Have you ever woken up to find your DVD drive has run away on its own? Please help!/Today’s arrivals

Well my adventures in pc~land continued on it's way towards bad today, just turned my laptop on only to find that somehow my DVD drive is missing (ノロ≦。)!。。。it just says upon booting up that AnyDVD cannot locate a DVD drive. There are some suggestions such as rebooting again (tried this) or that I don't have one so I should go out an buy one…..it's like pc~humor only I do have an internal drive which has been there since the laptop existed so where did it go exactly?. Upon placing a DVD into the drive (it opens and I can even hear it reading the disc) it does nothing and even checking the Windows->computer window the DVD drive which was just there yesterday is nowhere to be found :/. It's really odd as I wonder if the gremlins unhooked it somehow last night? So what to do, well for now without the drive I'm afraid I can't update with any posts which require a DVD drive (Team Dragon was today's post)…..this episode probably sounds really ridiculous but if anyone has any ideas of how to remedy this please help~ ^ ^。In the meantime I'll just stare @ AKB's new visual books…….

It's really sad as a few releases arrived today and I can't watch any of it…well there is the bedroom DVD player (which is region free) but I'm sort of used to the laptop for watching just about everything. 

On a happier note in addition to Team Dragon's releases there's BK's new single, SMAP's new album which came with a mouse pad!, my very first AKB pv DVD collection which is in a really big case!, AKB's "setlist greatest songs" and I'm now looking at their new visual books for 2010. They each come with 3 randomly inserted photos too~!…and they're B.L.T. photos which makes these my very first which I'm getting without the use of auctions. So far I've opened up Team A's book and yay~* there's Takamina in there!! I do wonder if there are fans who purchase multiple copies of these B.L.T. books in order to collect many member photos??….it's tempting no doubt but that would be soooo soooo expensive (・д・`*)!!。。Aamin's eyes are magnetic every time I turn to her pages (*≧▽≦)♪

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8 Responses to Have you ever woken up to find your DVD drive has run away on its own? Please help!/Today’s arrivals

  1. J-pyon says:

    I really loved the CM for BK's Maji Bomber single lol and of course SMAP is dominating the Oricon charts again with this album so is team dragon with their single. For your DVD problems usually when your computer does not see your DVD drive its because somehow the Drivers (the software that tells your computer what your DVD is and how it runs) is either missing or corrupted you will probably have to reinstall the drivers you can usually find them for download at the laptops manufacturer website for download, just have to download them and then install them by just double clicking the driver exec you download from the website. hope that's the problem for you since that's the easy fix for it good-luck (^o^)/


  2. Hopefully if I can get the DVD drive to work again I'll be able to watch these…was really looking forward to them until this happened =(. Happy~* to hear that SMAP and Team Dragon are selling well!…I haven't seen the Oricon sales yet. Thank you~* so much for the help! I tried to do a system restore today but it came up with an "unknown error" so it didn't work properly =(. I actually have no idea of what a driver is and I'm worried to touch anything as the laptop may not work at all? I just wonder how something that has worked okay all this time now decides to stop working and all on its own as I haven't changed anything recently.


  3. CK says:

    so who did you get? In the DVD collection I got Nacchifish, I got Sae in the GH CD, and in the Team B Book I got Yonechan, Harugon and Harukyan. My Team A and K books were backordered, but I should have them by Monday. I am loving the Team Dragon CD's. the PV is great. I bought the Yukirin and Team Dragon versions. Watching the girls see a recording of Dragonball was soooo cute!


  4. きゃぁーっっっ!!。。my DVD drive doesn't exist according to my laptop so no Team Dragon pvs♥ for me (/∇\*)!Hoka no koto wo himitsu desu~ :P!..no actually I've only opened up Team A's photo book so far XD…..my mystery envelope had Suzuki Mariya, Harukyan and Takamina♥~!..so happy it's my very first Takamina photo. Oh I didn't realize that there are photos in the CD releases too atashi baka ne (ノロ≦。)!..I've been trying to learn how to get the DVD drive fixed most of the afternoon so I haven't done much of anything else and sadly it's still not working =(. For the Team Dragon CDs I chose Yukirin, Mayuyu and um……..Mmmm……….Yuko♥ :P!


  5. aiLaMarie says:

    I know the feeling.


  6. HarimaKenji says:

    Since it worked until recently, there can't be any compatibility problem; if so, it would never have worked. The only reason to have a configuration problem now would be if you broke it yourself, but, no offense intended, I doubt you could have broken/disabled/uninstalled a driver in Windows. It's not the kind of thing you can do without knowing what you're doing, and you said you haven't changed anything recently.Oh, it could always be a virus, but I find that unlikely. It's such a silly thing, a virus that'll just break a drive.The truth is, optical drivers of all kinds in laptops (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, whatever) are very fragile because they're trimmed down in various way compared to desktop ones, in order to take less space. I also find them very noisy. And anyway, even if you haven't been kicking your laptop in rage as Windows' blue screen appears, it's also true that physical parts just break for no good reason. Optical drives and hard disks are the main examples of that, and there's nothing you can do about it.You could try reinstalling a driver for your laptop's DVD drive. If you download it from your laptop manufacturer's website there shouldn't be any problem in trying, as long as you don't download drivers for the wrong laptop model or something. I think it'd be useless, since any current Windows installation (i.e. from XP onwards) should detect the drive without having to install/update anything. I'd still try it anyway to convince myself, and then send it to maintenance. You could just send it if you feel uncomfortable installing drivers.


  7. I've now done much the same and it's still not being recognized as existing ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!。。may need to go the external route I think. It's really a bummer though just that the laptop isn't really that old and for this to happen suddenly for seemingly no reason :/. A~h we both have region free players in our bedrooms….I'm just sort of used to watching just about everything now days on my laptop but until I shop for an external (maybe tonight =) ) it's my only option…I don't think I'll wait too long.


  8. I was just about to say it's Vista hating me again (ノロ≦。)!!。。sorry Vista it's not your fault =). I never touch anything like that, I'm just afraid that any change may result in….well this XD! Seems strange this would happen….oh dear I hope it's not something like that =(!! Hmm…my laptop never moves and it's funny as it's portable but I never take it anywhere as it's always in the same room and spot, I'm quite gentle~* o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。。and it makes sense about them being fragile as they're so thin in design. Sadly it doesn't seem to be the driver =(…I may go shopping~* tonight for an external one as I can't live without the DVD drive for very long……I hope it works.


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