~「Featured Post」Falling for Sasshi♥ (*´∀`)!

While my oshimen is securely set in Yukorin♥, it’s days like today and moments~* like this that have you questioning even the most concrete of emotions~.

Even though the “hidden” cameras are staged and known to the girls I’m still getting a kick out of watching these 10 minute mini episodes on each member and today it was an Undergirl, yes! Sasshi♥! Why isn’t Sasshi a senbatsu girl???..she’s so much fun, full of energy and so so unique~*! Well it doesn’t really matter as your favorites♥ are your favorites♥ and that’s all that matters ne~* ^ ^。While okay it’s widely known that girls tend to check~out* other girls although in a much different sense and approach then you guys, nonetheless cute = cute no matter how you try to comprehend it~*! So what would qualify extra attention from your girl~wota counterparts you may wonder?? Well, it comes down to many times a personal connection….similar likes and interests and um…..if a girl idol♥ is also a wota like yourself that’s bonus points all around +++++! ….

..enter in Sasshi♥! She’s more wota than you can imagine and the entire revelation~* makes me giddy that even my mouth hurts from smiling umm….too much during this episode!! ( ̄▽ ̄)。

Yep~* most of us are afraid of bugs (ノロ≦。)!!!。。lending it you guys always protecting♥ us, or just squishing them whenever they’re around (人∀`*)、and Sasshi is no different even showing a great distaste for fake ones!! Mmm….

..and leave it to Team B’s Komori Mika to throw one of them bugs @ Sasshi :O and add in a fake severed leg scare!!! while browsing the shelves @ Village/Vanguard (a giant toy & novelty store!)..getting such a “Kimoi!!!” reaction from Sasshi (*>ω<)!!!Also we capture a glimpse of what makes Sasshi tick~*, she’s so down to earth despite being an awesome idol♥! And it gets better so much better…..

..from the simple pleasure of kids toys to cooking with Sasshi there’s no end to the amusing and fun dialog, it’s also the most I’ve ever heard the word “yabai!” being spoken in food prep~* XD!

Sasshi also has a taste for the cutesy stuff♥!….lol or does she?


getting back to the wota in a girl idol♥, something we can all relate too if given the chance~*…

..Sasshi visits~* a maid cafe & bar (MaiDream~) and takes an unsuspecting Mikapon with her!!!! and she’s a regular it appears with her being on a name~basis with the staff (getting a most warm greeting♥!) and she even has a favorite♥ there (*≧▽≦)♪!!。。sooo soooo cute~♥ when she gets Mikapon to not only wear the bunny
ears~* but also partake in the whole “nyan~nyna~” thingy! The entire time Sasshi is soooo trying to sell this wota aspect to a mostly shell~shocked Mikapon and the results are so funny and endearing~!..and it can all be summed up in a single moment~* where…..


..after Sasshi♥ gets her wota on….lol I had to look up what she was saying as it initially made no sense to me 😛 “Tiger! Fire! Cyber! Fiber! Diver! Viber! Ja Ja~!”…it’s like a chant said @ concerts although I’m not sure if it’s specific it a single song or not, but just to see Sasshi go all wota on camera is so fun and amazing~* and it all culminates in……

..this priceless look on Mikapon’s face almost to say “WTF?” lol 😛 in astonishment it’s so funny and awesome…

Sasshi getting her wota on~!

How can one not adore her (*´∀`)♥!!!
AkiP please create an A~side Undergirls single :P!! and I’d vote for Sasshi and Aamin for starters

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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33 Responses to ~「Featured Post」Falling for Sasshi♥ (*´∀`)!

  1. Hydeo says:

    aheahea teh 600sec :Pis so funny, i laught a lot of sasshi in the cafe :Pand mikapon with the "WTF" face aehahehaehaea


  2. Guldari says:

    さっし! お前はアイドルじゃないの!本当に可愛かったです.もとより好きでしだが, もっと好きになりましたね.


  3. Shar says:

    Sasshi did make senbatsu in their latest election single Heavy Rotation. Unfortunately, like with the rest of the non-media senbatsu, she wasn't featured in the main segment of the PV (the lingerie party), and she got pushed all the way to the back in the dance formation.


  4. First time for me seeing Mikapon in a variety show and what I love a lot about these 600sec episodes is getting to see the girls interact with their close friends outside of a working environment….Mikapon and Sasshi being so funny together here! Maid Cafe's are fascinating!!..wish there were one here as I'd like to wear the ears♥ too….I never imagined that any of the AKB girls would be so wota lol Sasshi is so cute!!


  5. このプログラムはもっともっと見たいね~*!!さっしは本とに面白い♥^ ^、マイドリームでみかぽんの表情。。。。。!!!(。ーωー。)笑


  6. I was beginning to wonder where the cut~off number really was for senbatsu as I didn't see her in the making of clip that circulated earlier for "Heavy Rotation" :/….it is really sad that she can't be up front for at least awhile….hm wonder if Sasshi is the lingerie type though (人∀`*)。I had the most fun watching this episode so far although I've only watched a few of mostly my favorite♥ members for the 600sec episodes….u~n! they're so fun together and it's like they bring out the best in each other with both being so candid in these clips. I do notice though that Sasshi is very much like this just about all the time as she has a sweet and outgoing personality….AKB needs to show her more ^ ^。A~h thank you~* for explaining about that chant Sasshi was doing as at first I wasn't even quite sure of which English words she was saying so I had to ponder a bit phonetically :P!


