~Takamina~♥ releasing her 1st shashinshuu!

With Acchan already with so many pbs it's hard to imagine that this will be Takamina's very first photo book! Scheduled to be released on September 22nd you can pre~order "Takamina":

here @ HMV Japan

here @ Amazon Japan.

Something I've noticed about so many AKB books is that they're priced very fan~friendly♥! Most are within the 980 yen ~ 1800 yen range with the majority on the lower side of this price range =). Also love the term "mook" (magazine styled~book) ^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to ~Takamina~♥ releasing her 1st shashinshuu!

  1. strawberrie says:

    Wow I thought she already release one before LOL. Takahashi is my favorite in AKB48/No Sleeves. Maybe I will save up money for this since this is her first one.


  2. I hope the pre~orders are really great for Takamina's 1st!! I was thinking the same and although I'm not thoroughly familiar with AKB's history of pbs and which members in all have released them, there are just so many and with Takamina being one of the earlier members I just would have assumed she had a pb release previous to this one too. It'll be exciting for all of her fans and there's not too long to wait ^ ^。I know just a few No Sleeves songs but Takamina always stands out in live performances and I'm just learning how much of a nurturing and sweet~♥ personality she has.


  3. spanusia says:

    It's about time…


  4. This is my very first year of getting AKB calendars too, I'm wondering if this year is also a first calendar for Takamina too? It's surprising that she never had a photo book before and yet she's always been a fan favorite in the group and an original member. Happy~* for her! as she's such the heart of the group who always presents herself so maturely and well (*´∀`)。And thank you~* so much for the scans!!! It's an amazing time~line and I love how they collage~d all of the idol groups…I'll definitely be posting them soon and there are actually two groups in particular that I love soooo much whom are featured in the article and I have for the most part their entire discographies. Just need some time to get everything together as I haven't done a classic J~group/artist post in some time now.


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