~and as I slept, Momusu will never be the same..Kamei, Junjun & Linlin set to graduate ( ┰_┰)

I awoke early this morning to read a PM sent by HarimaKenji and his heading immediately no matter how sleepy I still was…I needed to immediately click on the link he had sent. I still remember the scare of early 2008 but what had turned out to be complete rumor then is now officially set as Tsunku himself has made the announcement which can read in entirety here =(.

While now I don't have nearly the same questions in terms of her graduation then rumored being pre~mature no doubt, this one hurts the most. For anyone who's been visiting here surely knows that Kamei has long been my most favorite♥ Momusu member ever since the graduation of Nacchi and her then eventual takeover of the top spot in my heart over Aichan it was all so inevitable~ and even the header above which now warns you "wear protection" 😛 for a long while had Kamei's name written there as through the years of writing here no other member in Momusu has endeared to me as much lending to the most direct and related posts.

While announcements in general of this type can many times be quite vague in nature as to telling of the exact details and reasons leading up to a decision, Tsunku makes light of a very specific skin condition in which Kamei has been suffering from for some time now which is noted to directly play into this announcement of her soon to be graduation. With Junjun and Linlin though not much is said other than their stay being a successful one and to have continued support as they continue their careers in China. All three graduating now and even with reasons given for Kamei's graduation I can't get over just how shocking this really is….I mean Junjun and Linlin are both eight generation members having just joined in 2007 so it gets me to wondering if perhaps Tsunku's move to diversify Momusu and in a sense break the longtime template of idol groups in Japan only having Japanese members has him now aimed in a different direction and the main reason I ask is that it's not just one of them graduating, it's both Junjun and Linlin~.

I feel almost as if Tsunku has just punched me in the stomach…well actually I've never physically been punched in the stomach XD but I imagine it'd be most painful (*>ω<)!!!。。and although I always knew that this day would come I feel that now I haven't properly prepared myself mentally to accept it. And now with Momusu's upcoming single scheduled for a release date of October 13th, Tsunku you better write something phenomenal and even including a special "graduation" song as you've done in the past for Asuka ("Never forget") and whether intentionally written or not, Yuko's singing of "Koi no kioku" was one of the most moving graduation performances for me as the lyrics themselves which expressed everything for the occasion were also penned by Yuko herself~.

But what of the fandom~♥? With this move does Tsunku now threaten the fan~base? I mean you always expect change when a group is based on graduations as a part of their success and longevity. But Kamei I believe is different in this regard..she's never been your average idol♥ by any means and so with this decision I think Tsunku may also in away offend for a lack of a better term…his fanbase? Is Momusu in their twilight? I'm apprehensive to say such a thing and yet this is a most ominous sign….=(.

The light~* at the end of this very dark day comes at the beginning of Tsunku's announcement where he speaks of what will be Momusu's 9th generation audition so the questions become is Tsunku planning to rejuvenate the face of H!P by having his flagship group going to a younger generation of girls?….has his taste for having Momusu be an "international" group run out now with the pending departure of both Junjun & Linlin?….how many members does he intend to accept into Momusu?….and perhaps most important, what are Tsunku's plans to help connect Momusu with fans once again as some of their luster has gone away in recent months? I've read fan comments on Momusu stating things to the effect of Tsunku not giving Momusu the attention they deserve or that his writing for them hasn't been as good recently and that he's perhaps focusing much more on their counterparts in Berryz Koubou, S/mileage and C~ute and while the bigger picture is now in some sense beginning to take shape with this sudden graduation notice which will no doubt have many fans questioning the reasoning here…..for today my heart cries for Kamei♥ (;´□`)。For me she's the personality in Momusu, the girl with the most endearing quirks, the girl who went from painfully shy to the forefront taking an awesome program like Hello!Morning to new heights and all of this right before us, she's the girl who makes me laugh the most, the girl who redefined everything idol♥ to me, the girl with the best random laughter, the girl who makes me ( ̄▽ ̄)。

~I will miss you~

I'll now end with just a few  fond~♥ memories:,
um because if didn't control myself properly there would end up being just a scary number of links here :P!

You've heard of PIcasso, da Vinci, & van Gogh but have you heard of Kamei?

Hello! Project Italian Parsley!

And now for a heart to heart with the producers of HM@… ❤

HM@ 10/14/07-"The one with Jun Jun's move, the banana, & Kamei's magical umeboshi pan!

20 Dreams…Kamei Eri DVD.

亀井絵里, sweeter than Maple syrup. (Kamei Eri's 5th shashinshuu release)

HM@ 12/2/07- "The one with Wii Fitness, Musume animated, & Kamei's fantastic stir the cauldron dance!

Hello! Project Digital Photo Book #48 Kamei Eri (complete).

Smells like Miya…

HM@ 8/3/08- "The one where Kamei throws the book 1 million times & Mittsi's snack knowledge tested

♥Kamei♥, Hello! Project's cutest!…sorry I cannot debate this! 😛

亀井絵里写真集全集。。。aka take two Kamei and call me in the morning

HM@ 11/11/07- "The one with The Fantastic Four, Slow Poke Rodriguez, & Junjun ices Kamei!

