Just released two days ago (Japan time) it's Smap's 45th single!!!…and already their first day sales for "This is love" has topped the Oricon with sales of 106,958!!

Just as the younger generation most likely sees Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore as James Bond, with Johnny's it's always been Smap♥ for me filling that sort of role of "senpai" as I'm not too familiar with the earlier groups in Johnny's musical history..I know a bit of Tokio but sorry Hikaru Genji (*>ω<)!。。and it's like now I think most Smap fans must feel a need to savor~* each and every release from Smap as they're not releasing music as often as they used to as in their early days~.

"This is love" is a collaboration with popular folk/pop group LOVE PSYCHEDELICO who not only wrote the music for the title track but also performs the music in entirety and the result is like folk~rock meets the Fine Young Cannibals' "She drives me crazy" if that makes any sense at all :P! A very bright and genki~* song!

Smap's "This is love" can be ordered here @ Cdjapan.

Smap's "This is love" can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Smap's "This is love" can be ordered here @ HMV Japan.

And I must say thank goodness that Smap is on the cover as Smap has been known notoriously to not appear on so so many of their album/single covers (mostly of late) so it's always a most welcome surprise! While I chose the "SB" version both the SS and SB versions include one additional track to the regular version's title track and single coupling with song only. Both SS and SB versions also include a DVD and with my SB version there's a special pv version for the third coupling with track "Love & Peace Inside?"….a really sweet and moving ballad (*´∀`)♥。

The special version video runs just over 6 minutes and it's a fun change from the normal pv♥ as the main scenes were shot using separate stationary cameras one for each member while Tsuyoshi is appointed to walk the child's playground globe around~and~around creating a cool effect. All of the video footage is completely candid as there's even a bit of audible dialog between them but my favorite scenes are from their visit to an outdoor/roadside ramen eatery which are very very commonly seen in dramas♥! It's not too often that you'll see every member of Smap eating ramen together in such a setting during daylight and I was soooooo waiting to get a Nakai~kun closeup as we all know he eats like a um, pig…(^q^)! It's now the stuff of legend to have witnessed all of those times on Smap Bistro that host Nakai~kun (btw one of the most personable and charismatic hosts ever!) would say "oooooodaaaaah!" then interview the guest(s) take a visit with the guest(s) to the kitchen to chat with the chef members during preparation of the days meal and then the guest(s) would eat followed by a judgment and a winner \(^o^)/☆。。。。。。and then it would finally be time for the members of Smap to try each others gourmet dishes and yay~! even Nakai~kun would eat too and eat he would…um sort of like how a guy may eat when he knows/thinks no one is looking and he hasn't eaten for at least three days (・д・`*)!!!。。but being totally serious it's always pure joy to watch him eat without abandon I mean just the way he would shovel the food so quickly as if it were a race (。ーωー。)笑!


。。。。。。!Wait, this was a post about music. What happened? (*´艸`)???!Nakai~kun can have that affect on you (*´∀`)♥。

..lol! I guess Tsuyoshi got tired of walking everyone around in the globe so instead he's trying to make everyone dizzy~ (*≧▽≦)♪!

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