  7. Hydeo says:

    mikapon cool aheahea, u never see her in progrmas ?well is not so hide cam, u know the girls probably know about the cams ahehaeamikapon dont have fun in the cafe heahea poor sasshi ;\… and look like her know all the girls of the cafe ahehaehaeaehahea the ears moment is funny too, sasshi make mikapon do the sounds haehaeayah its go be really good if have one cafe like this here too ;3~~, normaly can found cute girls inside that ones :3a kawaii wota heahea, well have some otakus in AKB like mayuyu ahehaea and oota if i rememberu see a song where Rena sing alone make the first place in a best 100 of SKE


  8. I didn't recognize here but that's not to say that I haven't seen her before..sometimes I'm terrible at remembering faces at first XD! U~n Shar was telling me the same thing and it makes much more sense as if they were truly unknown to the girls then some um…….things* may occur while filming which you know shouldn't (*´艸`)。I know it cracked me up so much that she was like a regular there and she even had a favorite maid♥! For Mikapon it was like she was taken into another world…..the world of Sasshi, a most fascinating an fun place っo(*´∀`)o!!It's such an interesting concept and I imagine they'd be busy most of the time as there's just nothing like this anywhere else I wonder…well maybe in Europe they may have them I wonder? Oh Mayuyu is a wota too ne~…I was watching her get so excited about the figures! Rabutan too? It's great when idols are also wota as you can relate to them even more and especially when they're so open about their passions like so many fans are too. Matsui Rena?…after her UTB feature now whenever I think of her I think of torn up seifuku :P!


  9. Hydeo says:

    hehe this occours with me too sometimes, do i stay like "damn whats her name?" aheaheayah maybe is filming when they think dont stay more filming, so can get some good scenes aheaheasasshi is cool, but sometimes her look like she has always stay angry hehe, her have a little angry face when stay serious heheheahehae sasshi dancing loli think in europe have some cafes like thati think mayuyu is more otaku than wota ahehea.. yah rabutan too ehahea, mayu and rabutan u can see on their faces they are otakus ahehaayah is good see they dont run away what they like ^^aheahea yah Rena get a solo song on the best songs of ske and get the first place <3~ so she cry cry cry, like always aehaehaea, but i dont see the video yet, only pics


  10. Mm…I'm getting pretty good with all of the girls' nicks, lol I'm keeping notes though as I get to know more of them :P. I guess it must all be staff members or perhaps they aren't known to the girls but they do know that they are there…must be obvious though I imagine. Seeing Sasshi doing all of the moves~* in the cafe was soooooooo awesome!!!! Her episode is still my most favorite♥, she's just so free with her emotions..nice to see that! A~h! I was so thinking that Europe would have them…maybe it'd be too much of a culture shock for the U.S. to have them just yet I wonder? Oh otaku and "wota" are the same though ne =)…I want to see that too!..with Rena I've had their "Gomenne Summer" single for a couple of weeks now? and still haven't listened to it somebody slap~* me (ノロ≦。)!!


  11. Hydeo says:

    first of all a present for u MB :Phttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=9KQR124W get the file :3aheahea yeh soon we know all, the problem is some of the kenkyusei girls come to AKB so i stay a little lost yet to her names and nicks, and now have SKE too with lot of new girls ahehaea so lot of names ahehaaaheahea i think is all on the script aheaheayah i loved that epi too, the best aehahea, i think the ppl dont uploaded all the epis in net, i only see 6 or 7, but is 16 girls right ??but i think the normal sasshi look with a angry face aheahea dont u think ? but see her making all that jokes ahehaea show her true selfi dotn think go be a shock maybe in the right place go make sucessno no, otaku is for who love anime and this things, wota is for idols fandom :Peee? have solo versions for the gomenne summer ?? i dont know this O.o, can u upload for me if is rena solo ❤ ?


  12. Hi Hydeo~*!!! W~ah!! thank you thank you!! You can find all of the 600sec episodes that have been aired so far here ^ ^。 I'll need to get the Aamin♥ file tomorrow though as it's almost time for bed (´-ω-`)。。。but I'm so curious to know what file this is???..it says 'present' hmm…..?!  U~n she can look serious at times but I think this is the real Sasshi…the wota..she's so free spirited~*! A~h I've always thought of wota/otaku as very much the same :P…like intense fandoms♥ for everything in Japanese culture XD. Oh no I'm sorry I didn't mean solo versions…there's just the three pvs with the theater girls pv, the title track and the two different coupling with songs.


