~Amuro Namie’s 「Break It/Get Myself Back」<--Crazy~SExy CooL~

It'll be 18 years this September 16th that Amuro♥Namie will have entertained and captivated the music world since her debut~* with the Super Monkeys releasing their single "Koi no cute beat" and "Mr. U.S.A." and it's been over a year since her last single "Wild"/ "Dr.".

With the wait over Amuro Namie returns with an impressive double A~side release~*!!..and two beautiful jacket covers!! Amurochan gets more and more beautiful all the time (*´∀`)! The CD+DVD edition includes pvs♥ for both tracks as well as separate "making of" segments for each track as well…Avex always rocks with their productions~!

Amuro Namie's "Break It" can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Amuro Namie's "Break It" can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Amuro Namie's "Break It" can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

01 Break It
Amuro Namie

02 Get Myself Back
Amuro Namie


From the dynamic dance track of "Break It" which boasts a touch of subtle Wes Montgomery~rish guitar riffs with those signature octave slides ~~♪ (perhaps appreciated a bit more listening to the karaoke version) playing to an electronic group synchronization with tip~toeing strings to the captivating breezy~ ballad of "Get Myself Back" cascading of raindrop piano notes~♪ under sweeping strings, this single is a can't miss! Both video productions are also full blown featuring a most sleek and cutting edge look with the hottest of choreography for "Break It" which screams sexy*! sexy*! sexy*! (love the editing and omg the bike is sexy too!!) then going to the warmth of the ocean and sunset with green pastures all underneath the beauty of Amurochan you have to hand it to Avex for putting so much into their music projects giving their family of artists a budget which must be amazing~! While "Break It" is much more of a powerhouse rock/dance track you can hear the amazing feel and range of her voice in "Get Myself Back" just a bit more~. Which leads me to thinking…..


..along with such longevity in her career which has now gone through three completely different phases, still the what strikes most about Amurochan is her level and depth of vocals and she's always been so talented in this regard…

..just check out "Rainbow Moon" which was a b~side to her Super Monkey's release back on May 26th, 1993 and her voice here says it all~. She was 15 years old when she sang this↓↓↓。。すごいね (*´∀`)♪!

Now excuse me while move to pic~capping bliss ー(*≧∀≦)ノ♥。



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to ~Amuro Namie’s 「Break It/Get Myself Back」<--Crazy~SExy CooL~

  1. I had only seen her on a tv commercial just recently… didn't know she's a so well~known artist ^^


  2. Amurochan's been through so much throughout her career and it's like she's recreated herself in the past few years while under the wing of Avex….a~h! I just saw some photos from a soda commercial she did..may be the same one? U~n she's really one of Japan's top artists and just seeing how they produce all of her releases~* in recent years is so impressive. If you get a chance please listen to "Rainbow Moon"..she was just 15 when she recorded this as a b~side to her group's single then but her voice is just wow~! ^ ^。


  3. I think it's the same one ^^ I will be listening to rainbow moon shortly.. and i love the music video of Get Myself Back and the song as well. Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. The beach scenes are so gorgeous~!..very sweet♥ song (*´∀`)。。I'm still listening to the single tracks now I'm sort of addicted! There's such a great groove to "Break It"…a much more aggressive song and those visuals in the pv♥ are so~!..Avex is most awesome! Hope you like "Rainbow Moon" ^ ^。


  5. It is, and so pretty in the last snap ;p in pink w/ green background. Break it* can make u dance ^^ thank u once again, I enjoyed the music and pv's so much !!


  6. Choshi says:

    I don't mind the cap spam… i love it!! and i also love the singles… it seems like she is catering both to old adult fans who would go for the slow songs, and young fans who prefer the upbeat songs…you have such a big collection of amuro-san's stuff… i only have a few… i personally love little amuro's voice and songs, they're cute and i'm so proud of her that she was able to get through until today… 18 years! wow, never realized that it was that sooo long!


  7. U~n♥ I love how they produced two such different looks~* for this single release with a softness for "Get Myself Back" and yet such a cutting edge look for "Break It"…so true!! really makes you want to move with a most infectious beat and melody! Thank you~* for listening ^ ^!


  8. Thank you~* o(*´∀`)o゛♥!。。I often go overboard I know :P! Visually everything was so perfect for both tracks and it says so much about how much Avex puts into their productions for their top artists =). Such a great point~*!…I totally agree as both songs really capture such different ends of a music's audience in this sense….like cool~hot* sexy* to a song which is so intimate and sweet and yet she keeps her edge even then. Going back I was first captured by her techno~sound with her single "Try Me~watashi wo shinjite~" and then backtracked hearing her albums "Original Tracks Vol.1" and "Dance Tracks Vol.1" which are interesting as some of the songs overlap with "Dance Tracks…" redoing them with a totally different feel from the originals on her 3" singles. For a lot of them I prefer the original versions but they both have a great feel to them…makes me nostalgic to listen to these songs today (*´∀`)♥。 A~h she sounded so powerful and yet adorable ne~ in her early releases before her Komuro Tetsuya days….she's gone through so much since then but she perseveres through everything…she's amazing~* strong! an amazing artist and person for a lifetime~^ ^。


  9. I was also meaning to say thinking of her leaving the music world for awhile back then after her pregnancy and marriage, I will never forget her emotional~♥ return to the stage on the Kouhaku…."Can you celebrate?"..


  10. Choshi says:

    Yes, i also love her older songs. they're really upbeat and i don't get tired of them. i really wished i have been a fan for such a long time when i listen to her older songs… and her vocals get better and better. when she sings her old songs in these recent years (unfortunately, she doesn't sing those TK songs in her tours now), she really sound so better, especially "Can you celebrate?". i can also see that even though she's shy when she talks in shows, she's really a nice and strong person. Yes, her emotional performances are great too! i was almost in tears when i watched that crying performance in Kouhaku… and her encore in Live Style 2006 where she sang "NEVER END". It would have been such a waste if she did not persevere and reinvent herself up to the point on where she is now.So i'm really really glad that she was able to continue to sing and that the people still love her and her music until now.


  11. I think it was from watching the Japan Music Awards here as a local station would sometimes air the broadcast as part of their New Year's specials~* that I first saw Amurochan live..well on t.v. live :P! "Try Me~watashi wo shinjite~" as I mentioned earlier was her current single and it just blew me away!!! I wasn't even in particular a fan of techno music but it didn't matter as that song and her vocals were just gravitating!! Plus being part Okinawan myself made her that much more intriguing to learn about. I'm always hoping too that she'd perform some of her really early material but sadly as you say she doesn't go back that far anymore…would love to see/hear her perform some of those songs today!! A~h she did "Never End" before an international audience once on t.v. although I can't remember what it was for but it was really cool to see her reaching such a vast audience. I so agree~*! Amurochan brings so much to the music world, wouldn't be the same without her today ^ ^。


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