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~Now scanning…♥!

Now scanning…♥! A~h! so which B.L.T. member photos did you receive in your photo books?….really pretty~♥ photos in here..(sigh*) my very first mystery B.L.T. photo envelopes (*´∀`)♥.... Send to a friend

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Have you ever woken up to find your DVD drive has run away on its own? Please help!/Today’s arrivals

(*≧m≦)!! Well my adventures in pc~land continued on it's way towards bad today, just turned my laptop on only to find that somehow my DVD drive is missing (ノロ≦。)!。。。it just says upon booting up that AnyDVD cannot locate a DVD … Continue reading

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~Nacchi♥ is back (*´∀`)!!

Nacchi♥! わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛!!!。。this is such happy~* news!!!! Nacchi is back!!!! Gosh! the last time she released anything new was way back in the winter of last year with her "Summer Live Tour 2009" DVD but now she has a new single~* … Continue reading

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