86,400 seconds of AKB = 42,000¥

It's true! and for only  42,000¥(・o・)?!!。。while shopping♥ I found this box set for sale here and while I've watched most of my favorite members, well my favorites who were included in this program, something has me suddenly really wanting to watch..

..Sasshi's mico SD, 90 minutes of Sasshi's awesome~cute~charm~* and wota~ways for only 2625¥ (*´∀`)♥!

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21 Responses to 86,400 seconds of AKB = 42,000¥

  1. CK says:

    MB, in case you didn't know that set is NOT on DVD, but on MicroSD cards. Hopefully it will get released to DVD too.


  2. Hydeo says:

    whata hell , u buyed the 5400sec ? give meeeeeeahhhh this cant be :3~ ~ ~~~luckkkkkor is only the image ? aehaheahe


  3. A~h I accidentally wrote "mico SD"..I'm so bad at typing :P! At first I thought the case did look like a DVD case but with the 600sec episodes they would note that these were on micro (with an r ) SD cards…reminds me of Ayu two albums ago putting out a USB drive version with her awesome logo forming the USB~♥.


  4. Oh no no no I didn't……um not yet! I was just marveling at its packaging and second count (*´∀`)!。。I do want Sasshi's 5400sec release though!


  5. Aprilis. says:

    micro SD? So it is just like Ayu's USB then, where you read the file from you computer and can use it as an actual micro SD as well?


  6. U~n they're those tiny format cards, not fancy like Ayu's USB though..but it makes them easily portable and viewable just about anywhere =).


  7. Hydeo says:

    wait a little in some time someone go upload in the net, so u can download ;pi want all ;3~ 16girls, or have other boxes with more girls ?ah i think yukirin is otaku too aehaha


  8. A~h that'll be a huge file (・o・)!!。。I think so far these are the only episodes they've released but I wonder if there'll be more soon too? Especially since Aamin hasn't had her own episode yet (/∇\*)!E~h? really, I wonder if Yukirin shows any otaku~behavior in her 600sec episode?…I haven't watched it yet.


  9. Hydeo says:

    ahhh go be really good if have the other girls too ;3~~ yah :\ neither amina :\ and rena \o/ kumin and mikapon :3~~ no in the 600sec not, who knows in the 5400 hehe, but her have such a face, the face of who think anime and this things is so amazing ahehahea, i like the faces her make aehaheahea


  10. I wonder??..maybe only the senbatsu girls are getting episodes right now? Still hoping for an Aamin 600sec (*´∀`)♥!。。a~h Yukirin does like "Dragon Ball"…and on the DVD she reveals her favorite character from the anime~ =).


  11. Hydeo says:

    yah probably O.ohaha go be fun if her have a 600sec too, dont see much about her on stages or programsher say this in the 5400sec ?i dont remember her saying about anime in the 600sec heheu see kasai go be seiyuu of the new digimon aheahea ?what the name of dvd or show about that voice battle challenge ?


  12. It's really sad but I guess for me this all began with A~min being chosen for the solo dance on "Kamikyoku Tachi" so I'm thinking that AkiP must see something special~* in her to choose her for this clip o(*´∀`)o゛。Also she went to L.A. for their Anime Expo appearances so I'm further encouraged….but I'm most jealous that I didn't get to sit right there with her like um.."somebody" did (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓。。。。。!Oh no I just got the impression from her excitement when she met two of the main seiyuu for Dragon Ball Kai….hmm..next to Takamina and Mayuyu, Yukirin was really moved and so excited to be there! Oh! that's so perfect!!!! I don't know Kasai too well but with just hearing her speak freely in the Queen & Elizabeth "Love Wars" I think we talked about it then?…that she so has an "anime" voice for sure♥! Oh the seiyuu challenge, it's on the extras on the Team Dragon DVDs..each version has a bit of different footage. Also if you'd like a chance~* at winning Yuko's pb you can enter in that link as well =).


  13. Hydeo says:

    hehe and i dont see that dance yet, u have some link on the net to me watch ?ah her have much to show yet, her is young 😛 and dont get really tested to sing and dance, so i think her have much to show yet, the first time i noticed her is in the YJ/TeamPB phootbook, (i dont remember in what one her appear hehe) and thinking "who is this girl, i never see her" hehehe. So now i started to like her a lot and look for more appearences of her. I really like her voice toowait who sit with her there ?? and u watched they in LA??hahaha, hard to see mayuyu dont look excited too heahehai think yes haha, love and wars is really good single, well i love a lot the tomos aehaeahe so i never go say i dont liked the single aheahea, kasai voice is kawaii a lot ahehaea for other side itano have a sexy voice so the combination stay really good :P… and kasai starting to be a seiyuu is good, hope the char her get have much lines in the anime heheoh i go try download to see the battle voices ehehe… i wnat that pb *–* give to me ahehaeawhen u go open the topic about ur giveaway ??


