-Hi” (kicks!!!!!!!)

“Namida no regret” (does SCANDAL ballad? U~n♥)

…….also tracks 9, 3…..12! Mmm..the entire album rocks~ (*≧▽≦)♪!!

Welcome to the cute, kakkoii, vivid girl’s world of SCANDAL! Can you say album~of~the~year…could be mine! Photo book scans below the audio tracks…gorgeous! gorgeous! ↓↓↓↓~♥

SCANDAL’s “Temptation Box” can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

SCANDAL’s “Temptation Box” can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

SCANDAL’s “Temptation Box” can be ordered here @ YesAsia.


SCANDAL “Taiyou to kimi ga egaku story” mp3

SCANDAL “Shunkan sentimental” mp3

SCANDAL “Houkago 1H” mp3

SCANDAL “Namida no regret mp3

SCANDAL “Hi Hi Hi” mp3

SCANDAL “Shoujo M” mp3


SCANDAL “Playboy part II” mp3

SCANDAL “Hello! Hello! mp3

SCANDAL “Aitai” mp3

SCANDAL “Sayonara my friend” mp3

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9 Responses to 「Featured Post」~Lovin’ SCANDAL, and the girls can rock!!!

  1. Aww~* so really cute scans..so colorful and cute photos of them. The girl in drums photo (scan018) is my most fave! ..maybe because it looks really cute for me and of course, pink♥drums!!


  2. The art direction really is fun~!…and they're looks have changed too so much in just a few years as I was looking for older photos of SCANDAL. U~n pink ='z ♥! They're all so amazing!!…just amazing musicians and performers!! ..I've been addicted to listening to this album these past few days =).


  3. Akane-chan says:

    wahhhh!!! SCANDAL!!! i love MAmi :]. tnx for posting it


  4. Yay~*! you're the very first SCANDAL fan I'm speaking with ー(*≧∀≦)ノ!!。。I know they have a following even in the U.S. but I just don't know anyone who listens to them so while writing this I was thinking hm….I may be all alone here. You already have a favorite~♥ member, I'm just meeting them by instruments and vocals just yet so I haven't decided just yet but they're all so talented~* and amazing!! pretty too!! It's been awhile since I've been getting really into a "new" J~rock band and once again I'm catching a band late XD! I can't stop listening to this album and even today while I was scanning an Arashi♥ booklet I was listening to this SCANDAL album ^ ^。


  5. Akane-chan says:

    right. they are so pretty…. :] i love their song too.


  6. So far "Hello!Hello!" is my most favorite♥ but I needn't skip any tracks…I think this is one of the best J~rock albums ever \(^o^)/☆!!They're so amazing~*!!!


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  9. Please,…. Upload All pages, i want it, Onegai…


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