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~AKB48′s senbatsu girl Yukorin’s♥ solo cover oh! and there’s another cover too…

AKB48 "Heavy Rotation" Type B single cover … just kidding (。ーωー。)!...both new single covers are just gorgeous!!!! Thank you~* Harimakenji for the link as now there's so much to look forward to and um…I haven't even heard the songs yet … Continue reading

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~Arashi♥ 「To be free」/ 「Yukaitsu~kai Kaibutsukun」

Arashi "To be free"… Arashi "To be free" (first press) CD + DVD release Arashi's latest single topped the Oricon again! yay~! with over 425,000 in sales for its first week which is really wonderful (*≧∀≦)ノ!!! and perhaps even more … Continue reading

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~OMG! it’s AKB Janken po?!!! (。ーωー。)笑

Janken po humor…. Janken po humor…=) My sleepy eyes were awakened early this morning to an artist e~mail from Cdjapan and at first it seemed completely normal, that is until I clearly read this: NEOBK-809945 AKB48/AKB48 9.21 Jyanken Senbatsu Official … Continue reading

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~Hirano♥Aya 「Hysteric Barbie」~

Hirano♥Aya in "Hysteric Barbie"…. Hirano Aya "Hysteric Barbie" first press CD + DVD release~* After a brief break seiyuu sensation~* turned pop/rock idol Hirano♥Aya returns with her latest oh so sexy punk~rock flavored title track!! Love the current trends with … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~Inoue Mao♥ day!!

Darling wa gaikokujin Cover girl Inoue♥Mao… I had to jump at the chance of winning bids on a few magazines featuring the most beautiful~* actress Inoue♥Mao on their covers as she’s so much one of my most favorite actresses all … Continue reading

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~AKB48 celebrates 5 years of tears and emotions~*…

AKB48♥! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~AKB48 “Anata ga ite kureta kara” (pv)~ …poignant, heartfelt beautiful. Thank you~* Spanusia for sharing this clip (*´∀`)♥!!!..and now I so can’t wait for AKB’s setlist Greatest Songs~Kanzen Ban~ to be released!!! I pre~ordered this album awhile ago … Continue reading

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~Erepyon to graduate? say it isn’t so (;´□`)

Erepyon♥ Erepyon So today I awoke to a most surprising and sad message =(. Following an idol's blog can keep you most up to date with the latest happenings and HarimaKenji has sent me the following: It's an entry … Continue reading

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~(sigh*…) the power of Aamin’s eyebrows (*´∀`)♥!!

Sorry an-D whether redundant or not (*≧▽≦)♪!。。。there can never be enough of Aamin’s eyebrows♥♥♥! It’s the most powerful beam in the universe…well the prettiest at the very least! So cute that someone got her to do this and it looks … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~Guest feature: AKB48 @ Anime Expo 2010 & Mano Erina @ Club Nokia, my LA experience

Sasshi! @ AX 2010 in LA! A bit of editing has been done to this post as I’ve added a few more photos (a bit of cosplay, the meet & greet room, the second autograph panel, kimomo scans and cute … Continue reading

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~OMG!!! it’s AKB @ the Anime Expo?!!!!!!!!

AKB48 @ Anime Expo 2010 live @ Nokia Theater!!..this is actually all from my camera!! I was just sent this photo in an e~mail………………..just OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No he didn't???….Oh I think he did!!!!!!!!!! and this after I had pretty much begged … Continue reading

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