~Maimai x Maimai~

Well it's not exactly like those Doublemint ads with the twins but it's amusing to find out that there are not one, but two Maimai's inhabiting the J~music world =D! And if you remember the scare (・д・`*)!!。。from a few years ago when there was a second coming of Mikitty and fans were really upset and divided about that whole thing but luckily the real Mikitty eventually stood up!

And perhaps I wouldn't be even thinking about Doublemint gum today had I been able to long ago shed my tendency to hang on to nicknames like forever even in light of a new one arriving…..like with Gomaki~♥. You see she's still mostly Gomaki to me and I guess it's sort of because that nickname reminds me of sushi~♥ so I refuse to let go of it even though I've later tried to call Gomaki –> Gocchin. Love sushi o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥!So now with C~ute's Maimai and ex~AKB Maimai perhaps I should've moved onto calling C~ute's Maimai –> Hagitty, but like with Gomaki~♥ and sushi~♥ it's Maimai being Maimai just seeming right but now that I've discovered another Maimai something's gotta give right? There's the possible "different" spelling of C~ute's Maimai as "Maimai" and ex AKB Maimai as "Mai Mai" but still I'd be saying "Mai~Mai/MaiMai" so is there really any distinction there lol? 😛

So logically the decision would come down to just who is the original Maimai? Well C~ute's Maimai debuted with C~ute in……2005 but ex~AKB Maimai also debuted as an original member of AKB that very same year XD! And on what exact day and precise time did C~ute's Maimai become "Maimai" and at what exact moment did ex~AKB Maimai become nicknamed "Maimai?" Oh mai my that's quite a dilemma (。ーωー。)笑。

I'm catching up with ex~AKB Maimai during her second solo single release~* titled "Aitte nandaho~" / "Gomen ne darlin ♥" and the mood is very very festive with bright horn arrangements with the latter bringing on a ska rush~! I'm still a bit teetering on Maimai's vocals here just a bit with the title track as it sounds a bit over~pushed in particular during the chorus section but if you love aggressive vocals Maimai is surely capable although I'm much more leaning towards the coupling with track "Gomen ne darlin" as being better suited to her range and style~.

With Avex presenting Maimai we're assured of a most complete production as "Aitte nandaho~" takes to a beach barbecue complete with love triangle…no that would be a love pentagon plot ongoing as everyone seems to be attracted to someone else and well Maimai just wants the hot guy……..but what's with that…..

..giant piece of meat which looks rather like it belongs on one Fred Flinstone's eye after he's been socked and Wilma tries to heal him (・д・`*)!。。I don't know….um maybe she's hoping that this guy's into a girl who can handle a great giant piece of meat*? (。ーωー。)笑 !Please forget I ever said that…..and we are speaking of beef the kind that once went "Moooo.." and nothing else I promise :P! The DVD also includes making of footage as well as a "dance shot.." version of the pv~♥.


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