  14. I was looking to see if someone had uploaded her solo pv version but I couldn't find a video….I was thinking of having her pv included in the "Kamikyoku Tachi" post but I ended up with just a cap instead as I was still at the time asking who she was. Oh a friend wrote a post here~* as he got to see AKB and Manoeri in L.A. He tells a funny story about the raffle for the "meet & greet" event and eventually he won a ticket and had to run to the hotel to see them XD! There's a list of all of the girls who were @ the "meet & greet" in the post which included both A~min and Sasshi (jealous!!! (/∇\*)!!!!)。He said that A~min was like four feet away but then that Kitarie was only a foot away as he sat directly beside her at one of the tables!!! Sasshi sounded like the life~* of the event and now I'm playing catch~up to get to know more about her =)! I was earlier today listening to Mayuyu's♥ solos from Watarirouka Hashiritai…her voice is so adorable!That's so awesome for Kasai~*!!…and perfect!! I think she'll be a natural for seiyuu for sure. Oh the giveaway has only till Monday to enter and it's in the Team Dragon post linked just above ^ ^。


  15. Hydeo says:

    hehe, but is good her stay appearing more and more if u look closely :pah is about this event :P, mano <3~~ im so addicted for her hehaea, her singing has much to improve yet but i like her so much ehehe, i listem to her radio show from teh first one hehe, is so fun, her talking and laughting ehehe so cute, and her normal voice is kawaii too :3ahaha yah aamin is tall hehe, i see a pic where her stay in the center aheahea, well not so tall the girls is who dont have much height hehe normaly the max is 1,62cm or something like this… but he stay so close like this of they ?? really so luck ^^well is him or her ? because there have somepics of a girl with the akb members O.ohehe mayuyu kawaii, i see ur post today about the difference of the girls when beggin and now hehehso great changes for some of them haehehehe, lets see how go be for kasai, i go take some looks on youtube when her start 😛 hope her have luck on being a seyuu toooh hope i have some luck ^^ normaly i dont win things in giveway hehe


  16. That was so much one of the things about Manoeri that he kept mentioning….her speaking voice♥! Like when she said 'thank you for coming' when she signed for him…he says there's nothing as cute as that voice =)! I'm hoping~* that "Kai~Ki Tales of Terror from Tokyo" will be released on DVD soon so I can watch too! I think I'll get nightmares but that's okay :P. The "meet & greet" I think must've been the most amazing, the red carpet too but with the meet & greet you could be up so close to the members and speak freely (dies*!!!). I just think of Yuko and Takamina when it comes to height….more reasons to adore~♥ them more….I'm not very tall either (*´∀`)。He sat closest (right beside) Kitarie at his last of three tables and they really left the biggest impression of all the girls in the room….I'm only now noticing both Kitarie and Sasshi much more and they make such a great pair when together. Oh no those are of……..um wait. She's from SDN……Kondo Sayaka. I've never heard her name before but she posted some photos on her blog from the AX event as she was maybe sort of a chaperone to the girls in L.A.? I think Kasai will be such a natural as a seiyuu…I was watching some of the making of footage from their earlier singles and whenever Kasai appears I just anticipate that cute voice~♥! She sounds sort of anime~like with her normal speaking voice….some are just blessed ne ^ ^。


  17. Hydeo says:

    Mano <3~~ why u dont come to brazil :~~ aheahea damn country, teh japanese singer never go think of come here aheahea… i agree with him ahehae her voice is really cute, and listem that so close and live mannnnnn can be really amazing haehaea… i hope someone make subs for the movie because i want watch too @.@, u can stay here online with me if u dont want sleep aheahea i dont sleep early ahehae so we can go on irc to chat :Phaha i like girl with low height, is so more cute than normal :3~~ maybe this make one the motives i like japan girls aheahehae, lets see if in the site say aamin height…http://wiki.jpopstop.com/wiki/Maeda_Ami her have 163cm, im more tall than her but she is close to me ahehaeha, and her is like u, love spent money ahehaea "shopping like hobby".I prefer kitarie and mocchi 😡 they are so close friends, but sasshi is fun a lot :3, i think sasshi couldd be a little tsundere aheaheahea, her pass to me this impression.u mean about the pics i mentioned in the post of ur friend ??ehehe i like the chyuu girl :3~~ she is kawaii and her voice <3~~ ahehaea her voice attract me so much :3 hehehif her make success in this one hope her get more calls to be seiyuu :3


  18. E~hhh? Sasshi? 'tsundere? (・д・`*)?。。I haven't gotten this impression
    although you've seen her a lot more in programs than I have. She always
    seems so outgoing and expressive and friendly…..but 'tsundere?'..I
    hope Sasshi's not that way!!I'm sure they'll release a version of "Kai~Ki" with subs as they premiered the movie in L.A. so maybe they'll use the same subtitling =). I'm not feeling to well right now so maybe next time we can chat~. Hmm….5 foot 3?..my math may be bad though XD! A~h she lists shopping as a hobby…..we do have that in common ^ ^。


  19. Hydeo says:

    yah look her have a little yankke side when her stay talking normal and this things, and seeing the 600sec after that ahehaehaewhy not that way ?? inside her is kawaii this is the important thing no ??but tsundere is only a way of talk about the fas change of her personalities aheaheayah, if u see something about first them i pls tell me :3~~ , ok dont worry ^^ when u want send a PM and the time u want go to the chat ^^u see soon the 5400sec come to downlaod \o/ i prefer in CM things haehahea, i like shopping to… if i have lot of money with me aheaheahea


  20. I don't know I guess being 'tsundere' has always worried me in the sense that some may be turned off initially before really getting to know a person although I know this trait isn't a bad thing it's just first impressions which worry me. I guess with her true self coming through that's what matters ne~ =). As soon as I see a DVD release~* I'll post here although I tend to find about things really late sometimes XD! I've been seeing lots of 5400sec cards on auctions recently and one was even signed by Yuko~♥!!…but it sold for so much I couldn't bid on it (;´□`)!


  21. Hydeo says:

    ahahha yah, but i think cute some tsundere girls, look reina 😡 and sayu who is the opposite of tsunderem i forget the word to that opposite aheaheai think kasai have some touch of tsundere too aheaheha i see her really angry in one of the shuukan sp3 bikini ahehaehaheabut sasshi is funny , i think how much i go laught if stay sometime with heraheahea yeh i remember this :p… aehahe try get someone else signed card :3and the pb u make the winner or not yet?


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