  13. HarimaKenji says:

    Otaku is the intense fandom for anything. It doesn't matter if it's Japanese culture or not. It's true that most otakus are related to anime/manga in the end, but there are some other unusual hobbies out there, like the train otakus that go around Japan riding on all kinds of trains and taking photos of them and memorizing complex routes, and the military otakus, and some other crazy people. All of them would be called otakus in Japan, usually qualified by whatever their hobby is. In the West though, otaku = "anime/manga/things based on them" and nothing more. Wotas are the idol version. As far as I know, they're the only ones who have a different name, and I have no idea why. Since otaku is used in the gaijin community as only referring to anime/manga fans, otakus and wotas really are separate; also, I've seen a bit of hostility between otakus and wotas, so I'd rather use them separately to avoid confusion. But in the end these people are all stupid and wotas are just a subset of otakus.


  14. Hydeo says:

    hehe, this is watch u lost for dont watch the shuukan special aheaheathx for the link too :3hehe is her being kawaii :3~~ haha yeh i thinked in portuguese -.-'' but present is not the word, lets go make it right… is a gift(that is the correct word aehahea) for u heheheyah, i think too is the real sasshi ahehaea, her stay so focused on the cafe and the song ahehaea….hehe, have some differences, but the point is the same aheaheaoh :\, a rena solo go be really good anyway ;3ahahheahea for the end of kenji post, i agree with the end 😛


  15. Wow I didn't know that!..all this time I had thought they were very much the same. I just remember a long time ago someone telling me that the term "wota" was an abbreviation of "otaku" so I was most misguided XD! That's really strange with all of those otaku interests (・o・)!。。okay so otaku for anime and manga and wota for idols♥…wakarimashita~^ ^。


  16. Hydeo says:

    hehe, well they are the same, only like different things ahehahea, and all are crazy ppl @.@, i dont understand much this ppl heheso u take a look in the link i sended to u ?hope u like 😛


  17. mousoufest says:

    I just saw this and oh my!! She is sooooo funny!!! XD The part in maid cafe is the best!! I will go watch the other episodes now, haha~


  18. A~h funny I can't seem to open the file….it says it's a "rar" file and my computer doesn't know how to open it…hmm wondering if I need a special program to open it like with zip files?


  19. Just in case, every episode is here~* ^ ^。 That was soooo almost surreal ne! Sasshi is so much fun..she'd be the ideal girl date on any day I think (*´∀`)♥!、。。makes me want to visit a maid cafe too but I'd most likely have to travel to Japan to find one =).


  20. Hydeo says:

    oh u dont have winrar ?download the program called "winrar" is like winzip, do same thing only change the name aheahea, and winrar open zip files too ^^http://ameblo.jp/amimaeda-blog/image-10619525062-10693300239.htmlso to calm urself take a look in the pic above hehe 😛


  21. HarimaKenji says:

    MB, get 7-zip to open it. Just open the file, click on "Install" and it should take care of itself =P After that, you should be able to extract .zip, .rar and anything else by clicking on the file with the right mouse button and selecting 7-zip -> Extract Here.


  22. Hmm..I don't think so I've never heard of winrar (._.;). A~h so funny that just as you were saying that A~min never posts large sized photos on her blog she did just then :P!….the others are so tiny though ne~ XD! Okay~* I've opened them with 7~zip….I'm also sounding most redundant XD!!..I said that earlier but just not to this comment directly :P. Thank you~*! You screen~capped these yourself?…you're thoughtful♥!


  23. Thank you~* Harima~kun (*´∀`)♥!!。。7~zip where have you been all of my life?? It's an amazing program because it's so versatile with files…thank you~*!


  24. Hydeo says:

    is famous hehe but 7-zip is really good and simple and stay being famous tooahah sometimes her post a big one but rare aheahea, hope her start post more big ones ahehahea, yah really tiny, good her only try get her face, so can save without problemyah all my screen for u hehe, because u like her so much too hehehehe i like take screen i have a lot more from the special if u want i can post aheahea


  25. I was reading some of her recent entries after you sent me her photo link~* and it's so cute how she's always taking close up photos of herself (*´∀`)。They are tiny though! Thank you~* for the caps, you can never have enough A~min♥!


  26. Hydeo says:

    hehe, and her look so much llike a little child in some pics aheahea, want her to be my sister aehahea 😛 nee-cahn


  27. At first I was surprised at seeing entries where some idols weren't wearing any make~up but in a lot of ways I think it endears fans even more to them…..you know being able to see your favorite idols in just about any light~. Without make~up A~min looks even younger….aww that's sweet~* you see her as a sisterly type (*´∀`)♥。


  28. Hydeo says:

    some of the girls dont make much change without makeup heheyah wihtout makeup her look lot more young haehaheaahaha she so cute, if her has be my sister i has be so protective with her ahehaeha and take care a lot of her :3~~ <3~~


  29. That's true..I have some friends who don't wear any at all and they go out everywhere that way unless there's a really formal or big occasion they're attending and either way they look perfect~*. But some girls wear way too much and you'd not recognize them readily without make~up…..Mm I think I'm somewhere in between ^ ^。


  30. Hydeo says:

    hehe, i want a GF like this :3 , i dont like much girls who use much makeups hehehei dont know who from akb dont use much makeup hehehe is hard say, maybe takaminamuch makup i think broke the beauty of the girls ^^ i really dont like that exagerate things,, only litle things here and there is okaheahhe dont use much too ?


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