亀井絵里 2007秋コンサートツアTシャツセット。

HM@10/21/07-"The one with Furuhata,the wheels come off Speedwagon & Kame's masterpiece is unveiled

Who would've thought it?…I'm most like Kamei!!! (^o^)/

HM@-6/17/07 "The one with bunny lattes, Kamei's bread,& Kohachan shows off her jianzi skills

H!M 3/18/07-"The one with extreme ironing, paper sumo, Kyamei's crumbling crepe and sayonara HPC


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8 Responses to ~and as I slept, Momusu will never be the same..Kamei, Junjun & Linlin set to graduate ( ┰_┰)

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    So, not only did I gradually lose my interest in Momusu these last few years, I guess very soon I'll have nothing to go back to. Girls who might be considering of joining Morning Musume, take a look at Jun Jun and Lin Lin and think very hard about that; that's how they treat two foreigners who go all the way to learn a language just to perform in a group and were pretty good performers for that matter. Way better than Aika at least, for Tsunku's sake, and she's still there. I sure hope this is because the girls themselves figured out they have better chances at mainstream success by beginning a solo career in China than by hanging on the sinking "mothership" that is Morning Musume.Tsunku did sound like Kamei would have a pretty good chance of being accepted back if she ever wanted to, which makes me almost willing to believe the skin condition thing. But I must say if that is true, she should have gone off for treatment waaaay long ago. And it shouldn't even require her to leave Hello! Project, let her go have her treatment and come back to work after.The only light in the end I have seen for H!P in recent times is Buono!, nothing else really matters to me anymore. It's not like I've seen a lot of interesting Kamei footage from the last, I don't know, whenever it was that Yorosen ended, if that had anything interesting. All the interesting stuff from that I can remember now had Momo in it, so I don't know. Whatever, I mean I find this is very, very bad.


  2. Andy says:

    Eri and Linlin were my two favorite members and when I first saw the announcement that they were both graduating in one blow, I was GUTTED. I could barely even understand it. When I saw "Eri, Junjun and Linlin to,.." I couldn't even understand how it could say "graduate." THREE members graduating at once?? 5nin Morning Musume??? I mean, I was slightly prepared to lose Eri–she's been there for quite a while and I figured either she or Risa would be the next one to go, but to lose my two favorites in one shot…I don't understand. I just don't understand.*curls up in a ball and sniffles*


  3. Mikey says:



  4. This creates such an uneasy feeling for me….in all these years I never imagined the state of Momusu would come to this and it's not just these three key graduations that I'm thinking of as for awhile now Tsunku seems to have been "standing still" with them as a group and as artists. Momusu was always so innovative with their themes in the past but now it's almost like he's content to have them appear the same from release to release…now with these graduations and especially with him graduating both Chinese members which gave the group a most unique diversity not common in idol groups but also such a popular member in Kamei♥, I think he's planning to really change the face of Momusu but what's worrisome is that his criteria for the 9th Generation includes the possibility of the new girls being quite young which well….would make the dynamic of Momusu a bit strange to say the least. I mean if he adds in like a twelve or thirteen year old member into the group it would be strange next to members like Aichan and Gakisan especially :/. I read that Junjun and Linlin were just notified about their graduation and neither actually wanted to leave the group which says a lot about Tsunku's thinking in this :/. I've been reading that some long time fans are saying that this is it for them and that they won't have any feeling of connection to the group anymore with these changes. One thing for sure, the Gen.9 auditions will be very closely watched as in the past fans have been at times at odds with Tsunku's decisions mostly with Aika it seems but he's time and time again shown his amazing eye for talent in idols so it'll be most interesting to see which girl(s) she chooses.


  5. Hi Andy~*, I'm feeling so much of the same emotions right now =(…first shock and I just don't know how Momusu will be after this as I already hear that some fans are thinking that this spells the end of their fandom for Momusu =(. It'll be a most highly watched audition with 9th gen. now coming up but with Junjun and Linlin especially it just seem so premature for them to be graduated now :/. Also I heard that neither wanted to leave the group and that this was just announced to them as it was to fans. It's been ages since Momusu was a 5nin group…sort of unimaginable now and depending on how the auditions go I wonder if a 5nin lineup will actually release a single before the new additional member(s) are ready with dance/idol lessons? I'm most devastated too with Kamei's graduation…..she's been my favorite Momusu/H!P member now for so long..I'm feeling very much the same way that you are =(.


  6. It's been a shock for everyone and so many mixed reactions now being heard all over….Momusu has such a large and loyal fan~base so this really hits home for so many =(. It's most depressing for me…Kamei's♥ my most favorite member in Momusu and in all of H!P =(. Not sure what Tsunku is thinking or planning other than perhaps wanting to drastically change the look and dynamic of Momusu…not even sure if the "right" members are being graduated here and that's really a personal thing for everyone so there's not right or wrong really. I do think that with the decline in popularity and particularly notable in their recent sales, Tsunku is seeing AKB48 as his rival so maybe this move is directly in reaction to that, it's just difficult to say.


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    This audition now is just wrong. He's clearly sending the message that the Pandas weren't good enough and he'll exchange them for 10 year olds with no experience. And with Tsunku's recent history in choosing new members (as in, getting AIKA over Yukirin and Sumire Sato) it'll be a waste of time anyway. But maybe he'll discover some new research students for AKB, 'cause I'm sure AkiP will be watching.


  8. It's really getting mixed reactions from everyone and in reading CK's take on the upcoming 9th Gen. auditions I really got a new perspective on how odd it will be if Tsunku chooses such young new members to enter Momusu and even while some fans have said that it doesn't matter as Momusu has always welcomed in younger audition winners in the past I think this is most different as the age disparity will be most strange and quite extreme…also with such veteran members like Aichan and Gakisan I wonder how they'll truly feel about dancing/singing alongside basically children if this happens? I'm still like wow Tsunku didn't choose Yukirin :/…and yet she's doing so well in AKB so I have to be happy~* for her =). I think it's true ne~ and if not AkiP himself I'm sure the management of AKB will be most interested in seeing an audition of so much new potential talent~.


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